ĵ > CanadaCF-AAADH.60MMoth130


CF-AAA DH.60M Moth 1302 CF-AAA Aviation League of Canada >Cape Breton FC >C Rogers >R Smith >C McMillan >H Disano 15.06.29 659
CF-AAB DH.60M Moth 767 CF-AAB N Yarrow >Yarrow Aircraft Corp >Northern BC AW >T Jones >B Jones >Columbia Avn >B Jones >W Brett >P Jorgenson 18.04.29 577 Reduced to spares Vancouver 7.45
CF-AAC DH.60G Gipsy Moth 884 CF-AAC Dominion AW Ltd/Vancouver >Yarrow Aircraft Corp 08.02.29 553 Reduced to spares Vancouver 6.30
CF-AAD DH.60G Gipsy Moth 882 CF-AAD Aircraft Ltd/Mt Dennis 21.02.29 557 Crashed Milverton 12.12.29
CF-AAE DH.60M Moth 770 CF-AAE F Trethewey/Toronto 25.04.29 579 Capsized Albany River Ontario 21.6.30
CF-AAF DH.60M Moth 764 CF-AAF Northwestern AW/Winnipeg >Northwest Aero Marine 29.04.29 582 Crashed at fair Prince Albert Sask 2.7.30
CF-AAG DH.60M Moth 768 CF-AAG International AW of Canada Ltd/Hamilton >Canadian AW Ltd 02.05.29 824 used with CF-ADD in rebuild as CF-AYZ
CF-AAH DH.60M Moth 769 CF-AAH International AW of Canada Ltd/Hamilton >Canadian AW Ltd >G Pope >C Burke >C Keating >Moncton FC 02.05.29 823 to Moncton Air Cadets 4.6.41
CF-AAI DH.60M Moth 792 CF-AAI Consolidated Mining & Smelting/Trail 18.05.29 613 Hit tree nr Hot Springs 17.7.34
CF-AAJ DH.60M Moth 793 CF-AAJ (CF-AAS) Consolidated Mining & Smelting/Trail 18.05.29 614 Swamped at moorings Gt Slave Lake 23.8.29
CF-AAK Fairchild 71 613 CF-AAK Fairchild Aviation Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd/Montreal 04.03.39 559 Dbr on takeoff Chapleau Ont. 12.12.33
CF-AAL Lockheed 1 Vega > 2 30 C7895 CF-AAL AN-ABP Commercial AW/Edmonton >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian PAcific AL 18.04.29 578 to Nicaragua 9.6.44
CF-AAM Fokker Super Universal 827 CF-AAM Western Canada AW >Consolidated Mining & Smelting >E Wasson >Northern AW 19.04.29 619 Overshot runway in snow Dawson YT 5.12.37
CF-AAN Fairchild FC-2W2 514 NC8014 CF-AAN Dominion Explorers /Tavane Bay Sask >Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd 11.02.29 554 Landed Lake St.John in rough water 5.10.41
CF-AAO Fairchild FC-2W2 524 CF-AAO Dominion Explorers /Lake Athabaska Sask >Spence-McDonough AT >Canadian AW Ltd 11.02.29 555 Canc 4.8.37
CF-AAP Fairchild FC-2 61 C4086 CF-AAP Dominion Explorers /Lake Athabaska Sask >National AT 11.02.29 556 Dbf 1.6.32
CF-AAQ Waco 10 1247 NC5597 CF-AAQ RJ Sprott/Vancouver >A Bennett 28.02.29 564 Force landed due engine failure nr Nanaimo BC 1.7.35
CF-AAR Alexander Eaglerock Long-Wing 266 NC1458 G-CARB CF-AAR Leavens Bros Air Service /Belleville Ont >H Honey >J Jeffery 21.02.29 558 Dbr landing Leavens Field Belleville Ont. 1.7.36
CF-AAS Duplicate reg of CF-AAJ in error
CF-AAT Fairchild 71 610 CF-AAT Canadian Transcontinental AW >Canadian AW Ltd 04.03.29 562 Dbr 5m NW Sioux Lookout 12.3.36
CF-AAU Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1000 CF-AAU Century Motors Sales Ltd Dbr forced landing on delivery flight Gananoque Ont. 21.3.29
CF-AAV Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1001 CF-AAV Century Motors Sales Ltd >Curtiss-Reid FS 12.04.29 576 Dbr practising spins at low altitude Cartierville PQ 16.8.31
CF-AAW Mohawk MLV Pinto 109 NC7296 CF-AAW ntu
CF-AAX Fairchild 71 609 NC9750 CF-AAX International AW of Canada Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd 04.03.29 565 Dbr 6m E of Greenville Maine en route Montreal 24.12.30
CF-AAY Buhl CA-6 Standard Airsedan 41 C9627 CF-AAY Cherry Red Airline Ltd/Prince Albert 12.04.29 575 Dbr in forced landing due engine failure nr La Ronge Sask 5.10.29
CF-AAZ American Eagle A-129 513 CF-AAZ CF-BGI A Craig /Flaxcombe Sask >J Warren 22.05.29 624 rebuilt as CF-BGI c/n 726
CF-ABA Boeing B-1E 1073 NC117E CF-ABA Western Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd 15.03.29 566 Dbr whilst being hoisted from water Ocean Falls BC 4.8.33
CF-ABB Boeing B-1E 1075 CF-ABB Western Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd 15.03.29 567 Returned to spares 11.7.35
CF-ABC Simmonds Spartan I 6 CF-ABC Dominion Aircraft Ltd /Montreal 26.04.29 580 Stalled on landing Quebec PQ 7.11.37
CF-ABD Simmonds Spartan I 7 CF-ABD Dominion Aircraft Ltd /Montreal 26.04.29 581 Returned to spares for CF-ABC 26.11.30
CF-ABE Travel Air A-6000-A 1024 CF-ABE Continental Aero Corp >Skyways 28.06.29 735 Dbr during airport opening ceremony St.Catherines Ont. 14.9.29
CF-ABF Travel Air B-6000 998 CF-ABF Continental Aero Corp >J Alexander >J Clarke >W Lightall >RW Starratt (Northern Transportation Co) >Starratt AW 07.06.29 645 Dbf after forced landing Lindberg Lake Ont. 24.10.35
CF-ABG ntu
CF-ABH Travel Air C-4000 1015 CF-ABH Continental Aero Corp >Skyways 14.08.29 726 Dbf while starting DeLesseps airport Weston Ont. 13.9.31
CF-ABI Travel Air BE-4000 1152 CF-ABI Continental Aero Corp >Temiscouta AT >W VanHorne >L Champoux >W Cook >Central AW >L'Abbe J Thibault >Service d'Aviation 26.08.29 737 Dismantled 18.10.46
CF-ABJ Travel Air 2000 951 CF-ABJ Continental Aero Corp >J Alexander >J Fectau >R St Cyr >J Fectau >P Levesque >R Fiset 28.06.29 674 Forced landing in snow squall Ste Marie de Beauce PQ 28.7.35
CF-ABK Junkers W34 b1 2606 CF-ABK Western Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd 14.05.29 602 Returned to spares 30.6.40 (also reported as to HC-SAA PP-CBO PP-RYW)
CF-ABL Fokker Universal 442 CF-ABL Yarrow Aircraft Corp Ltd >Canadian Vickers >Interlake AW 13.05.29 631 Dbr forced landing 1m E of Columbus Ont. 23.6.30
CF-ABM Fairchild 71 622 CF-ABM Consolidated Mining & Smelting >Mackenzie AS >McConachie AT >Northern AW 30.05.29 662 Dbr in forced landing 20m SE of Carcross YT 29.11.40
CF-ABN Kreider-Reisner C-2 Challenger 245 CF-ABN JC Folkins /Woodstock NB 17.05.29 612 Dbf in hangar fire Woodstock NB 12.32
CF-ABO Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1005 CF-ABO Curtiss-Reid Aircraft 05.04.29 568 Stalled on approach Cartierville PQ 6.10.30
CF-ABP Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1009 CF-ABP Curtiss-Reid FS 29.10.29 784 Wings folded on takeoff due to improper locking Cartierville PQ 30.7.30
CF-ABQ Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1010 CF-ABQ Curtiss-Reid FS 10.06.29 654 Written off 12.2.30
CF-ABR Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1012 CF-ABR Curtiss-Reid FS 22.08.29 806 Rebuilt as CF-BIB (c/n 1036?)
CF-ABS Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1013 CF-ABS Curtiss-Reid FS 11.01.30 807 Wings folded on takeoff due to improper locking Toronto Ont 13.1.30
CF-ABT Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1014 CF-ABT Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd 15.02.30 813 Stalled on approach Cartierville PQ 19.10.34
CF-ABU Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1015 CF-ABU Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >FE Howe /Rosser Man >D Duval 02.05.30 843 Dbr on landing Gypsumville Man .39
CF-ABV Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1016 CF-ABV A.62 Skyways Ltd>FF Gillies & G Jewitt /St Kitchener Ont >St Catherines FC >E Vassar >W Welstead >A Sunday >R Roy & A Lanouette /Quebec >RCAF 13.05.30 860 Dbf in hangar fire St Catherines Ont 9.3.47
CF-ABW Curtiss-Reid Rambler seaplane 1017 CF-ABW Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd Floats dug in and tore off on landing Cartierville PQ 20.6.30
CF-ABX Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1018 CF-ABX Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >Skyways Ltd >GW Jarvis & CW Misener & J Habasinski >T Senior >J Bell >J Crapp 29.01.30 812 Dbr on takeoff nr Lakefield Ont 8.9.37
CF-ABY Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1019 CF-ABY Montreal Light AC >Dept of Natl Defence 01.03.30 825 Dbr St Hubert airport PQ 10.8.31
CF-ABZ Curtiss-Reid Rambler III 1020 CF-ABZ J Webster >Curtiss-Reid FS >Montreal Aircraft Ind 31.03.31 967 Collided with CF-AME on takeoff Cartierville PQ 28.5.33
CF-ACA Curtiss Fledgling B-49 CF-ACA Curtiss-Reid FS 08.07.29 683 To USA 7.11.29
CF-ACB Curtiss Fledgling B-50 CF-ACB Curtiss-Reid FS >Chinese Patriotic League of Ontario 08.07.29 684 To China
CF-ACC Curtiss Fledgling B-51 CF-ACC Curtiss-Reid FS 08.07.29 685 To USA
CF-ACD ntu
CF-ACE ntu
CF-ACF Curtiss C-1 Robin 454 CF-ACF Century Motor Sales >Laurentian Air Express >M Petitclerc >Societe d'Aviation de Quebec >R Smith >A Jarvis >St Maurice AW >A Fectau >F Martel 06.07.29 691 Overturned in squall while taxying LaSarre PQ 5.4.42
CF-ACG Curtiss B-1 Robin 385 CF-ACG Curtiss-Reid FS >Chinese Patriotic League of Ontario 26.06.29 670 To China
CF-ACH Curtiss B-2 Robin 387 CF-ACH Curtiss-Reid FS 22.06.29 706 Dbr in hangar collapse Cartierville PQ used in rebuild of CF-AHJ
CF-ACI Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1011 CF-ACI Curtiss-Reid FS 20.07.29 783 Stalled at low altitude Ville St. Laurent PQ 26.5.35
CF-ACJ Curtiss C-1 Robin 450 CF-ACJ Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >G Rice 06.07.29 690 Dbr low flying at golf course Winnipeg Man. 25.2.33
CF-ACK Curtiss C-1 Robin 388 CF-ACK Curtiss-Reid FS 17.06.29 663 Sank through ice Grand Falls Nfld 8.12.31
CF-ACL Curtiss C-1 Robin 342 CF-ACL Curtiss-Reid AW 15.06.29 660 Capsized whilst taxying St.Felicien PQ 28.10.29
CF-ACM Curtiss C-1 Robin 346 CF-ACM Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >Anticosti Corp >Consolidated Paper Corp 31.05.29 652 Hot log taxying nr Vaureaul Anticosti Is 20.9.34
CF-ACN Fairchild 71 641 CF-ACN Consolidated Mining & Smelting 17.06.29 658 Engine cut during approach Lac La Ronge Sask 30.6.29
CF-ACO Fairchild 71 > 71C 627 CF-ACO International AW of Canada/Montreal >Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 17.06.29 661 Used to rebuild CF-BJE 9.11.37
CF-ACP Curtiss C-1 Robin 310 CF-ACP G Rice >Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd>A Racicot >BJ Yasinski /Montreal 20.05.29 615 Hit post landing at racetrack Waterloo PQ 22.6.39
CF-ACQ Curtiss B-1 Robin 315 CF-ACQ Curtiss-Reid FS 22.05.29 622 Hit hydro pole landing at Curtiss-Reid field Toronto Ont 25.7.29
CF-ACR Alexander Eaglerock A-2 > A-1 717 CF-ACR Anderson Bros >J Austin >W Calvert >S Brett 03.05.29 587 Flew into trees on mountainside at 4200' 20m E of Hope BC 25.5.41
CF-ACS Liore et Olivier H.198 11 F-AJBR CF-ACS Cie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne 07.08.29 717
CF-ACT Pitcairn PA-6 Super Mailwing 25 NC483E CF-ACT International AW >Canadian AW Ltd 14.06.29 805 Overturned by wind at start of Toronto mail flight Detroit 27.9.30
CF-ACU Stinson SM-2AA Junior 1063 NC8439 CF-ACU Universal Air Industries /Sask >K Johannesson >L Waite >M&C Aviation >M Maximchuk >D Laurence 25.05.29 629 Hit tree after takeoff Conquest Sask 11.7.48
CF-ACV Monocoupe 113 255 CF-ACV CF-AUZ Duncan Motor Co >National AW >Duncan Motor Co >E Van Valkenburg 01.04.29 574 rebuilt as CF-AUZ
CF-ACW Schreck FBA 17 HT4 1208.81 CF-ACW Cie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne 10.06.29 650
CF-ACX Buhl CA-6 Standard Airsedan 44 CF-ACX National AT 14.05.29 600 Dbf after engine caught fire after landing Huntsville Ont. 11.9.33
CF-ACY Fairchild 71 > 71C 636 CF-ACY Canadian Transcontinental AW >Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 08.05.29 590
CF-ACZ Fairchild FC-2W2 86 CF-ACZ J Bailes & Sons >Dominion Explorers >Spence-Marlborough AT 08.05.29 591
CF-ADA DH.60M Moth 779 CF-ADA RCAFA.114 H Marpole >Flying & Services >Leavens Bros >E LeFevre >H Ball >A Racicot >P White >RCAF 03.05.29 585 Reduced to spares 15.6.42
CF-ADB DH.60M Moth 782 CF-ADB GW Gooderham /Toronto >H Jones >K McKinley 07.05.29 588 Dbr in forced landing Lower Onslow 10.4.36
CF-ADC DH.60M Moth 783 CF-ADC VH-UQV D Cushing >J Hebert >Qantas 14.05.29 601 K.Ruff Waverley Vic
CF-ADD DH.60M Moth 784 CF-ADD JB Badgley /Montreal >Flying & Services >L Knight >E Watson >R McCrea 07.05.29 589 used with CF-AAG in rebuild as CF-AYZ
CF-ADE DH.60M Moth 785 CF-ADE ML Williams /Montreal >National AT 11.05.29 595 Sank Rollo Lake 22.10.32
CF-ADF DH.60M Moth 772 CF-ADF W Archibald >Yarrow Aircraft >Northern BC AW 13.05.29 597 Crashed Trail 4.10.29
CF-ADG DH.60M Moth 777 CF-ADG Prospectors AW >A Elmhirst >Toronto FC 03.05.29 584 Overturned on landing Toronto 2.7.41
CF-ADH DH.60M Moth 771 CF-ADH DHC >D Findlay >H Parsons >E Brett >I Clarke >P Jorgenson 05.07.29 677 Crashed on takeoff Fraser River 21.10.45
CF-ADI DH.60M Moth 781 CF-ADI JR Paget >Northwest Aero Marine >J Herriot >Northwest Aero Marine >H Karels >Prairie AW >A Herron >Moose Jaw FC >G Burroughs 10.05.29 594 preserved
CF-ADJ DH.60M Moth 778 CF-ADJ Southern Alberta AL 16.05.29 604 Stalled and spun Lethbridge Alta 1.2.31
CF-ADK DH.60M Moth 791 CF-ADK R Cockeram /Toronto >Prospectors AW >W Gamble >Speculations Ltd >Leavens Bros AS 13.05.29 596 Crashed on takeoff Toronto 2.2.41
CF-ADL DH.60M Moth 795 CF-ADL Dominion Explorers >Spence-McDonough AT >Canadian AW Ltd >H McConachie >R Coote >Bridge River & Cariboo AW >E Brett >Brisbane Avn 20.05.29 616 used as inst a/f Vancouver
CF-ADM DH.60M Moth 796 CF-ADM AE McLean /Bathurst >Atlantic AW Ltd >GBR Grant /Vancouver 31.05.29 635 Overturned on takeoff Fernie 6.6.35
CF-ADN DH.60M Moth 799 CF-ADN Northwestern AW Ltd >ES Hough /Winnipeg >Northwest Aero Marine Ltd >RE Hadfield /Winnipeg >Winnipeg FC 23.05.29 625 Destroyed in hangar fire Winnipeg 21.3.38
CF-ADO DH.60M Moth 800 CF-ADO DHC >Col CH Ackerman /Peterborough >Tom Montgomery Prospecting Syndicate >D Pickering >CK Berry >Murray Aeronautical Corp >GT Record >HJ Parsons /Fort William 03.07.29 675 Dbr by high winds Ontario 5.45
CF-ADP DH.60M Moth 1304 CF-ADP JR Booth /Ottawa >M Fleming >JEY LeMoine 23.05.29 626 Struck river ice during aerobatics Gracefield 1.1.37
CF-ADQ DH.60M Moth 797 CF-ADQ JB Frost /Montreal 04.06.29 636
CF-ADR DH.60M Moth 798 CF-ADR General Airways Ltd >GS Burns & AR West >GS Burns /Victoria 05.06.29 638 Crashed Victoria 16.7.35
CF-ADS DH.60G Gipsy Moth 863 (CF-AQZ) CF-ADS Flying & Services Ltd >J Woodall /Montreal >JL Grant /Montreal >A Racicot /Montreal 07.06.29 643 Dismantled 5.7.41
CF-ADT DH.60M Moth 1315 CF-ADT Flying & Services >A Racicot >P Winters >H Finestone >C Gordon >E MacDonald >C McEwen >Patterson 07.06.29 671
CF-ADU DH.60M Moth 1314 CF-ADU JE Palmer >KO Piper /Calgary >Chinook FS >CN McNeal /Herbert Sask 08.07.29 682 Wfu 18.5.35 (presume rebuilt with fuselage c/n 1342)
CF-ADV DH.60M Moth 780 CF-ADV Atlantic & Pacific AW 05.07.29 678
CF-ADW DH.60M Moth 1316 CF-ADW Northwestern AW >Northwestern Aero Marine >Brandon FC >J Galatiuk >Graffo FS 10.07.29 686 Dbr landing Russell 9.10.38
CF-ADX DH.60M Moth 1301 CF-ADX DHC >Halifax AC 16.07.29 693 Capsized at buoy Halifax 2.10.30
CF-ADY DH.60M Moth 1300 CF-ADY Yarrow Aircraft >T Jones >Columbia Avn >Mrs BA Jones >M Lee 16.07.29 692
CF-ADZ DH.60M Moth 1313 CF-ADZ JB Bradgley & WR Pollock >WR Pollock & FH Wilson /Montreal >A Racicot >R Mills >C Burke 25.07.29 700 Dbr Toronto 14.4.41
CF-AEA Curtiss HS-2L 243 A1145 CF-AEA VR-BAA International AW >J Clarke >J Sanscartier 04.07.30 894 Sold to Bermuda [c/n 2449 quoted]
CF-AEB Wallace Touroplane B 11 7987 CF-AEB London AT >W Haddon >T Terry >W Haddon >A Knowles >F Scott >B Dodson 21.05.29 620 [c/n 271 in ICAN]
CF-AEC Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 138 CF-AEC AS Dawes /Montreal >General Airways Ltd >J Mackey >Starratt AW 02.05.29 583 Capsized after landing in high winds Casummit Lake Ont. 28.5.42
CF-AED Alexander Eaglerock A-3 766 CF-AED T Williams 06.06.29 639 Wfu 25.5.33 and stored Crash nr London Ont. in .40s
CF-AEE Spartan nfd
CF-AEF Schreck FBA 17 HT4 122 CF-AEF Cie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne 07.08.29 716
CF-AEG Schreck FBA 180D Cie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne ntu
CF-AEH Monocoupe 181 CF-AEH C Doyle & JR Hoag /Regina 03.05.29 586 Dbf while under repair 12.9.29
CF-AEI Travel Air A-6000-A 996 CF-AEI Continental Aero Corp >Skyways >Leavens Bros AS 23.05.29 628 Dbr in forced landing in bad weather Orillia-Timmins Ont. 16.3.32
CF-AEJ Travel Air SA-6000-A 1040 CF-AEJ Continental Aero Corp >Curtiss-Reid AW >R Starratt >Starrat AW >Canadian Pacific AL >G Campbell >Severn Ent >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL 25.07.29 704 Sold to USA
CF-AEK Travel Air SA-6000-A 1075 CF-AEK Continental Aero Corp >Curtiss-Reid AW 25.07.29 703 Dbr 15m from Chibougamau PQ found 30.12.30
CF-AEL Heath Parasol CF-AEL EC Dau/Three Hills Alta 10.05.29 593
CF-AEM Cessna AW 164 CF-AEM Duncan Motor Co >A Von Ferber >E Fletcher 18.05.29 627 Dbf after landing due fire in air 20m E Berens River Man. 3.1.37
CF-AEN DH.60 Moth 234 G-EBMU CF-AEN Mrs EF Knight/Montreal 31.05.29 637 Dbr St Jovite Quebec 20.7.29
CF-AEO DH.89A Rapide 6279 CF-AEO Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd 11.07.35 1599 Dbf after hit ground on takeoff Moncton 18.7.35
CF-AEP Swallow 1004 C6190 CF-AEP Chas Skinner /Sask >E Andrus 22.05.29 623 Stalled at low altitude nr Nipawin Sask 12.7.37
CF-AEQ American Eagle A-1 370 CF-AEQ W Del Bigio/Trans Canada AW 26.06.29 646 Spun in on local flight Winnipeg Man. 13.10.29
CF-AER Travel Air B-6000 1021 CF-AER Continental Aero (unreg) >Obalski-Chibougama Mining (unreg) >Northern AT >Central AW >E Cooke >Wings Ltd 25.02.32 1176 Dbf in storage .41
CF-AES Arrow A-2-L-60 Sport 313 NC554 CF-AES N Thomson >W Kistler >W Hall 19.06.29 667 Dbf in hangar fire Chatham Ont. .46
CF-AET Fairchild 71 > 71C 652 CF-AET Quebec & Eastern Avn >Canadian AW Ltd 14.06.29 656 Sank in Island Lake Man 6.10.34
CF-AEU Fairchild 71 653 CF-AEU Quebec & Eastern Avn 14.06.29 655 Dbr on landing Lac a la Tortue PQ 10.10.30
CF-AEV Ryan B-5 Brougham 189 C9231 CF-AEV Canadian Aerial Explorations Ltd /Haileybury Ont 00.05.29 Crashed 10.10.30
CF-AEW Fokker Super Universal CV.133 CF-AEW General Airways Ltd/Toronto 28.12.29 804 Exhaust flames ignited fabric after starting Amos PQ 25.7.30
CF-AEX Fokker Super Universal CV.134 CF-AEX Canadian Vickers Ltd 00.00.29 Hit high tension lines after takeoff Nun's Is nr Montreal PQ 20.6.29
CF-AEY Monocoupe 113 282 NC7858 CF-AEY NC7858 E Johnson/Roseland Ont 06.06.29 630 Sold 14.1.32
CF-AEZ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/288 CF-AEZ Ottawa Car Manufacturing Co 01.06.29 4GA Hit trees on takeoff avoiding people on runway Chatham NB 28.6.29
CF-AFA DH.60X Moth 530 G-CAKH G-CYXI CF-AFA RCAF >Dept of National Defence -Civil Avn Branch >St John FC 19.07.30 899 Destroyed hangar fire Fredericton 2.47
CF-AFB DH.60M Moth 1310 CF-AFB Dept of National Defence -Post Office Dept 06.07.29 679 Reduced to spares .32
CF-AFC Curtiss JN-4 CF-AFC C Nash 15.07.29 713 Wfu 22.8.30
CF-AFD Waco 10 1976 CF-AFD London AT >Leavens Bros >K Hopkinson 13.02.30 814 Lapsed 15.8.37
CF-AFE Waco 10 1968 CF-AFE London AT >W Haddon 26.07.29 705 Overturned in forced landing 4.32 sold
CF-AFF Stinson SM-2AA Junior 1091 CF-AFF United AS >M&C Aviation 26.08.29 739 Ground looped on landing Emma Lake Sask 12.4.39
CF-AFG Travel Air 2000 720 C6281 CF-AFG Janney Aircraft & Boats >J Aspden >J Hamilton >H Smith >W Hodgston >K Hopkinson 10.09.29 751 on rebuild
CF-AFH Travel Air 2000 724 C6285 CF-AFH Janney Aircraft & Boats >S Cole 10.09.29 752
CF-AFI Travel Air 2000 934 CF-AFI Continental Aero >WM Lowney Ltd /Montreal >JF Finnie /Westmount PQ >E Champagne >W Cogswell >B Elkin >St Lawrence Aircraft Assn >C Forbell 17.07.29 698 Crashed in lake St.Jovite PQ 27.8.39
CF-AFJ Waco 10 1985 CF-AFJ A Bielby >M&C Aviation >J Edworthy >R Mayson >F Montgomery >D Smith 17.06.29 664 Converted to snowmobile 26.8.41
CF-AFK Waco 10 1988 CF-AFK A Bielby 19.06.29 665 Stalled and spun on local barnstorming flight Lloydminster Sask 11.7.31
CF-AFL Fokker Super Universal CV.131 G-CYXA CF-AFL Western Canada AW 09.08.29 733 Went through ice Sydney Lake Man 12.33
CF-AFM Fokker Super Universal CV.132 CF-AFM Western Canada AW 20.08.29 734 Hit rock on landing run and crashed Reykjavik Man 22.9.29
CF-AFN Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AFN G McLaren/Noranda 12.02.35 1527
CF-AFO American Eagle A-1 376 NC845E CF-AFO Gillies AS >F Gillies >A Phillips 19.06.29 668 Damaged on landing nr Welland Ont 10.7.36
CF-AFP Alexander Eaglerock A-2 892 CF-AFP T Williams >F Kipp 24.07.29 709 Gifted to Galt Aircraft Training school 28.5.32
CF-AFQ Avro 594 Avian IIIA R3/CN/150 CF-AFQ R Foley >A Vola >R Foley >G Wheeler >C Bomberger >S Ring 03.07.29 676 Undercarriage collapsed on landing Wadena Sask 28.6.36
CF-AFR Duplicate regn of CF-ACN in error
CF-AFS Fokker Super Universal CV.135 CF-AFS Pigeon Timber >D McLeod >M Brocklebank >S Cheesman 24.07.29 746 Ran into Motor launch 'Gladys' on landing Port Arthur Ont 8.7.39
CF-AFT Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A 2-15 NC121H CF-AFT Laurentian Air Express >G Milletts 17.07.29 696 Stalled in turn Hart Lake PQ 26.8.34
CF-AFU Curtiss Oriole CF-AFU JR McCowan /Sydney NS Not passed as airworthy 22.8.39
CF-AFV Wallace Touroplane B 12 NC276K (CF-AFV) Not imported
CF-AFW Curtiss JN-4D 3545 CF-AFW US Army >R Anderson >J Doherty Stored 28.8.29
CF-AFX Savoia Marchetti S-56 Dominion AT Ltd ntu
CF-AFY Savoia Marchetti S-56 Dominion AT Ltd ntu
CF-AFZ Monocoupe 113 286 NC7847 CF-AFZ Duncan Motor Co >HD Card /Melville Sask 25.07.29 702 Fabric caught fire during repair Shaunavon Sask 2.30
CF-AGA Monocoupe 113 338 NC8972 CF-AGA Duncan Motor Co 25.07.29 701 Lost control during aerobatics at low level Hughton Sask 2.8.29
CF-AGB Corben Junior Ace CF-AGB G Brown /Brandon Man >A Robinson /Little Longlac Ont 20.06.35 1579 Converted to snowmobile 5.6.40
CF-AGC DH.60M Moth 1320 CF-AGC Loyola College /Montreal >National AT Ltd 24.07.29 699 Wing collapsed nr Barker Field 8.9.35
CF-AGD DH.60M Moth 1317 CF-AGD W Archibald >Consolidated Mining & Smelting 19.10.29 774 Hit rock on takeoff nr Dismal Lake 7.30
CF-AGE DH.60M Moth 1325 CF-AGE I Brunelle /St Eustache PQ 10.09.29 747 Wfu 22.7.38
CF-AGF DH.60M Moth 1323 CF-AGF Consolidated Mining & Smelting >W Harper 18.09.29 754 Wfu Christina Lake BC 28.9.39
CF-AGG DH.60M Moth 1324 CF-AGG G McIntyre 02.10.29 760 Stalled on takeoff Hamilton 27.8.30
CF-AGH DH.60M Moth 1327 CF-AGH J Younghusband >K Southam >Moose Jaw FC >G Burroughs 19.10.29 775 Donated to vocational school Chaplin 17.9.41
CF-AGI DH.60M Moth 1328 CF-AGI W Christie >H O'Leary >H Cameron >Pictou Country AC >Cape Breton FC >Halifax AC 25.10.29 776 Reduced to spares Halifax 12.7.39
CF-AGJ DH.60M Moth 1349 CF-AGJ Southern Alberta AL >W Sherman >Associated AS >L Foggin >E Eversfield >R Wells 06.11.29 782 Overturned on landing nr Chilliwack 2.1.41
CF-AGK DH.60M Moth 1343 CF-AGK Radium Hot Springs Flying Service Ltd 30.11.29 794 Dbr in forced landing nr Windermere BC 13.3.40
CF-AGL DH.60M Moth 1351 CF-AGL DHC >A Sullivan/Newfoundland AW 31.05.30 877 Disappeared northern Newfoundland 30.5.32
CF-AGM DH.60M Moth 1331 CF-AGM GN Irwin /Whitby >Rev JM Couture /Port Arthur >LJ Bisson /Hull PQ >DF Kidd /Ottawa >TH Finney /VAncouver 19.02.30 815 Crashed Esquimalt Harbour 3.10.38
CF-AGN DH.60M Moth 1353 CF-AGN JR Paget /Sask 08.05.30 846 Crashed on takeoff Old Wives 4.7.30
CF-AGO DH.80A Puss Moth 2004 CF-AGO RCAFA.50 DHC >S Cleverley >W Ward >R Slack >RCAF 19.06.30 890 To Quebec A/c School 15.11.40
CF-AGP DH.60M Moth DHC126 CF-AGP Consolidated Mining & Smelting >G Heaton >R Tegart >O Hallock 04.07.30 893 Crashed on takeoff Bow Lake 22.12.56
CF-AGQ DH.80A Puss Moth 2015 CF-AGQ D Cushing >Leavens Bros AS 31.07.30 910 Structural failure in flight nr St Marys Ont 21.6.37
CF-AGR DH.60M Moth DHC125 CF-AGR J Rogers >G Ross >Toronto FC 09.07.30 896 Wfu Toronto 18.12.42
CF-AGS DH.80A Puss Moth 2016 CF-AGS JR Paget /Sask >J Coyne >E Owen >C Hoover 24.07.30 906 Wfu 10.2.41
CF-AGT DH.80A Puss Moth 2018 CF-AGT W Archibald >J Connell 31.07.30 908 Cv to snowmobile 24.8.41
CF-AGU DH.80A Puss Moth 2017 CF-AGU RCAFA.44 WC Van Horne >S Foley >R Morency >L Fletcher >St Maurice AW >R Noury >J Albulet >M Viau >RCAF 09.08.30 909 Reduced to spares 8.2.44
CF-AGV DH.80A Puss Moth 2019 CF-AGV CF-PEI CF-AGV H Marpole >E Jenkins >Canadian AW Ltd >DHC >E Hale >J Copeland >Kitchener-Waterloo FC 02.09.30 925 to Galt A/c Training School as inst a/f 10.11.39
CF-AGW DH.80A Puss Moth 2039 CF-AGW Consolidated Mining & Smelting >M Muncaster >E Boffa >D Patry >E Darling 21.08.30 927
CF-AGX DH.60M Moth DHC127 CF-AGX C-FAGX Northern Transportation >Starrat AW >Canadian Pacific AL >H Hennessy >A Giaque >A Rayner >E Schoop >W MacDonald >S Reynolds >Central Avn 08.11.30 943 Western Canada Pioneer Museum
CF-AGY DH.80A Puss Moth 2048 CF-AGY F Trethewey >DHC >Ranchers AL >Prairie AW >A Elliott >G Gibbs >H Hamilton >C Thompson >D Price 06.11.30 949 Cv to snowmobile Indian Head .46
CF-AGZ DH.60M Moth DHC135 CF-AGZ Border Cities AC 13.06.31 997 Crashed nr Walkerville 4.11.31 pts used to rebuild CF-APT
CF-AHA Fairchild 71 677 CF-AHA International AW of Canada 07.08.29 718 Crashed on takeoff Moncton NB 31.12.29
CF-AHB not allotted
CF-AHC Fairchild 71 665 CF-AHC Consolidated Mining & Smelting >Fairchild >Ont Provincial AS 23.07.29 723 Crashed and sank after engine failure on takeoff Arrow Lake Ont. 16.7.31
CF-AHD Ryan B-5 Brougham 209 CF-AHD Yukon AW & Exploration 17.08.29 740 Stalled and crashed on takeoff Mayo Landing YT 2.11.29
CF-AHE Curtiss C-1 Robin 522 CF-AHE Atlantic AW >W Davies >A Lanouette >C Brandt >J Baker 14.08.29 728 In storage 4.8.50
CF-AHF Curtiss C-1 Robin 218 CF-AHF Vance AS >Southern Alberta AL 05.09.29 743 Sparks from welding torch ignited fabric Vauxhall Alta 16.7.30
CF-AHG Fairchild FC-2W2 > 71C 138 NC8004 CF-AHG Canadian FS >Canadian Colonial AW >Dominion Skyways >Keystone Fisheries 26.08.29 738 Exhaust ignited fabric Cold Lake Alta 2.1.47
CF-AHH Curtiss C-1 Robin 568 CF-AHH Curtiss-Reid AW >Rutledge AS >Commercial AW >Ranchers AL >Mrs FL Heath & GPW Buchan /Calgary >A Hawkins >J Palmer >M Sheppard >E Platt >A Henderson >R Starratt >D Starratt 28.08.29 742 No.3 Wing RCA Cadets Manitoba .50
CF-AHI Curtiss C-1 Robin 570 CF-AHI Curtiss-Reid FS Windstorm collapsed hangar Cartiervile PQ 17.5.30
CF-AHJ Curtiss B-1 Robin 547 CF-AHJ Curtiss-Reid FS >A Darling 18.09.29 755 Lapsed 8.11.31
CF-AHK Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHL Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHM Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHN Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHO Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHP Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHQ Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHR Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHS Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHT Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-AHU Heath Parasol J Chandler ntu
CF-AHV Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/299 CF-AHV Ottawa Car Manufacturing Co >Winnipeg FC 31.07.29 712 No.4 EFTS Portage la Prairie Man. 12.41
CF-AHW Letherby Biplane H McQuaig & A St Charles & LJ Letherby/Montreal 19.07.29 697
CF-AHX American Eagle A-129 543 NC525H CF-AHX Rutledge AS >RW Kiehlbauch /Chipman Alta >B Wallis 09.08.29 720 Dismantled and stored 4.3.39
CF-AHY American Eagle A-129 544 NC526H CF-AHY Rutledge AS 09.08.29 721
CF-AHZ American Eagle A-129 545 NC527H CF-AHZ Rutledge AS >Commercial AW >J Palmer >H Koenen 09.08.29 722 Spun and crashed Millet Alta 7.4.38
CF-AIA Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 141 NC691E CF-AIA Bellanca Aircraft of Canada >Commercial AW >Canadian AW Ltd 25.07.29 711 Spilled gasoline ignited during warmup Fort McMurray Alta 27.12.35
CF-AIB Travel Air SA-6000-A 1100 CF-AIB Curtiss-Reid AW >J Maher 14.08.29 725 Fabric tore from wing during low pass Hamilton Ont. 1.7.31
CF-AIC Travel Air BE-4000 1240 CF-AIC Continental Aero Corp >J Alexander >R Smith >J Arrowsmith >J Comeau >J Arrowsmith 26.08.29 736 Hit rigging of yacht 'Iris II' during takeoff Halifax Harbour NS 9.7.37
CF-AID Travel Air 2000 1190 CF-AID Continental Aero Corp >P Thibodeau >Societe d'Aviation de Quebec 14.08.29 727 Caught fire during repairs to u/c Notre Dame du Lac PQ 12.8.33
CF-AIE Avro 594B Avian IVM 325 CF-AIE G Steeves >T Ahearn >Y LeMoine >M Ogilvie-Forbes >H Finestone >J Macejunas 21.07.33 1323 Stalled in turn after engine stalled after takeoff Cartierville PQ 4.11.39 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-AIF Avro 594B Avian IVM 324 CF-AIF J Palmer >E Boffa >G Howard >N Anderson 17.08.32 1177 Saskatoon Technical Institute 1.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-AIG Fokker F-14 1401 CF-AIG Western Canada AW Ltd 18.10.29 772 Hit granary in forced landing due fog Pilot Butte Sask 2.1.31
CF-AIH Fokker F-14 1403 CF-AIH Western Canada AW Ltd 30.10.29 779 Dbf at Portage la Prairie Man. 20.2.31 [c/n shown as 1402 in ICAN387]
CF-AII Fokker F-14 1402 CF-AII Western Canada AW Ltd 25.10.29 777 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man. 4.3.31 [c/n shown as 1403 in ICAN387]
CF-AIJ Fokker F-14 1405 CF-AIJ Western Canada AW Ltd 18.11.29 787 Wrecked in forced landing in fog West Rosser Man. 29.4.30
CF-AIK Fokker F-14 1406 CF-AIK Western Canada AW Ltd 26.11.29 790 Wfu 31.7.32
CF-AIL Fokker F-14 1407 CF-AIL Western Canada AW Ltd 26.11.29 791 Wfu 23.11.32
CF-AIM Boeing 40B-4 1163 838M CF-AIM Western Canada AW Ltd 20.12.29 800 Caught fire outside hangar after flight Pembina ND 30.7.32
CF-AIN Boeing 40B-4 1165 839M CF-AIN Western Canada AW Ltd 02.12.29 795 Crashed on mail flight Southesk Alta 25.9.30
CF-AIO Boeing 40B-4 1166 840M CF-AIO Western Canada AW Ltd 02.12.29 796 Hit floodlight post during landing in gusts 12.6.30
CF-AIP Consolidated 20-2 Fleetster 3/20 CF-AIP Western Canada AW Ltd 09.06.30 882 Overshot field on landing and hit hangar Calgary Alta 16.11.31 (c/n 1 in some sources)
CF-AIQ Westland Widgeon IIIa WA1783 G-AALB CF-AIQ P Osler >C Pasmore >H Reid >A Carson >A Ingham 26.05.30 869 Converted to snowmobile 3.7.46
CF-AIR Vickers Vedette V CV.146 CF-AIR G-CYVP Canadian Vickers Ltd ntu Sold to RCAF
CF-AIS Vickers Vedette V CV.147 CF-AIS CF-MAG Manitoba Govt AS ntu Sold to Manitoba Govt Air Service
CF-AIT Vickers Vedette V CV.148 CF-AIT Canadian Vickers Ltd 21.08.29 750 Wfu 20.8.30
CF-AIU Vickers Vedette V CV.150 CF-AIU G-CYWS Canadian Vickers Ltd ntu Sold to RCAF
CF-AIV Vickers Vedette V CV.151 CF-AIV G-CYWR Canadian Vickers Ltd ntu Sold to RCAF
CF-AIW Great Lakes 2T1 GL-64 NX803K CF-AIW FL Trethewey /Mount Dennis 05.09.29 744 Caught fire while being warmed with electric heater Weston Ont. 17.4.32 [c/n 62 in ICAN382]
CF-AIX American Eagle A-129 345 CF-AIX W Del Bigio >Winnipeg AC >H McDonald 28.08.29 758 Damaged in windstorm Winnipeg Man. 30.4.33
CF-AIY Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-26 2-32 NC53K CF-AIY Laurentian Air Express >Anticosti Corp >Societe d'Aviation de Quebec >J Halle >H Barrot >F Mueller >M Bahr 03.09.29 741 Wfu during war 15.6.42
CF-AIZ Sambrooke Monoplane CF-AIZ WE Sambrooke /Bassano Alta 04.10.29 766 Stalled and crashed on approach Gleichen Sask 5.10.30
CF-AJA Fokker Super Universal CV.136 CF-AJA Northern Transportation >Starrat AW 12.05.34 1399 Dbf in workshop fire during overhaul Hudson Ont. 9.2.38
CF-AJB Fokker Super Universal CV.137 CF-AJB Northern Transportation >Starrat AW 28.02.34 1405 Reduced to spares 6.11.42
CF-AJC Fokker Super Universal CV.138 CF-AJC Western Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd >Northern AW 25.06.30 886 Hit tree on takeoff from Dazdeash River 80m W Whitehorse YT 19.6.42
CF-AJD Fokker Super Universal CV.139 CF-AJD Western Canada AW 17.06.30 885 Dbf Winnipeg Man. 27.6.30
CF-AJE Fokker Super Universal CV.140 CF-AJE L Ahr/South Porcupine 01.05.33 1272 Crashed on lake during landing 3m N Franz Ont. 19.12.37
CF-AJF Fokker Super Universal CV.141 CF-AJF International AW of Canada >Canadian AW Ltd 07.01.30 802 Wing broke when stb float strut collapsed while taxying Swan Lake 100m E Gods Lake Man. 13.11.36
CF-AJG Fokker Super Universal CV.142 CF-AJG International AW of Canada 08.01.30 803 Forced landing in fog on mail flight nr Whitby Ont. 7.1.30
CF-AJH Fokker Super Universal CV.143 CF-AJH Canadian Vickers Ltd -lsd W McDonough >A Sims op by Dominion Skyways 15.05.30 872 Wfu 26.1.36
CF-AJI Fokker Super Universal CV.144 CF-AJI lsd Resort AW 26.06.31 1012 Rts fuselage used to rebuild CF-AJE 5.34
CF-AJJ Fokker Super Universal CV.145 CF-AJJ ntu
CF-AJK Fairchild 71 667 NC154H CF-AJK NC154H Fairchild Aircraft 19.09.29 756 Returned to USA
CF-AJL Fairchild KR-34C 389 C220M CF-AJL Fairchild Aircraft 07.10.29 767 Evaluated by RCAF 4.30
CF-AJM Vought Corsair 576
CF-AJN Vought Corsair Canadian AW Ltd/Montreal ntu
CF-AJO Travel Air SA-6000-A A6A-2005 CF-AJO Continental Aero Corp lsd Canadian AW Ltd 17.10.29 770 Forced landing in bad weather nr Tichborne Ont. 18.3.30
CF-AJP Fairchild 71 651 NC115H CF-AJP Alaska Washington AW of BC Ltd >W Frith >Wells AT 11.10.29 773 Hit water after steep landing approach and sank Anderson Lake BC 15.8.33
CF-AJQ Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 142 NC692E CF-AJQ Rutledge AS >Commercial AW >Canadian AW Ltd 02.10.29 759 Dbr Kanauchin Falls Man. 24.2.35
CF-AJR Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 143 NC693E CF-AJR Rutledge AS >Commercial AW 16.10.29 769 Ski broke on takeoff - SD on landing Fort Resolution NWT 15.3.30
CF-AJS Potez 32 1592 CF-AJS Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal 02.10.29 761 Lapsed 19.3.31 stored St. Hubert PS dismantled 12.9.32
CF-AJT Potez 32 1593 F-AMAN CF-AJT Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal ntu - spare fuselage
CF-AJU Potez 32 1594 CF-AJU Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal 02.10.29 762 Forced landing due engine failure Katonah NY 16.4.30 Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJV Potez 32 1595 F-ALOL CF-AJV Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal 02.10.29 763 Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJW Potez 32 1596 F-ALOM CF-AJW Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal 02.10.29 764 Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJX Potez 32 1597 CF-AJX Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal 02.10.29 765 Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJY Potez 32 1598 F-ALPA CF-AJY Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal ntu - spare fuselage
CF-AJZ Fairchild KR-34C 906 CF-AJZ(2) H Passmore >W McDonough >Oaks AW >R Spooner 29.10.32 1220 Stalled on takeoff and crashed in muskeg Cordingly Lake Ont 19.9.39
CF-AJZ Fairchild KR-34 385 Fairchild Aircraft ntu
CF-AKA Stinson SM-2AB Junior 1062 NC8434 CF-AKA Mrs LE Ahr & HL Penhorwood & ME Whitby/Sault Ste Marie >Algoma AT 12.10.29 768 Workshop caught fire during overhaul South Porcupine Ont 2.12.31
CF-AKB Golden Eagle Chief 807 NC76N CF-AKB Commercial AW >R Coote >L Milne 26.11.29 792 Lost control during aerobatics Langley Prairie BC 9.10.38
CF-AKC Fleet 2 198 CF-AKC W Sanderson >Pacific AW >H Madden >Cape Breton FC >H Madden >E Webster >E Beardmore >A Racicot >Ottawa FC >W Mulligan >Patterson & Hill >J Lome 29.10.29 778 Wfu 11.44
CF-AKD Potez 36 1571 CF-AKD Commercial AT >Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd /Montreal 00.00.29 Fate unknown
CF-AKE Potez 36 1575 CF-AKE Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd /Montreal 07.10.29 Fate unknown
CF-AKF Potez 36 1576 CF-AKF Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd /Montreal 07.10.29 Damaged St Hubert Airport PQ 8.8.30
CF-AKG Fairchild 71 658 NC141H CF-AKG Canadian Colonial AW Ltd 03.12.29 797 Rts 26.1.33
CF-AKH Nicholas-Beazley NB-3 59 NC887M CF-AKH Aeronautical Corp of Canada >C Grant /St Boniface >JP George /Winnipeg 05.11.29 786 Converted to snowmobile 22.8.42 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-AKI Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 169 NC34N CF-AKI Commercial AW >Canadian AW Ltd 18.11.29 788 Overturned in forced landing due snowstorm Lake Athabasca Sask 26.3.36
CF-AKJ Nicholas-Beazley NB-3 58 NC886M CF-AKJ Aeronautical Corp of Canada >Froebe Bros >D Froebe 25.11.29 793 Stalled in turn on test flight after rebuild Homewood Man 2.2.33 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-AKK not allotted
CF-AKL Savoia Marchetti S-56 9 NC323N CF-AKL Flying & Services Ltd 24.01.30 809 Sank at moorings North Bay Ont 18.10.30
CF-AKM Heath Parasol D-101 CF-AKM T Dietrich 19.12.29 799 Wfu 8.6.33
CF-AKN Fairchild 71 668 NC156H CF-AKN Fairchild Aircraft Ltd >Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada Ltd >MacKenzie AS 23.01.30 808 Ran into shore landing on ice covered lake 11m N Yellowknife YT 22.3.38
CF-AKO Monocoupe 113 317 NC8947 CF-AKO Duncan Motor Co >CW Tweed & A Fraser 08.07.31 1018 Caught fire while wing under repair Lethbridge Alta 10.4.36
CF-AKP McVean V-2 Valkyr 1 CF-AKP O & W McVean Ltd /Dresden Ont>P Alexander 14.05.30 856 Dbf in hangar fire Chatham Ont .46
CF-AKQ Stearman B-24 ntu
CF-AKR Fairchild KR-23 1021 CF-AKR Fairchild Aircraft 07.03.30 822 Dbr during demonstration flight Rockcliffe Ont 12.3.30
CF-AKS Stearman B-24 Dept of Defence ntu
CF-AKT Fairchild FC-2W2 516 NC8028 CF-AKT Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd 24.04.30 864 Overturned in forced landing 40m NW Watson Lake YT 20.8.43
CF-AKU Travel Air BM-4000 1368 CF-AKU International AW >Canadian AW Ltd >J Fecteau >R Roy >A Shamess 04.04.30 833 Flew into trees on overshoot Senneterre PQ 11.1.38
CF-AKV Travel Air BM-4000 1390 CF-AKV International AW >Canadian AW Ltd >J Folkins >L Bisson >A McKee >Philroy Air Express >Sky Advertising >A Racicot 01.03.30 826 Hit hangar on landing Montreal PQ 27.8.39
CF-AKW Heath Parasol CF-AKW R Hadfield >A Brazier >R Parrett >G Whyte 04.03.30 821 Test flown 15.10.41 fate unknown
CF-AKX Fairchild 71 669 NC186H CF-AKX Dominion Explorers 28.02.30 816 Stalled on landing Hunter Bay Great Bear Lake 12.7.30
CF-AKY Fairchild 71 679 NC5K CF-AKY Dominion Explorers >Spence-McDonough AT >Canadian AW Ltd 28.02.30 817 Ran into towline of tug 'Nanoose' on harbour landing Vancouver BC 6.5.35 rebuilt as CF-AOP c/n 1307
CF-AKZ Fairchild 71 684 NC26K CF-AKZ Dominion Explorers >Spence-McDonough AT 28.02.30 818 Wingtip hit ground during landing in whiteout Moose Bay Man 3.1.33
CF-ALA Boeing C-204 Thunderbird CB1 CF-ALA Boeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd >Coast AT >Canadian AW Ltd 10.04.30 966 Rts 1.3.37
CF-ALB Boeing C-204 Thunderbird CB2 CF-ALB Boeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd 27.06.31 1026 Broke from moorings after forced landing due engine failure Long Beach Van 24.8.32
CF-ALC Boeing C-204 Thunderbird CB3 CF-ALC Boeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd >W Wells >Pioneer AW >T Jones 08.07.31 1027 Wfu due cracked spar and scrapped 26.7.39
CF-ALD Boeing C-204 Thunderbird CB4 CF-ALD Pacific AW >Pioneer AW 16.03.35 1542 Dbr Alta Lake BC 30.7.35
CF-ALE Curtiss JN-4 C1303 G-CABQ CF-ALE C McNeill >R Groome >Anderson Bros >F Jensen 20.03.30 827 Dbf while in storage Wayne Alta .42
CF-ALF Alco Junior 1 J Ovington ntu
CF-ALG General 102A Aristocrat 10 NC8658 CF-ALG Garvie Van Buskirk Ltd >F Shute /Fredericton NB >Eastern AW >D Saunders >F Hartwich >W Davis >J Folkins >Fleet Ac >W Deisher >R Karels 25.02.30 820 Wfu .42
CF-ALH Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1027 CF-ALH JR Morgan /Winnipeg >Northwest Aero Marine >R Giguere >W Fair >A Palmer 03.05.30 852 Wfu 28.6.43
CF-ALI Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1028 CF-ALI JR Morgan /Winnipeg >Curtiss-Reid FS 25.09.30 935 Dbr in heavy landing Cartierville PQ 14.8.32
CF-ALJ Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1029 CF-ALJ W Drury 17.05.30 867 Engine failed during landing - stalled in turn St.Catherines Ont. 27.5.33
CF-ALK Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1030 CF-ALK E McK Dupuis 09.08.30 920 Stalled and crashed Victoriaville PQ 11.3.31
CF-ALL Curtiss-Reid Rambler III 1031 CF-ALL Curtiss-Reid Aircraft 25.10.31 1061 To Hong Kong 09.09.34
CF-ALM Curtiss-Reid Courier 1032 CF-ALM G Algarsson /Montreal 22.01.32 1085 Crashed on test flight after rebuild Montreal PQ 17.6.33
CF-ALN Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV SB.251 CF-ALN Curtiss-Reid FS 10.06.32 1148 Wfu 9.6.33
CF-ALO Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1034 CF-ALO Curtiss-Reid FS 11.09.35 1623 Hit cable on landing during airport construction Dorval PQ 5.7.41
CF-ALP Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1035 CF-ALP Curtiss-Reid FS 24.08.36 1779 Dived into ground Cartierville PQ 20.5.40
CF-ALQ Curtiss-Reid Rambler 1036 Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-ALR Curtiss-Reid Rambler 1037 Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-ALS Curtiss-Reid Rambler 1038 Curtiss-Reid FS ntu
CF-ALT Nieuport-Delage ND.391 11 CF-ALT Cie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne 05.04.30 834 Returned to France?
CF-ALU Nicholas-Beazley NB-3 > NB-3G 82 NC124N CF-ALU Aeronautical Corp of Canada >Red Line Ltd >J Charleson >J Wade 31.03.30 829 Forced landing on takeoff due engine failure Annapolis Royal NS 2.7.34 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-ALV DH.60M Moth DHC119 CF-ALV Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada>T Fooks >Calgary AC >W Campbell 09.05.30 857 rebuild of CF-AAJ c/n 793. Wfu 19.3.42
CF-ALW Junkers A50 ce Junior (CF-ALW) CF-ANJ ntu - became CF-ANJ
CF-ALW Pietenpol Air Camper 3 CF-ALW JS Baxter /Sudbury >J Laberge 03.01.36 1645 Stored 26.6.39
CF-ALX Junkers F13 gle 2050 CF-ALX Air Land Manufacturing Co >V Spencer 27.05.30 883 Lost altitude and hit trees on takeoff 120m N Takla Landing BC 23.7.33
CF-ALY Curtiss C-1 Robin 664 NC763M CF-ALY Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada 28.04.30 838 Fuselage broke during salvage Great Slave Lake NWT 1.7.30
CF-ALZ Curtiss C-1 Robin 666 NC765M CF-ALZ Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada >Mackenzie AS >G Dalziel >Peace River AW >G Dalziel >E Callison/Casair AW 28.04.30 839 Wfu and RTS 19.7.41
CF-AMA Curtiss C-1 Robin 670 NC769M CF-AMA Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada >J McIntosh 28.04.30 840 Hit trees in forced landing due poor weather Pelican Mts Alta 6.2.41
CF-AMB Stearman 4-EM Junior Speedmail 4016 CF-AMB Canadian AW Ltd/Montreal 02.06.30 861 Wfu 2.2.33
CF-AMC Stearman 4-EM Junior Speedmail 4017 CF-AMC Canadian AW Ltd/Montreal 02.06.30 862 Pilot parachuted in fog after fuel used up nr Dunnville Ont. 19.12.31
CF-AMD Stinson SM-1FS Detroiter M523 CF-AMD Yarrow Aircraft Corp (temp reg only) for Dominion AW 23.05.30 B17 Hit trees on overshoot Butedale BC 16.7.30
CF-AME Travel Air E-4000 1382 CF-AME Walter M Lowney Ltd >D Saunders >G Johnson 28.04.30 837 Overturned in swamp after engine failure Moose River Mines NS 15.10.37
CF-AMF Stinson SM-8A Junior M-4101 CF-AMF HG Marpole -lsd Flying & Services Ltd >Quebec Stinson Aircraft Agency Ltd >Aero Services Ltd >A Darling 03.05.30 849 Dbr Ste. Rose PQ 31.7.32
CF-AMG Henderson-Glenny HSF.II Gadfly II 2 G-AARJ CF-AMG R Foley 22.04.30 835 Dbf Kitchener Ont. 25.8.31
CF-AMH Fairchild KR-21 1031 7340 CF-AMH Fairchild Aircraft Ltd >A Racicot >F Parker-Reilly >T Jones >B Jones >J Jones >J Noble >I Kerr >R Murray 14.05.30 855 Wfu after accident 10.1.42 Sold .46
CF-AMI Fairchild KR-21A 1033 CF-AMI D Shaw >Fairchild Aircraft >J Lynds >J Wade >J Burchell >T Young >W Golden >B Robb >T Carr >E Warren 22.07.30 900 Sold 2.47 fate unknown
CF-AMJ Nicholas-Beazley NB-3 > NB-3G 81 123N CF-AMJ Aeronautical Corp of Canada >R Sprott/Sprott-Shaw School of Avn 16.05.30 859 Hit tree after takeoff Douglas Lake BC 1.10.31 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-AMK Fairchild 71C 34 ntu
CF-AML Bellanca PM-300 Pacemaker 162 NC870M CF-AML Commercial AW/Edmonton >Canadian AW Ltd 14.05.30 880 Stalled in bad weather and crashed in river Lac du Bonnet Man. 24.2.33
CF-AMM Thomas-Morse S4C 536 CF-AMM S Sinclair >C Patch 01.05.30 844 Certificate lapsed .31
CF-AMN Alexander Eaglerock A-2 677 NC148E CF-AMN RL Coote/Chilliwack 28.06.30 891 Wing hit ground avoiding trees on takeoff nr 70 Mile House BC 3.7.31
CF-AMO Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 177 NC192N CF-AMO Bellanca Aircraft of Canada >McIntyre Porcupine Mines >Hennessy & Hennessy >Baillie-Maxwell Ltd>W Chicken >Wings Ltd >Austin AW 09.10.34 1489 Engine failure on takeoff due carb icing Nakina Ont. 11.1.45 Dbr
CF-AMP Boeing-Canada 40H-4 CB5 CF-AMP Boeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd -lsd Canadian AW Ltd >(New Zealand AW) >Columbia Avn 12.09.30 945 Engine failure on takeoff due carb icing Peerles Lake Alta 6.3.36 Dbf
CF-AMQ Boeing-Canada 40H-4 CB6 CF-AMQ Boeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd -lsd Canadian AW Ltd >(New Zealand AW) >Columbia Avn >Associated AS >H Freeman >United AT 24.11.31 1064 Flew into hill at 2500' in fog 25m S Dawson Creek BC 13.8.37
CF-AMR Boeing-Canada 40H-4 CB7 CF-AMR (ZK-ADY) VH-ACL New Zealand AW >R Parer/New Guinea Written off due enemy action New Guinea 11.3.42
CF-AMS Boeing-Canada 40H-4 CB8 CF-AMS ZK-ADX VH-ADX New Zealand AW >K Farmer >R Parer/New Guinea Dbr nr Black Cat mine New Guinea 21.9.39 Dbr
CF-AMT Boeing-Canada 40H-4 CB9 CF-AMT (New Zealand AW) >Columbia Avn >United AT Gift to Calgary Inst Tech .38
CF-AMU Dixie Flyer CF-AMU(1) M Boisvert Dbr on test flight Cartierville PQ 13.6.30
CF-AMU Alexander Eaglerock Combo-Wing 248 NC1246 CF-AMU(2) RCMP-seized for cigarette smuggling >J Chandler 10.01.38 2160 Hit tree in downdraft nr Noelville Ont 22.3.38 Dbr
CF-AMV Travel Air B-4000 1391 CF-AMV(1) Continental Aero Corp ntu
CF-AMV Pietenpol Air Camper 2 CF-AMV(2) JR Friesen >F O Sava 07.05.35 1557 Caught fire during rebuild Winnipeg Man .58
CF-AMW Fairchild KR-34C 802 CF-AMW CF-CCE CF-AMW Dept of National Defence -Civil Aviation Branch >Fleet Aircraft >WJ McDonough >Brockton Ltd >MacDonald Bros >K Johannesson >L Waite 09.06.30 879 Forced landing at Dore Lake Sask 3.39 rts 12.39
CF-AMX Junkers F13 lov 663 CF-AMX Air Land Manufacturing Co >Pacific AW 29.05.30 884 Wfu 24.10.36 Sold as scrap .38
CF-AMY New Standard D-25 106 NC9761 CF-AMY Canadian FS >A Austin 07.08.30 907 Seized by US Customs for liquor smuggling .31 Handed to US Coast Guard .34
CF-AMZ Junkers W34 1lov 2588 CF-AMZ O Meyer >JM Garneau/Quebec AL >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 02.07.30 897 Dismantled and used as spares for CF-AQW 11.1.45
CF-ANA American Eagle A-129 586 NC210N CF-ANA Manning Airways >A Lunan >Century AW >G Priestley >E Troxel >W McG Brown >Fleet Aircraft >Clark Aircraft Syndicate >L Abbleby 16.05.30 858 Certificate lapsed 18.10.35
CF-ANB Heath Parasol CF-ANB JF Hill /Regina 17.05.30 863 Lost control due lack of flying experience Winnipeg Man 22.6.30 Dbr
CF-ANC Fleet 2 97 NC229H CF-ANC B Knight >Latcham AW >Air-Tec FS 11.06.30 881 Stalled in turn landing due engine failure nr Toronto Ont 8.5.35
CF-AND Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 178 193N CF-AND Bellanca Aircraft of Canada Ltd >Coastal AW >General Airways Ltd >Austin AW 29.07.30 914 Dbf while heating engine Nakina Ont 8.2.44 (ex 194N per Canadian records)
CF-ANE Stinson SM-8A Junior M-4102 NC228W CF-ANE Commercial AW >T Corless 20.06.30 887 Hit trees landing after engine failure 20m W Takla Lake BC 12.6.31
CF-ANF Fleet 2 294 CF-ANF Commercial AW >H McKenzie >A Wilson >L Foggin 10.07.30 933 Crashed during aerobatics nr Boundary Bay BC 13.5.41
CF-ANG Fleet 2 > 7 296 > 32 CF-ANG G Dumulong >Millar Mineral Exploration >Fleet Aircraft >Montreal Light AC >Fleet Aircraft >J Cober >Fliers Ltd >Patterson & Hill Aircraft 21.05.34 1408 Cabane struts failed in flight Maple Ont 20.8.41
CF-ANH Fleet 2 > 7 297 > 31 CF-ANH W Deisher >Fleet Aircraft >Montreal Light AC >Lakehead FC 02.07.30 888 Rts parts used to repair CF-CFD .40
CF-ANI Monocoupe 113 142 NC6739 (CF-ANI) WR Britton /Wawanesa Man ntu
CF-ANI Monocoupe 113 337 NC8970 (CF-ANT) CF-ANI WR Britton /Wawanesa Man 31.07.30 903 Dbf Brandon Man 29.4.31
CF-ANJ Junkers A50 ce Junior 3525 (CF-ALW) CF-ANJ Air Land Manufacturing Co >G Hawkridge >R Dion >Brisbane Avn >P Jorgenson 26.06.30 892 Stored .40
CF-ANK Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A 2-53 NC55K CF-ANK Anticosti Corp 10.07.30 895 Stalled and hit water Fox Bay Anticosti Is 22.5.31
CF-ANL Fleet 2 1/315 CF-ANL Aero Club of BC 21.08.30 923 Lost control in cloud and spun into sea at mouth of Fraser River BC 1.10.36
CF-ANM Fleet 2 2/? CF-ANM Fleet Aircraft Co of Canada Ltd >Latcham AW >Air-Tec FS >S Coffler >RC Episcopal Corp >A Goglin >E Peene 15.07.30 922 Sold to Bahamas
CF-ANN Fleet 2 3/313 CF-ANN Dept of National Defence -Aero Club of BC 19.08.30 915 Rts at 33EFTS .40
CF-ANO Fleet 2 4/312 CF-ANO J Hone/Arrow AW >Regina FC >V Yasinsky >Johannesson FS >B Bjornson 03.05.30 924 Hit trees in forced landing due weather nr Berens River Man 9.1.46
CF-ANP Ryan B-5 Brougham 248 CF-ANP Yukon AW & Exploration Canc 8.5.31
CF-ANP Pietenpol 1 CF-ANP(2) M White >C Goddard 28.06.35 1584 Scrapped and burnt Winnipeg Man .45
CF-ANQ Avro 621 Tutor 463 CF-ANQ RCAF224 A.45 Armstrong-Siddeley Motors >RCAF 08.07.30 889 Rts 20.9.43
CF-ANR Kari-Keen Coupe Q-223 NC877N CF-ANR Dominion Air Industries Ltd >D Kirby >Brisbane Avn 15.07.30 905 Stored .38 (aka Sioux Coupe)
CF-ANS Kari-Keen Coupe Q-225 NC344V CF-ANS Central United AW >MO Cipperley /Olds Alta >M Gardner >J Wood 29.09.30 937 Stored 3.5.42 (aka Sioux Coupe)
CF-ANT Taylor E-2 Cub 256 CF-ANT(2) L Cargill >WC Stiple /Kitchener Ont >J Sharp >W Hancock >J Johnson >A McKimmon 09.08.35 1606 Wfu 14.1.46
CF-ANT Monocoupe 113 337 NC8970 (CF-ANT) CF-ANI W Britton ntu - see CF-ANI
CF-ANU Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 179 NC194N CF-ANU H McLean >C Troup >Dominion Skyways 22.07.30 901 Rts 28.2.40
CF-ANV Waco GXE 2011 NC777E CF-ANV G Baker >various >T Envoldsen (unreg) Engine failed on takeoff Daysland Alta 12.8.34
CF-ANW New Standard D-25 146 NC184H (CF-ANW) CF-AOK G George ntu - see CF-AOK
CF-ANW Stinson SR-5A Reliant 9321-A CF-ANW(2) K Johannesson >Starratt AW >T Lamb >G Campbell >V Park 29.06.35 1597 Wfu 7.9.49
CF-ANX Bellanca 31-42 Senior Pacemaker 251 CF-ANX General Airways Ltd >RC Episcopal Corp of the Mackenzie /NWT >Canadian AW Ltd 29.07.35 1602 Dbr Lake du Bonnet Man 3.5.41
CF-ANY DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1017 G-AADD CF-ANY L Nieuwenhuizen >A Stanley >P Boisvert >H Pugh >Goldair Exploration >R Page >V Besner 22.07.30 904 Overturned Blue Sea Lake nr Maniwaki 5.8.37
CF-ANZ Monocoupe 90 531 NC197K CF-ANZ H Sykes >Karels AS >R Karels 04.08.30 918 Crashed in flat spin after rudder failure 7m N McLean Sask 5.7.41 Dbf
CF-AOA Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket 603 NC545V CF-AOA Treadwell Yukon Ltd >W Phelps >Treadwell Yukon Ltd 01.09.30 940 Crashed nr Queen Charlotte Is BC 10.41
CF-AOB Standard J-1 Seaplane CF-AOB B Powell 22.06.31 999 Wfu 10.6.32
CF-AOC Fleet 7 5 CF-AOC Fleet Aircraft Co of Canada Ltd >Eclipse AW >Capreol & Austin AS >Austin AS >Austin AW >Saskatoon FC >Toronto FC 21.08.30 1074 Gift to Toronto Central Tech School 13.8.41
CF-AOD Fleet 2 6 CF-AOD B Boe >W Westeen >C Dalton >C Price 15.09.30 930
CF-AOE Fleet 2 7 CF-AOE Dept of National Defence -Kitchener-Waterloo FC 19.05.31 990 Dbr Kingston Ont 4.6.32
CF-AOF Fleet 2 8 CF-AOF Dept of National Defence -Kitchener-Waterloo FC >A Finlayson >Cub Aircraft Corp >T Fawcett >V Davey >J Langford >T Fawcett >J Ashdown 19.05.31 991 Stored 24.8.61
CF-AOG Heath Parasol 1 CF-AOG(2) J Davey >S Pickles >W Drummond 19.05.33 1274 Wfu .37
CF-AOG duplicate reg of CF-AMI
CF-AOH Fairchild KR-34C 900 CF-AOH Fairchild Aircraft Ltd >Ont Provincial AS >L Fletcher >E Dale 10.09.30 929 Floats collapsed after mushed on takeoff Wildcat Lake Ont 29.8.47 salvaged for museum display
CF-AOI Waco GXE 785 680 CF-AOI E Boffa >Z Leigh >E Boffa >G Rice >R Hay >A Love >K Pollock 13.08.30 917 Spun in during aerobatics North Battleford Sask 25.5.37
CF-AOJ Great Lakes 2T1A 76 NC815K CF-AOJ R Malshinger >East Kootenay AT 21.10.30 953 Dbr Fernie BC 24.5.31
CF-AOK New Standard D-25 146 NC184H (CF-ANW) CF-AOK J Labadie 20.08.30 916 Nft after 3.8.31
CF-AOL Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 144 NC694E CF-AOL General Airways Ltd 13.10.30 948 Crashed on shore of lake in bad weather nr Senneterre PQ 23.5.36
CF-AOM Corben Junior Ace CF-AOM(2) J Taylor 21.06.35 1581 Stored .40
CF-AOM Waco GXE 1838 NC45E CF-AOM J Bauer Dbf Pincher Creek Alta 22.10.30
CF-AON Bayamo BM-3 CF-AON J Irwin >Soo Garage >L Hottie 16.09.35 1626 Dismantled late .40s
CF-AOO duplicate regn of CF-AOH in error
CF-AOP Fairchild 71 1307 CF-AOP Canadian AW Ltd 06.08.35 1622 rebuild of CF-AKY with new fuselage Hit motorboat on takeoff Beauchesne Depot Lake Onachiway PQ 20.5.41
CF-AOQ American Eagle E-430 903 NC285N CF-AOQ A Craig /Grand Prairie Alta >(Mrs M Muncaster) >E Boffa /Lethbridge Alta 19.09.30 934 Calgary Inst Tech as engine test stand 11.4.36
CF-AOR Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-92 NC650Y CF-AOR D Cushing /Montreal >GF Gregory >TH Finney >R Racicot >GD Guy /Orillia Ont >(E Sisler) 18.09.30 932 Dbr during takeoff from snow covered field Kapuskasing Ont 30.5.36
CF-AOS Monocoupe 113 360 532W CF-AOS AL Croll /Richlea Sask >A Bernhard /Sask >FW Schon /Prince Albert 15.10.30 941 Wfu and stored until at least .45
CF-AOT Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-58 NC10182 CF-AOT Century AW Ltd>NA Sandham /Toronto >(DE Buddo) >JE Wood /Trenton >H Sargent /Picton Ont 29.09.30 936 Dbr on landing nr Picton Ont 20.7.37
CF-AOU Fairchild FC-2W2 28 G-CAIQ NC4770 CF-AOU(2) seized by RCMP >Fleet Aircraft of Canada>WJ Sanderson /Fort Erie >Arrow Airways Ltd /Flin Flon 29.08.33 1335 Hit shore after u/c collapsed on landing Little Churchill River Man. 9.10.38
CF-AOU Fairchild 71 647 NC9198 (CF-AOU) NC10623 AB Holden /Victoria BC not imported
CF-AOV Fairchild 71 648 NC9199 (CF-AOV) NC10624 AB Holden /Victoria BC not imported
CF-AOW Mohawk M1C Pinto 5 NC297V CF-AOW JM Alexander /Montreal >R Bilodeau /Quebec 12.05.32 1124 Spun into ground Quebec PQ 5.9.32
CF-AOX Northwest Model A 102 NX533V CF-AOX Eve Brothers Ltd /Victoria>FG Edwards /Chilliwack 04.10.30 938 Wfu .40
CF-AOY Heath Parasol 1 CF-AOY LP Edwards /Chilliwack 03.04.36 1670 Wfu .40
CF-AOZ Buhl CA-6 Standard Airsedan 47 NC9632 CF-AOZ Brooks Construction & Transportation Co/Prince Albert 11.10.30 946 Structural failure 35m E Norway House Man. 22.9.35
CF-APA DH.60M Moth 1322 G-CYWV CF-APA Dr AG Scott /Bassano Alta >Dr AG Scott & MB Toronto /Bassano >T Envoldsen /Standard Alta 20.06.31 998 Stored 14.6.47 rebuilt .63 accident .74 Canadian Museum of Flight
CF-APB DH.60M Moth 1321 G-CYWW CF-APB DHC >Capt ML Douglas /Kitchener >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >(Cub Aircraft Corp) >FF Gillies /Toronto 13.06.31 996 Reduced to spares 6.7.43
CF-APC DH.60X Moth 758 G-CYXG CF-APC KG Southam /Toronto >GAR Cowan /Toronto >(FR Kenney) 21.07.32 1168 Crashed in lake at Jellicoe 14.1.35 but salvaged
CF-APD DH.80A Puss Moth DHC220 CF-APD Capt H Spooner /St Lambert PQ >LP Goyette /Montreal >R Simard /St Lambert >C Powell /Westmount >E Reynolds /Montreal >MAC Smith /St Hubert >JE Gauthier /Ste Therese (3.3.51) 21.12.31 1068 Stored St Laurent .59
CF-APE DH.80A Puss Moth DHC221 CF-APE WJ Holland /Edmonton >Independant AW Ltd >(RC Reed) >Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >RC Reed /Lacombe Alta >RM Halfpenny /Edmonton >(Fleet Aircraft of Canada) 30.03.31 1108 Reduced to spares Fort Erie 23.6.37
CF-APF DH.83 Fox Moth 4037 CF-APF Canadian AW Ltd >Yorkton AW Ltd>JE Cosco /Sioux Lookout 24.02.33 1254 Destroyed in fire after sparks ignited fabric Sioux Lookout 28.10.39
CF-APG DH.83 Fox Moth 4038 CF-APG Canadian AW Ltd 24.02.33 1255 Dbr in gale Cartierville 24.9.42 rts
CF-APH DH.83 Fox Moth 4050 CF-APH Canadian American Coaches >Northern Skyways Ltd >DHC >AH Farrrington /Sioux Lookout 19.06.33 1296 Heater caused fire in flight East Bug Lake 21.12.36
CF-API DH.83 Fox Moth 4000 G-ABUO CF-API General Airways Ltd >Ginger Coote AW >Fleet Aircraft >United AT >F Baillie >Leavens Bros AS 09.05.33 1290 Dbr in gale Larder Lake 14.1.50 rebuilt as CF-EVK
CF-APJ DH.84 Dragon 6024 CF-APJ Canadian AW Ltd 13.05.33 1288 Reduced to spares Montreal 23.10.42 pts used in CF-AVD
CF-APK DH.80A Puss Moth 2049 CF-APK S/L H Hinkler 29.04.31 980 Bert Hinkler Canada-England. Flew into Alps on England-Australia flight 7.1.33 Hinkler killed
CF-APL DH.60T Tiger Moth 1726 G-ABNI CF-APL DHC >C Austin >W Deisher >Toronto FC 16.09.31 1048 Toronto Tech School as inst a/f 5.10.42
CF-APM DH.60M Moth 1341 G-CYYM CF-APM R Stephenson >K Johannesson >A Edwards >N Walker 09.05.31 986 Rebuild of G-CYYM c.n 494. Wfu 3.10.36
CF-APN DH.60M Moth DHC132 CF-APN J Ruce >L Scott >G Record >L Walker 26.06.34 1424 Crashed Haileybury 13.7.42 remains to snowmobile
CF-APO DH.83 Fox Moth 4052 CF-APO A Farrington >R Starratt >Starratt AW >Konnie Johannesson Flying Service >M&C Aviation >Waite Fisheries >C McNeal 06.09.33 1331 Wfu .41
CF-APP not allotted
CF-APQ Command-Aire 3C3 504 CF-APQ Z Leigh >M Patterson >W Purdy >P Muncaster >W Purdy 20.02.31 958 Wfu 30.4.37
CF-APR Fleet 2 141 NC418K CF-APR AF & K Head /Hagersville >PL Jackson /Dunnville >Cub Aircraft Ltd >Leavens Bros Air Services /Toronto 15.11.30 947 Stalled and spun at low altitude nr Brampton Ont 7.5.39
CF-APS Canadian Cub 100 CF-APS GW Saynor & RN Bell /Montreal 20.11.30 944 Stalled on takeoff after engine failure Toronto Ont 10.10.31
CF-APT DH.60X Moth CF-APT C Mercer /Sault Ste Marie >DJ Miller & H Saunders /Camp Borden >(CL Murray /Toronto) >LB Connor /Windsor 17.11.30 952 Rebuilt with parts from CF-AGZ Wfu .22.7.42 scrapped .50
CF-APU Ireland P-2 Privateer 64 NC95K CF-APU CFM Chambers & JS Rowntree /Montreal >Aircraft Distributors Ltd >LA MacLaren /Montreal >A Racicot /Montreal 18.12.30 954 Wfu 3.8.39 offered to RCAF inst a/f (aka Amphibions P-2 Privateer)
CF-APV Heath Centre-Wing CF-APV SG Woodstock /Kingston Ont 17.12.30 955 Wfu .32
CF-APW Laird LC-B200 193 CF-APW Western Canada AW Ltd>Canadian AW Ltd 14.02.31 969 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 4.3.31
CF-APX Laird LC-B200 195 CF-APX Western Canada AW Ltd>Canadian AW Ltd 02.03.31 970 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 4.3.31
CF-APY Laird LC-B200 196 CF-APY Canadian AW Ltd >K Johannesson /Winnipeg >JT Dart /Wilton Grove Ont 14.03.31 968 under rebuild
CF-APZ Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A 2-21 NC163H CF-APZ Societe d'Aviation de Quebec >PT Legare /Quebec >J Fecteau /Bergerville PQ 13.02.31 956 Hangar destroyed in forest fire Lake Temiscouata PQ 5.32
CF-AQA McVean V-3 Valkyr V-3 CF-AQA Hayes Wheel & Forgings Ltd /Chatham>(GB Stewart & CW Burgess) >(MJ Wilson) >FH Armitage /Hamilton >T Senior /Brantford >RM Armstrong /Sudbury 19.02.31 957 Stalled and spun while low flying 6.11.39
CF-AQB Junkers W33 f > W34 f 2586 CF-AQB JH St Martin /Longueuil >(M Charbonneau) >A Fecteau /Senneterre PQ >Riverton AW Ltd >Pacific Western AL Ltd>Skyway Air Services Ltd /Langley 02.03.31 959 Wfu 10.8.59
CF-AQC Aeronca C-3 A-113 CF-AQC Aero Corp of Canada >GF Gregory /Montreal 20.03.31 965 Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff Montreal PQ 7.7.31
CF-AQD Paramount Cabinaire details unknown
CF-AQE Waco RNF 3444 CF-AQE JC Webster /Swift Current Sask >AR Smyth /Regina >CJ McGuinnes /Toronto >Prairie AW Ltd>AR Herron /Coderre Sask >Flt Lt AS Halls /Moose Jaw >HC Moody /Decatur USA 28.04.31 979 Exported to USA 10.42
CF-AQF DH.60G Gipsy Moth 910 NC431 CF-AQF W Williamson /Windsor >Border Cities AC >Leavens Bros Air Services >(W Steele /Strathroy Ont) 10.04.31 971 Fate unknown
CF-AQG Buhl CA-6J Standard Airsedan 56 CF-AQG Brooks Construction & Transportation >Brooks AW 07.07.31 1023 Dived into lake on test flight Emma Lake Sask 21.6.33
CF-AQH Stinson SM-8A Reliant M-4122 CF-AQH Brooks AW Ltd /Prince Albert 16.04.31 973 Caught fire while engine being heated 22.12.31
CF-AQI Buhl LA-1 Bull Pup 114 CF-AQI National Air Transport Ltd 01.06.31 994 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Ont 12.11.35
CF-AQJ Farman F.65 13 F-AICP CF-AQJ Commercial Air Transport Ltd >A Fecteau /Bergerville >M Petitclerc /Quebec 11.04.31 992 Overturned while taxying Quebec PQ 1.11.37
CF-AQK Aeronca C-3 A-133 CF-AQK F Gilbert >L Edwards >R Kelsey >E Eversfield >E Brett >R Wells 05.05.31 982 Stored 5.40
CF-AQL Waco 10 1028 C5020 CF-AQL E Fields /Sandwich Ont 23.11.31 1059 Stolen from Walker airport-seized by US Customs Detroit. Stored 21.2.34 (NC5020 is ASO c/n A-3)
CF-AQM Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-80 NC10314 CF-AQM Century AW Ltd>L Train /Toronto 01.05.31 974 Dbr 25m N Toronto Ont 11.9.32
CF-AQN Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-83 NC10317 CF-AQN Century AW Ltd>A Wilson >H Millar >W Young >T Morrison 01.05.31 975 Dbr nr Orillia Ont .38
CF-AQO Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-101 CF-AQO Century AW Ltd>Century FC >Murray Aeronautical Corp 01.05.31 976 Wfu 13.9.37
CF-AQP Aeronca C-3 A-134 CF-AQP Century AW Ltd>G Sweetnam >C Murray >Murray Aeronautical Corp 05.05.31 981 Elevator cable broke in landing circuit nr Toronto Ont 24.7.37
CF-AQQ Aeronca C-3 A-159 CF-AQQ Modern Light Aircraft >T Finney >A Racicot >W Morgan 17.07.31 1017 under restoration
CF-AQR Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-88 NC10322 CF-AQR Century AW Ltd>Century FS >Murray Aeronautical Corp 30.01.32 1084 Wfu 5.2.38
CF-AQS Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-95 NC653Y CF-AQS Century AW Ltd 30.01.32 1083 Wfu 26.2.34
CF-AQT Lamb Monoplane CF-AQT H Lamb jr 13.05.31 984 Nft
CF-AQU Waco GXE 1386 NC7437 CF-AQU E Boffa >A Tudor >G Blake >D Gordon 23.05.31 989 Nosed over on landing Bon Accord Alta 11.36
CF-AQV Junkers W33/34 2710 CF-AQV Oaks AW >Canadian AW Ltd 12.06.31 1009 Hit trees low flying in poor weather 5m SW Gold Pines Ont 1.9.39
CF-AQW Junkers W33 ff1 2587 CF-AQW Commercial Fisheries & Transport Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL >Skyway AS 05.06.31 1002 Stalled on takeoff avoiding power line Kootenay Lake BC 10.8.59
CF-AQX Monocoupe J Zybach ntu - issued in error - see CF-ARL
CF-AQY Laird LC-2B-200 198 CF-AQY Canadian AW Ltd 19.06.31 1007 Gift to Uni of Saskatchewan 30.11.39
CF-AQZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 863 (CF-AQZ) CF-ADS ntu
CF-AQZ Corben Junior Ace CF-AQZ LH Guthrie /Mystic PQ 02.07.36 1741 Wfu 9.10.42
CF-ARA Taylor E-2 Cub 14 CF-ARA Air Craft Agencies Ltd 21.08.31 1030 Stored 14.7.39
CF-ARB Saunders-Roe A.19 Cloud A.19/1 L-4 G-ABCJ CF-ARB G-ABCJ W Holt 17.06.31 995 Returned to England .33
CF-ARC Waco GXE 1391 4788 CF-ARC P Moore >C Kullberg >H Hopson >Miss Mirtle L Vinge/Alta 24.10.31 1054 Dbf in storage Turner Valley Alta 5.1.32
CF-ARD Fairchild 71CM 18 CF-ARD(2) CF-AUA ntu - became CF-AUA
CF-ARD Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior 1141 NC10963 CF-ARD Aircraft Industries >J Rae 00.12.31 Temp Returned to USA 29.7.31 Canc 1.12.31
CF-ARE Heath Parasol CF-ARE A Holmes 08.06.31 993
CF-ARF Boeing A-213 Totem CB10 CF-ARF V Spencer >Canadian AW Ltd >W Dyson 16.06.32 1156 Wfu 10.2.42
CF-ARG Fairchild 22 16/1038 CF-ARG H Pasmore >Montreal Light AC >P Laiviere >F Vachon >J Begin >M Dorion >A Vallieres >J Gauthier >A Brown >D Tierany >W Peppler 22.09.32 1191 Stored 5.57
CF-ARH Pietenpol Air Camper CF-ARH MM Fry /Hartney Man >B Bjarnason >H Sinclair-French 15.12.31 1073 Stored Brandon FC 8.11.38
CF-ARI Junkers W34 fi 2732 CF-ARI Canadian AW Ltd 24.04.33 1264 Engine failed shortly after takeoff 5m S Waterways NWT 25.1.40
CF-ARJ Heath Parasol CF-ARJ W Morrell >J Beaubien >N Gillespie 07.07.31 1015 Stored .39
CF-ARK Stinson S Junior M-8100 CF-ARK Brooks AW >T Jones >L Prosser >W Burnett >T Jones >S Sharp >R Corless >Northwings AS 25.06.31 1014 Dbf at moorings Prince George BC 10.10.47
CF-ARL Monocoupe 108CSH 3531 CF-ARL H Brooker >W Moody >L Hudson >C Couzens 04.07.31 1010 Damaged on delivery flight Byng Inlet Ont 10.7.39
CF-ARM Junkers Ju52cao 4006 D- CF-ARM(2) Canadian AW Ltd 26.10.31 1055 Scrapped Winnipeg Man 16.5.47 [also shown as ex D-2133 D-USUS but this was c/n 4002]
CF-ARM Lockheed 5B Vega 54 NC657E (CF-ARM) Coastal AW ntu
CF-ARN Heath Parasol 1 CF-ARN(2) G Pope 18.08.31 1028 Dbr Summerside PEI 3.7.33
CF-ARN Lockheed 5B Vega 94 NC974H (CF-ARN) Coastal AW ntu
CF-ARO Pitcairn PCA-2 B-15 NC10786 CF-ARO H Pasmore 10.07.31 1016 Wfu 6.5.35
CF-ARP Aeronca C-2 Collegian A-82 NC10316 CF-ARP Century AW >G Kendall >T Finney >C Kent >G Guy >M Fleming >G Ste Marie >H Emard 26.01.32 1080 Failed CoA 25.11.37
CF-ARQ Heath Parasol CF-ARQ J Brazier >E Weaver >T Burton >N Froebe 22.07.31 1020 Stalled and hit ground whilst low flying Carman Alta 20.6.43
CF-ARR Heath Parasol CF-ARR R Hay 22.07.31 1021 nft
CF-ARS not allotted
CF-ART not allotted
CF-ARU Alexander Eaglerock A-4 818 NC764H CF-ARU A Meloche >N Dufour 28.08.31 1037 flown 6.47 nft
CF-ARV Bellanca (CF-ARV) J Rae ntu
CF-ARW Pietenpol Air Camper 1 CF-ARW E Fletcher >S Unser >J Mulvenna 14.03.33 1253 Dismantled .34
CF-ARX Hess H-3 Bluebird 5014 CF-ARX D Ladonceur >A Lewis >C Smidt 20.10.31 1049 Damaged Walkerville Airport Ont 28.2.32
CF-ARY Aeronca C-3 A-139 CF-ARY Century AW >W Williams >I Nelson >O Morris >G Rice >B Allen >J Meeks >C Millard 15.02.32 1102 Stored .41
CF-ARZ Alco Junior Coupe (CF-ARZ) E Gabourie ntu
CF-ASA Heath Parasol CF-ASA CF-KCZ D Ross >V Greek 23.11.31 1058 Reregistered
CF-ASB Pietenpol Air Camper (CF-ASB) F Gibson ntu
CF-ASC Fairchild KR-34C 391 NC222M CF-ASC Century AW >Century Aircraft Syndicate >C Murray >Murray Aero Corp 15.12.31 1072 Wfu 13.9.37
CF-ASD Pietenpol Air Camper CF-ASD W Harrison 30.01.32 1093 nft
CF-ASE Stearman 4-EM 4028 CF-ASE Canadian AW Ltd 25.01.32 1078 nft
CF-ASF Stearman 4-C > 4-E > 4-CM > 4-EM 4010 NC770H CF-ASF Canadian AW Ltd >Trans-Canada AL >Northern AW 25.01.32 1079 Ran out of fuel 7m S Whitehorse YT 6.9.39 Dbr (c/n 4029 per Juptner)
CF-ASG Alco Junior Lundstrom Bros ntu
CF-ASH Heath Parasol 1 CF-ASH EJ Rousseau /Calendar Ont 02.02.32 1094 Fabric caught fire while re-doping Callandar Ont 17.2.35 Rebuilt
CF-ASI Junkers W33 fi 2591 CF-ASI Canadian AW Ltd 05.02.32 1087 Crashed on flight from Tashota Ont to Kagianagami Lake Ont 12.3.32
CF-ASJ Waco ATO A-99 NC8590 CF-ASJ CF-BJM Premier AT >E de Pencier >T Envoldsen 19.03.32 1106 Re-registered after rebuild
CF-ASK Craig Biplane CF-ASK A Craig 09.09.32 1184 Wfu 13.3.41
CF-ASL Fleet 7 9 CF-ASL Algoma AT >Karl Springer Exploration >L Bisson & R Spooner >R Spooner >Lakehead FC >Brant-Norfolk AC 10.05.32 1150 Wfu 6.9.47
CF-ASM Pietenpol Air Camper 1 CF-ASM J Comeau 24.01.32 1244 Wings damaged in fire 5.6.34
CF-ASN Junkers W34 fi 2731 CF-ASN Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central BC AW 21.03.33 1258 Wfu after crash 24.6.48
CF-ASO Sikorsky S-38C 414-19 NC28V CF-ASO Canadian AW Ltd 12.05.32 1116 Wfu due corrosion 9.5.34
CF-ASP Pietenpol Air Camper CF-ASP J Friesen >I Milne 29.04.32 1115 nft
CF-ASQ Pitcairn PAA-1 F-72 NC11648 CF-ASQ Leavens AS 14.05.32 1120 Wfu 28.4.54
CF-ASR Desoutter II D.37 VH-UPS CF-ASR I Brunelle >R Karels >Karels AS 10.02.33 1245 Caught fire while heating engine Lac LaRonge Sask 20.11.35
CF-ASS not allotted
CF-AST Eastman E-2 Sea Rover 8 NC474M CF-AST H Tyrer >Columbia Development Ltd 06.06.32 1130 Wfu 24.9.45
CF-ASU Eastman E-2 Sea Rover 12 NC467M CF-ASU H Tyrer >Columbia Development Ltd >L Staples 06.06.32 1131 Hull damaged on landing on Nisutlin River Teslin YT 18.6.36
CF-ASV Eastman E-2 Sea Rover 15 NC470M CF-ASV E Tyrer >W Emery >J MacConnachie 06.06.32 1132 Stored .39
CF-ASW Eastman E-2 Sea Rover 16 NC471M CF-ASW E Tyrer >W Emery >J MacConnachie >W Sproule 06.06.32 1133 Dbr on takeoff Gibsons Landing Howe Sound BC 7.5.37 derelict on beach
CF-ASX Alexander Flyabout D-2 3015 NC12504 CF-ASX J Eve >N Coutts 14.06.32 1154 Stalled in turn after overshoot Chilliwack BC 25.5.41 Dbr
CF-ASY Eastman E-2 Sea Rover 17 NC472M CF-ASY E Tyrer >Columbia Development Ltd 06.06.32 1134 Wfu 15.9.43
CF-ASZ Fokker Universal 444 X181H CF-ASZ M Nicholson >G Thorne >Wings Ltd 21.05.32 1125 Flames from exhaust ignited fabric Ball Lake 44m NE Kenora Ont 10.1.38
CF-ATA Ryan B-1 Brougham 102 NC5214 CF-ATA R Coote/Chilliwack 01.06.32 1160 Dbf while heating engine Quesnel BC 1.3.33
CF-ATB Fairchild 71C 10 CF-ATB CF-OAM H Pasmore >Ont Provincial AS 06.07.32 1142 Re-registered as State aircraft 12.6.33
CF-ATB American Eagle A-1 194 NC5571 CF-ATB(2) A Carey/Chilliwack 04.01.33 1238 Wfu 25.1.41
CF-ATC not allotted
CF-ATD Heath low-wing monoplane L Brunelle ntu
CF-ATE Stinson SM-6000-B 5017 NC11124 CF-ATE Canadian Colonial AW 10.06.32 1146 Dbf Albany Airport NY 30.1.34
CF-ATF Junkers W34 ffi 2718 CF-ATF Canadian AW Ltd >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL >Pacific Wings 23.12.32 1232 Gift to Natl Avn Museum Ottawa .62
CF-ATG Fairchild FC-2 127 NC6370 CF-ATG H McKiernan >Northern AW >F Kossman >M&C Aviation >J Clarke >Bob-Joan Mining >G Dalziel >E Callison 12.06.32 1173 Grounded by DoT 15.4.43
CF-ATH Heath Parasol CF-ATH J Ottley 15.06.32 1144 Hit ground landing on test flight Brooklyn NS 5.9.32
CF-ATI Stinson S Junior J Hamilton ntu
CF-ATJ Fokker Super Universal 853 NC125M CF-ATJ MacKenzie AS >Northern AW 03.09.32 1186 Hit tree after takeoff Carcross YT 7.11.38
CF-ATK Aeronca C-3 A-211 CF-ATK B Pliske >Limberlost Resorts >D Clark >Century FS >Murray Aero Corp 25.08.32 1185 Accident Toronto Ont 16.10.36
CF-ATL Aeronca C-3 A-138 NC11405 CF-ATL L Findlay >A Reynard >L Edwards 27.09.32 1195 Wfu 15.4.49
CF-ATM Neys biplane CF-ATM J Neys 16.08.32 1181 Stored Grand Prairie Alta 23.10.37
CF-ATN Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 131 NC3005 CF-ATN General Airways Ltd >Turnbull Fishing Co 26.09.32 1194 Flew into storm with 2 canoes on floats 130m N Flin Flon Man 17.6.38 Dbf
CF-ATO Fleet 2 10 CF-ATO London FC 19.09.32 1193 Forced landing due engine failure London Ont 23.8.36 Dbr
CF-ATP Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1008 NC779Y CF-ATP L Bleackey 23.10.32 1205 Spun out of loop at air show Steinbach Man 14.7.34
CF-ATQ Fairchild 22B 901 NC12669 CF-ATQ H Pasmore >Saint John FC >A Hazen >L Hatheway 08.12.32 1222 Ran into snowsquall and hit hill Plaster Rock NB 25.12.37
CF-ATR Fairchild 71 683 NC25K CF-ATR CF-AYU Northern AT >Brooks AW >Wings Ltd 01.10.32 1221 Rebuilt as CF-AYU with new fuselage
CF-ATS Alco Sport CF-ATS C Hoover 12.10.33 1339 Wfu 11.10.34
CF-ATT Van Valkenburg monoplane M-2 CF-ATT Van Valkenburg Aircraft 04.01.33 1223 Dbr en route Edmonton-Ottawa Ont for tests .33
CF-ATU Pietenpol Air Camper CF-ATU T Fox >A Reynard 14.11.32 1208 Wfu 16.11.35
CF-ATV DH.83 Fox Moth 4011 CF-ATV G Irwin >T Fraser >B Watt 26.11.32 1215 Dbr in forced landing after cabin heater fire Rameneau 18.9.37
CF-ATW Fokker Super Universal 811 NC340N CF-ATW MacKenzie AS 21.11.32 1218 Hit rock on forced landing due fuel shortage Cambridge Bay NWT 20.4.34
CF-ATX DH.83 Fox Moth 4049 CF-ATX R Cockeram >Capreol & Austin >H Watt >B Watt >E Ruddick >A Fecteau >J Stevenson >P Lariviere >W McQuade 27.04.33 1266 Wfu 7.12.51
CF-ATY Fairchild FC-2 Northwestern Canada AT ntu
CF-ATZ Fairchild 71C 17 CF-ATZ Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >A Berry >Territories AS 25.02.33 1246 Hit water after stall on takeoff and sank nr Taltheilei Narrows NWT 24.9.49
CF-AUA Fairchild 71CM 18 CF-ARD(2) CF-AUA Canadian AW Ltd 15.08.33 1325 Built with wings from CF-ARD Dbr in windstorm Senneterre PQ 19.8.34 pts used in CF-AWS
CF-AUB Bird BK 2023-07 NC10367 CF-AUB L Foggin 02.05.33 1299 Collided with Tiger RCAF4075 on landing Vancouver BC 30.3.41 Sold .44
CF-AUC Waco UIC 3750 CF-AUC B Ashley 02.06.33 1313 Flew into bad weather and crashed into Lake Ontario off Bronte 10.12.33
CF-AUD Fokker AF-14A 1421 NC844W CF-AUD MacKenzie AS 05.06.33 1289 Dbr Edmonton Alta 24.5.34
CF-AUE Pietenpol Air Camper G Robinson ntu
CF-AUF Lincoln Sport CF-AUF GP Gatrell /Vancouver 22.05.33 1275 Fate unknown
CF-AUG Heath Parasol CF-AUG S Albulet >W Hodgson >D Willis >V Terry >W Pearce 07.06.33 1280 Forced landing due engine failure Calgary Alta 18.9.40
CF-AUH Stinson SM-1D-300 302 NC6762 CF-AUH C Roy >Service AW >Starratt AW 08.06.33 1292 Fire in nose hangar Hudson Ont 2.3.37 Dbf
CF-AUI Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AUI D McEachern 05.07.33 1306 Wfu 14.1.37
CF-AUJ Fairchild Super 71 50 CF-AUJ Canadian AW Ltd 05.03.35 1532 Sank after hitting submerged object on takeoff Lost Bay Ont 3.10.40
CF-AUK Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AUK G Brown >H Thompson 07.07.33 1310 nft
CF-AUL Swallow 993 6179 CF-AUL J Clancey >R Corless 31.07.33 1321 Float gear collapsed on takeoff Seton Lake BC 6.36
CF-AUM Fairchild 71CM Canadian AW Ltd ntu
CF-AUN Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AUN C Anderson 10.10.33 1338 Damaged on takeoff Edmonton Alta 16.3.35
CF-AUO Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1041 CF-CCB CF-AUO London FC 20.10.33 1350 Stb upper wing not locked - folded after takeoff London Ont 16.3.34
CF-AUP Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV SB.248 CF-AUP L Bisson >Rev J Couture /Ontario 18.05.34 1412 Wfu 11.10.36
CF-AUQ Heath Super Parasol 1 CF-AUQ J McIntosh Control wire broke causing forced landing Georgian Bay Ont 4.1.35
CF-AUR Waco UKC 3847 CF-AUR J Fauquier >Wings Ltd 28.03.34 1383 Wfu 16.1.41
CF-AUS Stinson SR Reliant 8700 NC12191 CF-AUS K Johannesson >T Lamb >C McNeal >M&C Aviation 21.12.33 1357 Wfu 30.4.43 (also recorded as SR-7A)
CF-AUT Homebuilt (Warner Scarab) (CF-AUT) J Sherren ntu
CF-AUT Fairchild Super 71 51 (CF-AUT) RCAF665 Fairchild Aircraft >RCAF Rts 11.4.40
CF-AUU Fairchild KR-34C 905 CF-AUU A X Syndicate >T Bartsch >J Mullholland >T Bartsch >E Darling 01.06.34 1413 Calgary TofTA 17.12.38
CF-AUV Fokker F.XI-AHB 906 NC339N CF-AUV W Strong 01.07.33 1311 Hit trees on takeoff McDames Lake BC 13.7.35
CF-AUW Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AUW L Hottie 27.02.34 1373 Wfu 31.3.35
CF-AUX Fairchild FC-2 > 51A 769 G-CAIH CF-AUX Bridge River & Cariboo AW (Ginger Coote AW) 28.03.34 1378 Crashed 15m W Port Alberni BC 27.5.38 (also quotes c/n 18)
CF-AUY Corben Baby Ace CF-AUY C Lightheart 07.05.34 1393 Wfu 10.9.40
CF-AUZ Bayamo BA-2 M-1B CF-ACV CF-AUZ H Laird 22.01.37 1878 Built from Monocoupe CF-ACV Dismantled 22.1.37
CF-AVA DH.80A Puss Moth DHC223 CF-AVA N223EC Consolidated Mining & Smelting >C Renfrew 22.06.34 1423
CF-AVB DH.80A Puss Moth DHC224 CF-AVB A MacLaren >W Deisher >A Denis >L Hudson >C Wiens >J Duguay 07.07.34 1431 Cv to snowmobile Port Menier 2.47
CF-AVC DH.80A Puss Moth DHC225 CF-AVC DHC >Aerovis Ltd /Toronto >RC Jacobsen >W Davies >D Corbett >B Smith 04.04.35 1548 Wfu 6.4.58
CF-AVD DH.84 Dragon II 6086 CF-AVD Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 24.01.35 1522 Stalled on takeoff Baie Comeau 26.5.44
CF-AVE DH.83 Fox Moth 4095 CF-AVE The Jubilee Syndicate >Borealis Co >Consolidated Mining & Smelting 14.05.35 1565 Crashed on takeoff Yellowknife 17.4.42
CF-AVF DH.60M Moth DHC133 CF-AVF RCAF223 CF-CGB RCAFA.120 then A.223? CF-CGB DHC >RCAF 13.07.35 1595 Wfu 6.8.46
CF-AVF DH.60M Moth 717 RCAF68 CF-AVF RCAFA.123 C Mackenzie >G Ste Marie >AJ Smith >Leavens Bros AS >RCAF >Galt Aircraft School 30.06.36 1737 Traded to RCAF for CF-CFR
CF-AVG DH.82A Tiger Moth 3348 (G-ADHA) CF-AVG RCAF238 CF-CGZ RCAF238 DHC >RCAF 24.08.35 1609 Reduced to produce Trenton 9.2.44
CF-AVH DH.87A Hornet Moth 8009 CF-AVH Mercury AS >J Storie >J Mackay 28.10.35 1630 Hit trees on takeoff Clam Lake 13.10.39
CF-AVI DH.84 Dragon II 6093 CF-AVI Consolidated Mining & Smelting >DHC >H Watt >North Shore AW 02.10.35 1624 Washed over dam in gale Godbout 13.1.41
CF-AVJ DH.89A Rapide 6295 CF-AVJ Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 24.09.35 1677 Engine fire during warm up Saint John 17.5.39
CF-AVK Fairchild 71C 25 Canadian AW Ltd ntu
CF-AVL Waco UKC 3863 CF-AVL Capreol & Austin AS >Austin AS >Austin AW 14.04.34 1386 Overturned after blowing onto a reef in rough water Little Current Ont 24.10.36
CF-AVM Pietenpol Air Camper 1 CF-AVM G Kempthorne 20.04.34 1384 Dbr on flight to Sifton Man N Duck Mountain 29.12.37
CF-AVN Waco UKC 3869 CF-AVN Capreol & Austin AS >Austin AS >Austin AW 26.05.34 1411 Sank through ice whilst taxying 25m SW Biscotasing Ont 8.12.42
CF-AVO Gibson-Milne Monoplane CF-AVO JE Smith & J Gibson /Vancouver 23.05.34 1404 Wfu 14.7.36
CF-AVP Corben Junior Ace CF-AVP J Fast >B Kopp /Rennie Man 21.05.34 1403 Wfu 18.2.41
CF-AVQ Lincoln Sport CF-AVQ D Harper >G Kempthorne >J Jeannote 07.05.34 1392 Converted to snowmobile .38
CF-AVR Waco UKC 3871 CF-AVR Canadian Flying Clubs Assn >L Bisson >Rev JM Couture >RJJ Phenix /Hyacinthe PQ 05.06.34 1428 Caught fire while being cleaned prior to sale St.Hyacinthe PQ 20.9.44
CF-AVS Waco UKC 3872 CF-AVS Arrow AW >R Smith >J St Martin 06.06.34 1427 Hit ground photographing caribou NE St.Felicien PQ 5.3.39
CF-AVT Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AVT Stettler AC >R Gladden 21.05.34 1417 Stalled during landing approach Riley Alta 5.7.41
CF-AVU Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AVU B Price 09.07.34 1433 Wfu 19.5.42
CF-AVV Waco UKC 3931 CF-AVV Wings Ltd >J Haverluck >Savant AW Ltd >E Ruddick >G Record >Muskoka Air Trails 20.07.34 1435 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Ont 17.8.45
CF-AVW Waco CJC 3900 CF-AVW Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines >St Maurice AW >A Racicot >Curtiss-Reid FS >M&C Aviation 08.08.34 1460 Dbr forced landing on flight from Ile a la Crosse Meadow Lake Sask 10.1.45
CF-AVX Homebuilt M White ntu
CF-AVY Fairchild 71C 26 CF-AVY Consolidated Mining & Smelting 14.07.34 1437 Overturned on landing due glassy water Sylvan Lake Alta 12.10.41
CF-AVZ Heath Parasol CF-AVZ C Mackenzie 11.08.34 1444 Wfu 10.8.35
CF-AWA Lincoln Sport CF-AWA J Barbour Wfu .35
CF-AWB Waco CJC 3913 CF-AWB H McLean >W Sanderson >A Wicks >Fleet Aircraft >R Kiteley >M&C Aviation >A Fisher >J Alix >Superior AW >Cadi-Lac Insurance 31.08.34 1461 Dbr in windstorm Cartierville PQ 25.2.56
CF-AWC Waco UKC 3932 CF-AWC Wings Ltd 31.07.34 1442 Caught fire heating engine with blow pot Rice Lake Man 4.3.36
CF-AWD Waco UKC 3933 CF-AWD Wings Ltd >Arrow AW >C Van 14.08.34 1447 Converted to snowmobile .44
CF-AWE Waco YKC 4201 CF-AWE R Cockeram >Prospectors AW >Norcan Fisheries Ltd /Toronto 25.08.34 1455 Stalled on takeoff from Cordingly Lake 3m N Nakina Ont 2.6.39
CF-AWF Taylor E-2 Cub 120 CF-AWF LG Cargill >W Nixon >Ottawa FC >RH Fawcett >Cub Aircraft Corp >L Greggory >Cub Aircraft Corp >K Hostein >C Griffin /Hamilton 02.10.34 1466 Wfu .42
CF-AWG Fairchild 71C 27 CF-AWG Consolidated Mining & Smelting >lsd Canadian Pacific AL 06.10.34 1483 Stalled in poor weather between Ft Smith and Ft Providence Hay River NWT 12.4.43
CF-AWH Waco YKC-S 4231 CF-AWH G Irwin >Fleet Aircraft >Skylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mines 12.03.35 1555 Exported to USA? 24.2.44
CF-AWI Waco YKC 3976 CF-AWI W Sanderson >Eclipse AW >Capreol & Austin AS >Fleet Aircraft >A Jarvis >Algoma AT >E Ahr >Leitch Gold Mines >Salmita Northwest Mines 17.11.34 1494 Gas from blow pot inside cabin ignited fabric Yellowknife NWT 15.10.46
CF-AWJ Waco YKC 3934 CF-AWJ W Sanderson >Millar Mineral Expl >Auric Ltd >A Farrington >Skylines Express >British American Oil >Wings Ltd 10.10.34 1476 Wfu 7.3.41
CF-AWK Waco YKC-S 4239 CF-AWK W Sanderson >Dominion Skyways >A Racicot >Spillsbury & Hepburn >Queen Charlotte AL >Babb (Canada) >Northland Avn 27.05.35 1567 Forced landing on city street South Porcupine Ont 8.8.49
CF-AWL Waco YKC-S 4238 CF-AWL H Pugh >Wings Ltd >A Cheesman >Northland AW >Fleet Aircraft >W Dyson >BC AT >Ginger Coote AW 20.05.35 1592 Use for spares Winnipeg Man 18.2.43
CF-AWM Waco YKC-S 4261 CF-AWM Air Trails Ltd/Huntsville 06.07.35 1596 Dbf while welding in hangar South Porcupine Ont 19.9.40
CF-AWN Fairchild 71C 21 CF-OAN CF-AWN R Irvine >Wings Ltd 17.08.33 1441 Hit trees on lake edge due ice on wings Lac du Bonnet Man 16.4.36
CF-AWO Stinson SR-5A Reliant 9341-A CF-AWO General Airways Ltd 10.10.34 1497 Took off on own after passenger hit throttle getting out - climbed to 200' and dived into lake Simcoe Ont 7.3.36
CF-AWP Fairchild 51/71 28 CF-AWP J Fauquier >Austin AW 30.10.34 1487 Stalled on takeoff and hit shore of Lake Cordingly nr Nakina Ont 17.6.49
CF-AWQ Vultee V-1A 16 NC14247 CF-AWQ NC22077 Canadian Colonial AW 01.03.35 1538 Exported to US 2.39
CF-AWR Bellanca 66-70 Aircruiser 719 CF-AWR MacKenzie AS >Eldorado Gold Mines >Canadian AW Ltd 14.03.35 1601 Forced landing due fuel starvation 130m NE Soux Lookout Ont 24.1.47
CF-AWS Fairchild 71C 29 CF-AWS Canadian AW Ltd 05.12.34 1500 Hit by twister while taxying - floats failed Lake Mistassini PQ 16.3.37
CF-AWT Neste Monoplane CF-AWT K Neste/Tompkins Fabric tore away and wing failed in flight nr Eastend Sask 26.12.35
CF-AWU Fairchild 71C 30 CF-AWU C Troup >Dominion Skyways 22.12.34 1509 Dbf during salvage after went through ice Lake Pipmoukin 130m NE Roberval PQ 2.2.40
CF-AWV Fairchild 71C 31 CF-AWV Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Fletcher AT >Great Northern Skyways >Carl Millard Ltd >Petersens AS >Northland Fish Producers 22.01.35 1537 Forced landing in poor weather 40m S Summit Lake BC 19.10.56
CF-AWW Fairchild 71C 32 CF-AWW Fairchild Aircraft >Starratt AW 11.02.35 1518 Dbr nr Savant Lake Ont 8.4.36
CF-AWX Fairchild 71C 33 CF-AWX Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 04.03.35 1539 Floats collapsed on landing after engine failure Deschambault Lake Sask 4.7.43
CF-AWY Ryan B-5 Brougham 247 NC12852 CF-AWY seized by RCMP >C MacKenzie >lsd General Airways Ltd >L Bisson >Karl Springer Exploration >Springer-Sturgeon Gold Mines 04.02.35 1547 Overshot lake and landed on shore Biscotasing Ont 12.39
CF-AWZ Massy Biplane CF-AWZ R Massey Forced landing due engine failure on test flight Longueil PQ 10.8.40
CF-AXA Fairchild 82 35 CF-AXA Prospectors AW >Wings Ltd >British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT 12.08.35 1750 Reduced to spares 16.3.44
CF-AXB Fairchild 82 36 CF-AXB Dominion Skyways Ltd 09.08.35 1754 Hit trees on landing Tench Lake PQ 21.8.41
CF-AXC Fairchild 82 38 CF-AXC British Yukon Navigation 28.09.35 1752 Over-ran airport boundary in heavy snow Dawson YT 15.11.36 Rebuilt as CF-AXK
CF-AXD Fairchild 82A 39 CF-AXD Starratt AW 20.12.35 1755 Dbf after engine backfired after landing Ferland Ont 14.2.41
CF-AXE Fairchild 82A 40 CF-AXE Canadian AW Ltd >Arrow AW >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian PAcific AL >Central Northern AW >Associated Air Taxi >H Knights >Uranium Corp of BC >Cascade AS 08.02.36 1751 Floats torn off after hitting object on takeoff Harrison Lake BC 12.8.55
CF-AXF Fairchild 82A 41 CF-AXF Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Dominion Skyways 20.06.36 1749 Hit trees on takeoff Lake Pipmaukin PQ 12.9.42
CF-AXG Fairchild 82A 42 CF-AXG Starratt AW >Canadian Pacific AL 11.09.36 1803 Hit shore on takeoff after engine cut due icing Abram Lake Ont 2.11.42
CF-AXH Fairchild 82B 43 CF-AXH MacKenzie AS >Canadian AW Ltd 04.09.36 1835 U/c collapsed on landing after severe downdraft McAree Lake Ont 5.8.38
CF-AXI Fairchild 82A 44 CF-AXI Wings Ltd 19.09.36 1827 Caught fire while heating engine under hood Schist Lake Man 29.1.39 Dbf
CF-AXJ Fairchild 82A 48 CF-AXJ British Yukon Navigation 05.01.37 1897 Hit trees after takeoff nr Dawson YT 31.1.41
CF-AXK Fairchild 82A 60 CF-AXK British Yukon Navigation 26.04.37 1957 Rebuilt with parts from CF-AXC Crashed in Lake Laberge YT 9.11.39
CF-AXL Fairchild 82A 61 CF-AXL Starratt AW >Ontario Central AL >J Landells >Aviation Services >R Eastman >Airmart Courier & Sales >E Lobe >Airmart Courier & Sales >Alberta Fish Products >Canadian Pacific Railway Co 01.03.37 1893 Gift to Natl Avn Museum Ottawa Ont .66
CF-AXM Fairchild 82B 62 CF-AXM lsd MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Ontario Central AL 05.03.37 1907 Hit trees on shore after takeoff Kenora Ont 9.1.48
CF-AXN Fairchild 82B 63 CF-AXN lsd MacKenzie AS 12.03.37 1910 Broke through ice whilst taxying Big Eddy on Slave River NWT 8.12.38
CF-AXO Fairchild 34-42 Niska 64 CF-AXO CF-MAK Fairchild Aircraft Cv to 82D and reregistered CF-MAK 3.38
CF-AXP Fairchild 82B 65 CF-AXP Fairchild Aircraft Sold to Argentine Navy 2.2.38
CF-AXQ Fairchild 82D 69 CF-AXQ MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Waite Fisheries Hit ice in turn after windscreen iced 3m from Ile a la Crosse Sask 28.1.47
CF-AXR reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXS reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXT reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXU reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXV reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXW reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXX reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXY reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXZ reserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AYA Page Monoplane CF-AYA L Duquette 24.07.35 1600 Wfu 23.7.36
CF-AYB Aeronca C-3 A-580 CF-AYB G-ADSP C Murray 13.08.35 1616 Sold to UK 11.10.35
CF-AYC Aeronca C-3 A-579 CF-AYC G-ADSO C Murray 13.08.35 1617 Sold to UK 14.10.35
CF-AYD Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AYD W West/Hopewell Not passed as airworthy 20.7.36
CF-AYE DH.89A Rapide 6304 CF-AYE British North America AW >Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW >Queen Charlotte AL 11.04.36 1689 Dismantled Vancouver 24.8.51
CF-AYF DH.90 Dragonfly 7506 CF-AYF W Archibald >Consolidated Mining & Smelting 16.07.36 1758 Dbr in heavy landing Kimberley 12.10.46
CF-AYG DH.87A Hornet Moth 8031 CF-AYG N8969 Consolidated Mining & Smelting >A Tiede >E Juzak >V Barber 27.03.36 1680
CF-AYH British Aircraft Eagle II 134 CF-AYH G Priestley >J George >O Hallock 12.05.36 1690 Ground looped on landing Lethbridge Alta 12.8.48
CF-AYI DH.87B Hornet Moth 8061 CF-AYI P6788 Brett-Trethewey Mines >DHC >RAF 13.06.36 1733 To UK Air Ministry 4.39
CF-AYJ DH.87B Hornet Moth 8062 CF-AYJ Windsor-Chatham-London Coach Lines >DHC >F Farwell 20.10.36 1830 Crashed into high ground in fog nr Caledon Ont 24.8.58
CF-AYK Porterfield 35-70 163 CF-AYK C Pocock >London FC >Aviaco >W Ward >M Galbraith >S Steinberg >J Godden 02.10.35 1647 Wfu 2.6.52
CF-AYL Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AYL S Kitchen >A Suddaby >G Kempthorne 07.10.35 1625 Wfu due wartime restrictions 22.10.42
CF-AYM Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel 1 CF-AYM G Millette/Montreal 18.03.36 1662 Dived into ground from 50' after engine cut on takeoff St.Hubert PQ 2.7.36
CF-AYN Edwards Guardian 30A CF-AYN F Edwards/Chilliwack Damaged on test flight 22.9.36 Stored
CF-AYO Noorduyn Norseman I 1 CF-AYO Dominion Skyways >Canadian Pacific AL >Cap AW >Gold Belt AS >Mont-Laurier >A Racicot >Orillia AS 18.01.36 1667 Crashed on landing approach Round Is Lake Ont 28.8.55
CF-AYP Waco YKS-6 4458 CF-AYP Laurentian AS >P Lewin >T Carr 27.06.36 1761 Broke thro ice on landing Burchell Lake Ont 28.4.57
CF-AYQ Waco YKS-6 4451 CF-AYQ Speers AW >M&C Aviation >L Bowes 23.05.36 1721 Wfu 21.11.48
CF-AYR Waco YKS-6 4414 CF-AYR D&L Aerial Transportation >W Drury >R Redmayne >Great North AS 28.04.36 1692 Dbf during repairs Haileybury Ont 27.1.40
CF-AYS Waco YKC-S > ZKS-6 > YKC-S 4267 CF-AYS Arrow AW >Canadian Pacific AL >P Sigurdson >Johannesson FS >J Paul >Aircraft Services (Western) >Central Northern AW >Transair 28.12.35 1644 Wfu 5.12.53
CF-AYT Waco YKS-6 > ZKS-6 4450 CF-AYT A Farrington >Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 22.05.36 1722 Ran out of fuel en route Cold Lake-Cooking Lake Alta 13.7.43 Stored
CF-AYU Fairchild 71 1499 CF-AYU Wings Ltd 16.03.36 1661 Built with parts from CF-ATR Forced landing after prop broke off Lac du Bonnet Man 10.4.36
CF-AYV Porterfield 35-70 185 CF-AYV W Dixon >S McDonald >G Rault 03.05.36 1707 Landed on lighted main street after got lost Vegreville Alta 10.5.46 Dbr
CF-AYW Stinson SR-7B Reliant 9694 CF-AYW NC1383 General Airways Ltd >J Burke 04.05.36 1735 Forced landed on road after engine failure nr Rouyn PQ 9.9.37 sold US
CF-AYX Pietenpol CF-AYX A Reynard >K Loud 18.07.36 1745 Stored Langley Prairie BC 10.41
CF-AYY Taylor J-2 Cub S-558 CF-AYY R Gould >C Taylor >Hamilton AC 22.05.36 1694 Mid air collision with CF-BHR after takeoff Hamilton Ont 1.7.38
CF-AYZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth Hartwick 1 CF-AYZ F Hartwick >CE Keating /Moncton NB >Moncton FC >R McCLure >D McClure >A MacDonald 30.08.37 2063 Built with parts from CF-AAG and CF-ADD Wfu 12.12.48
CF-AZA Noorduyn Norseman II 2 CF-AZA RCAF695 MacKenzie AS >RCAF 30.04.36 1747 Rts 20.7.44
CF-AZB Ford 4-AT-E Trimotor 4-AT-3 NC3041 CF-AZB British Yukon Navigation 21.04.36 1684 Fuselage buckled while tail hit hangar wall during tow Whitehorse YT 8.8.40
CF-AZC Stinson SR-7B Reliant 9697-S CF-AZC Dominion Gas Service >Canadian Western Natural Gas Light Heat & Power Co Ltd >McConachie AT 27.05.36 1725 Wfu 7.12.38
CF-AZD Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel Toronto FC ntu
CF-AZE Noorduyn Norseman II 3 CF-AZE R Cockeram >United AT >British Columbia AT >Ginger Coote AW 28.05.36 1740 Forced landed on water after fire in air nr Nanaimo BC 29.10.40 Dbf
CF-AZF Taylor J-2 Cub S-560 CF-AZF W Beaulac >O Rouette >M Greenberg >W MacRitchie >I Shore 18.05.36 1727 u/c collapsed on landing Glace Bay NS 28.2.39
CF-AZG Taylor J-2 Cub 798 CF-AZG B Powers >D McTavish >Ottawa FC >T Roberts >D Snelgrove >Pettus & Maynes >St Thomas FC >G Maynard 03.09.36 1838 Wfu 20.3.51 Damaged in windstorm
CF-AZH Stinson SR-7B Reliant 9699-S CF-AZH General Airways Ltd >Turnbull Fishing Co 25.06.36 1782 Engine backfired after forced landing 100m from South Reindeer Sask 20.12.38 Dbf
CF-AZI Stinson SR-8EM Reliant 9725 CF-AZI McIntyre-Porcupine Mines >Stinson Canadian Sales >Canadian Car & Foundry >lsd Amos AS >lsd R Norwegian NAF 25.06.36 1781 Broke from moorings and battered against seawall Toronto Harbour Ont 26.11.40
CF-AZJ Fairchild 24C-8ES 2816 NC16355 CF-AZJ J Rogers >lsd Patterson & Hill >Western Aircraft Supply >McKenzie Island Prospectors >Spinwood-Sportland AW 16.06.36 1742 Forced landing after engine cut 95m N Red Lake Ont 27.3.48 salvaged and stored
CF-AZK Taylor J-2 Cub 791 CF-AZK Cub Aircraft Ltd >F Hawthorne >F McTavish >Cub Aircraft >L Force >F Maracle >F Gillies >Chinook FS >R Hess >C Webster >D Murray 25.06.36 1757 Overturned in high wind while staked out Stettler Alta 1.6.49
CF-AZL Taylor J-2 Cub 793 CF-AZL Cub Aircraft Ltd >Aviaco Ltd >DA Dwyer & A Marshall >DW Siple >N Doherty >F Maracle >FF Gillies >HS Simon >Leavens Bros AS >RM Alemeny 09.07.36 1824 Wfu 27.3.48
CF-AZM Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4449 CF-AZM WJ(Jack) Sanderson/Fort Erie Ont >GWG McConachie /Edmonton 07.07.36 1791 Broke thro ice and sank Watson Lake YT 22.11.38
CF-AZN Waco YKS-6 4461 CF-AZN Air Travel & Transport >British Columbia AT >Ginger Coote AW 27.06.36 1760 Reduced to spares for CF-AWL 22.4.41
CF-AZO Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4472 CF-AZO H McLean 29.07.36 1790 Destroyed in hangar fire Toronto Ont 10.4.37 Dbf
CF-AZP Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4481 CF-AZP WJ (Jack) Sanderson /Fort Erie >Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >P Sigurdson >Johannesson >L Roluf >Parks Transportation 22.09.36 1846 Engine failed en route Nestor Falls-Atikawa Lake Ont 6.6.52
CF-AZQ Waco YKS-6 4525 CF-AZQ Dept of Lands & Mines >Dept of Transport >Curtiss-Reid FS >M&C Aviation >Dept of Natural Resources >Sask Govt AW >Aklavik FS 04.10.36 1833 Overturned on landing 45m N Aklavik NWT 9.3.50
CF-AZR Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4489 CF-AZR Wings Ltd 07.11.36 Temp Hit trees on landing after engine cut Berens River Man 10.12.36
CF-AZS Noorduyn Norseman II 4 CF-AZS Starratt AW & Transportation Ltd 02.07.36 1805 Hit trees and flipped on landing Red Lake Bay Ont 16.6.37
CF-AZT Fairchild 24C-8E 2825 NC16805 CF-AZT Canadian Import Co >Dept of Munitions & Supply >W Harris >J Murray >S Reynolds >J Rennie >Central Aviation >R Skocdopole >P Swainson 06.08.36 1789 U/c collapsed on landing after hitting badger hole Portreene Sask 2.9.57
CF-AZU Pietenpol Air Camper CF-AZU H Johnson >A Ewer 26.06.36 1724 Overturned in high wind Innisfail Alta 23.10.39
CF-AZV Stinson SR-8CM Reliant 9733 CF-AZV Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >W Plummer >Eco Exploration >G Ingebrigtson >Arctic Wings >Western Aero Sprays >C Robinson >Superior AW 23.07.36 1784 Wfu 26.6.65
CF-AZW GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/81 CF-AZW Maritime AL 18.06.36 1734 Wfu 15.12.39
CF-AZX Stinson SR-8CM Reliant 9749 CF-AZX TF-AZX Canadian AW Ltd >A Eliasson 31.07.36 1788 Sold to Iceland 23.10.43
CF-AZY Lockheed 10A Electra 1063 CF-AZY RCAF1529 Canadian AW Ltd >Trans-Canada AL 29.09.36 1814 To RCAF 23.10.39 Stored 2.5.46
CF-AZZ Stinson SR-8DM Reliant 9750 CF-AZZ General Airways Ltd 03.08.36 1792 Engine backfired on shutdown at dock after landing Rouyn PQ 5.6.38 Dbf
CF-BAA Pietenpol Sky Scout CF-BAA R Wong >R Gillis 07.07.36 1746 Stored 31.7.44
CF-BAB Junkers F13 de 732 D-345 P-PALR SP-AAU CF-BAB Bishop G Breynat >A Schneider >BJ Yasinski /Roberval PQ 17.07.36 2093 Wfu 14.7.40
CF-BAC Junkers F13 de 731 D-344 P-PALO SP-AAW CF-BAC Father Schulte >A Schneider >JH St Martin /St Felicien Quebec >A Fecteau 07.01.38 2180 Stored 6.1.39
CF-BAD DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1772 RCAF8970 CF-BAD T Senior >F Ashton >W Connop >V Francisco 19.06.45 3194 Spun in during aerobatics Brantford Ont 14.12.47
CF-BAE Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7107 NC22527 CF-BSN RCAF3476 CF-CIS CF-BAE Ontario Country FC Dbf in hangar fire Barker field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BAF Lockheed 10A Electra 1064 CF-BAF RCAF1528 N16222 Canadian AW Ltd >Trans Canada AL >RCAF 29.08.36 1821 Sold to USA
CF-BAG Stinson SR-8DM Reliant 9762 CF-BAG General Airways Ltd >B Yasinski >O Weiben >Superior AW >S Richards 15.08.36 1801 Caught fire during repairs Kopka Lake Ont 2.43 Sold South America
CF-BAH GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/89 CF-BAH G-AGDN Eastern Canada AL 31.10.36 1837 Sold to UK 2.12.38
CF-BAI GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/90 CF-BAI Eastern Canada AL 14.11.36 1841 Returned to UK 2.12.38
CF-BAJ GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/91 CF-BAJ Eastern Canada AL 24.10.36 1842 Nosed up after landing in snow on wheels Moncton NB 2.2.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAK GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/92 CF-BAK Eastern Canada AL 24.10.36 1843 U/c wiped off on landing Parrsboro NS 4.3.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAL Fairchild 71C 14 (CF-ATF) CF-OAL CF-BAL VO-AFG H Pasmore >Ont Provincial AS >Great Lakes AW >Fairchild Aircraft >UK Sec of State for Air 19.12.34 1496 Exported to Newfoundland 5.36
CF-BAM Noorduyn Norseman III 5 CF-BAM RCAF694 CF-BZM Noorduyn Aircraft Ltd >MacKenzie AS >RCAF >Johannesson FS 05.09.36 1793
CF-BAN Noorduyn Norseman IV 8 CF-BAN RCAF697 CF-CRU General Airways Ltd >MacKenzie AS >RCAF >Canadian Pacific AL 26.01.37 1900 Stored 8.5.46
CF-BAO GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/86 CF-BAO Eastern Canada AL 05.11.36 1844 Dbr in forced landing en route Halifax-St.John NB 4.3.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAP Taylor J-2 Cub 797 CF-BAP CF-RCJ P Jackson >Leavens Bros AS >D Fewster >E Smith >E Brooks >M Winans >L Smale >P Scheid >W Johnston >D Knight >D McAlpine >S Misener >A Wikston >D Wilton 28.09.36 1834
CF-BAQ Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9800 CF-BAQ NR18562 JE Arrowsmith (Maritime AL) /St John >Blocktube Controls of Canada 25.09.36 1847 Sold to USA
CF-BAR Percival P.10 Vega Gull K.35 CF-BAR Toronto FC 12.01.37 1892 Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff Toronto Ont 24.9.39 Dbr
CF-BAS Stinson SR-8E Reliant 9808 CF-BAS A Purvis >Stinson Canadian Sales Co 19.10.36 1826 Engine backfired while taxying on water Toronto Air Harbour 2.8.38 Dbf
CF-BAT Aeronca LC 2046 NC16548 CF-BAT Murray Aero Corp >F Gilbert >Gilberts FS >Brisbane Avn >C Wheadon >R Martyn >E Fleming >V Deeks >Port Alberni AW >A Burnett 06.02.37 1934 Ran into rear of Fleet 80 Canuck CF-EBO during takeoff Vancouver BC 1.8.52 Gift to Oakalla Prison Farm
CF-BAU Noorduyn Norseman IV 6 CF-BAU Noorduyn Aircraft >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW >Arctic Wings 13.11.36 1887 Right ski outrigger failed on landing York Factory Man 20.4.51 Scrapped
CF-BAV Noorduyn Norseman IV 7 CF-BAV RCAF2494 CF-DER Wings Ltd >RCAF >Imperial Oil 12.12.36 1886
CF-BAW Noorduyn Norseman IV 9 CF-BAW E&M Air Transport >Arrow AW >Canadian Pacific AL 19.03.37 1918 Caught fire in nose hangar Tellowknife NWT 3.1.44
CF-BAX Taylor J-2 Cub C-838 CF-BAX G Munro 20.10.36 1851 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BAY Taylor J-2 Cub 1100 CF-BAY J Innes 30.10.36 1891 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BAZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-906 CF-BAZ C LaMothe 08.02.37 1894 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BBA Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7097 NC22570 CF-BSE RCAF3484 (CF-BBA) CF-BHF S Bernardo 22.06.45 ntu
CF-BBB Beech C17R 113 CF-BBB MacKenzie AS >Aircraft Repair >Northwest Industries >Severn Enterprises >Millard Auto-Air-Marine >P Hoeberg >East Coast AW >LaTuque AS 23.12.36 1913 Stalled on takeoff due incorrect loading Windigo PQ 21.10.55
CF-BBC DH.89A Rapide 6307 CF-BBC Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 02.11.36 1840 Forced landing on ice nr Mont Joli 18.12.46
CF-BBD DH.90 Dragonfly 7522 CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXU RCMP >RCAF >Johannesson FS 24.10.36 1836 Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-BBE DH.87B Hornet Moth 8052 CF-BBE Consolidated Mining & Smelting >R Laidman >L&M Air Service >T Clark >M Mooney >A Allen >J Love 24.03.37 1911 Wfu 14.3.58
CF-BBF British Aircraft Eagle II 139 CF-BBF A Graydon 15.05.37 1975 Hit wires at edge of field on takeoff Windsor Ont 5.6.37
CF-BBG DH.89A Rapide 6354 CF-BBG The Globe & Mail 10.06.37 1985 Caught fire while refuelling Toronto Air Harbour 21.8.37
CF-BBH DH.89A Rapide 6370 CF-BBH Consolidated Mining & Smelting >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 26.08.37 2067 Stalled on takeoff Pentecost 19.3.47
CF-BBI Stinson SR-8C Reliant 9810 CF-BBI Canadian Colonial AW 04.11.36 1855 Sold to USA
CF-BBJ Bellanca P-200A Airbus 702 NC785W CF-BBJ Hennessey AL >British North American AW >Wings Ltd 08.01.37 1964 Lost control due fin mounting bolt failure nr Long Lake Man 23.3.38 (Juptner has BBJ as Bellanca 66-75 c/n 722: see BKV)
CF-BBK Nault Monoplane CF-BBK M Nault Dbf after engine backfired on test flight Cartierville PQ 4.1.38
CF-BBL Pietenpol Air Camper 1 CF-BBL M Galbraith 17.12.36 1869 Nft 8.38
CF-BBM Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BBM R Smith 24.11.37 2156 Stalled after takeoff in downdraft Hamilton Ont 23.1.38
CF-BBN Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4470 CF-BBN Wings Ltd 03.12.36 1896 Wfu 7.5.42 Stored
CF-BBO Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4497 CF-BBO Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >BC AL 12.12.36 1928 Stalled in steep turn after takeoff in harbour Esquimalt BC 20.9.46
CF-BBP Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4499 CF-BBP United Air Transport 01.03.37 1924 Written off landing after ski damaged on takeoff Preston Lake Sask 28.1.41
CF-BBQ Waco ZKS-6 4524 CF-BBQ N330TC Fleet Aircraft Ltd >M&C Aviation >Waite Fisheries Ltd 20.03.37 1908 Wfu 31.8.61
CF-BBR Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4541 CF-BBR Dominion Skyways >Canadian Pacific AL 13.02.37 1927 Stalled due engine failure after takeoff 40m S Denneterre PQ 18.3.44
CF-BBS allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BBT allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BBU Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9793 CF-BBU K Johannesson >R Spooner >K Johannesson >Canadian AW Ltd 28.11.36 1898 Crashed after wings iced up en route Moncton NB-Halifax NS 15.2.40
CF-BBV Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9811 (CF-BBV) CF-BGW Canadian Colonial AW ntu - to CF-BGW
CF-BBW McWilliams Longster W Whitney ntu
CF-BBX Taylor J-2 Cub C-909 CF-BBX T Spence >D Perigoe 07.01.37 1890 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club Ont 10.4.37
CF-BBY Taylor J-2 Cub C-1091 CF-BBY J Bowman >G Culver >F Gillies >Weston Aircraft >W Warren >D Hill >F Kirkpatrick >D Newhouse 09.02.37 1889 Dbf in hangar fire St.Catherines Ont 9.3.47
CF-BBZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1083 CF-BBZ H Milligan >R Grant >H Milligan >Cub Aircraft >M Harris >M Forfar >R Henderson >W LeSauvage >J Pringle >E Thomas >Muskoka Air Trails >H MacFarlane >Leavens Bros AS >R Hollister 17.02.37 1899 Wfu 11.8.53
CF-BCH allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCI allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCJ allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCK allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCL allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCM allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCN allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCO allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCP allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCQ allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCR allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCS allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCT allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCU allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCV allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCW allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCX allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCY allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCZ allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BDA Taylor J-2 Cub C-1089 CF-BDA Ottawa FC >G Bradley >J Viau >H Finestone >J Beaubien >H Winter >K MacGregor >H Dyck 26.02.37 1902 Stalled in turn while hunting fox nr Morden Man 19.1.55 Dbr
CF-BDB Taylor J-2 Cub C-1092 CF-BDB O Rouette >Cub Aircraft >J Hiltz >F Gillies >Pulsifer Bros >A Farrell >L Graham >J Cunningham >J MacKay >D Ryan >T Smith >E Poirier 02.04.37 1936 Exported
CF-BDC Noorduyn Norseman IV 10 CF-BDC Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW 03.05.37 1958 Wrecked in windstorm Hudson Ont 5.8.47
CF-BDD Noorduyn Norseman IV 11 CF-BDD Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 22.04.37 1978 Floats torn off and overturned landing on glassy water Tofino BC 29.12.45
CF-BDE Noorduyn Norseman IV 12 CF-BDE RCAF2493 Starratt AW Ltd 06.07.37 2025 To RCAF 23.7.40 Rts 18.3.41
CF-BDF Noorduyn Norseman IV 13 CF-BDF NH Bell >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >J Gauthier >A Racicot >Gagnon AS >Dolbeau AS 20.07.37 2042
CF-BDG Noorduyn Norseman IV 14 CF-BDG Noorduyn AIrcraft Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 13.09.37 2088 Landed on lake after fire in air Dumas Lake NWT 22.2.42
CF-BDH Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BDH H Stokke Nft .37
CF-BDI Cessna C-34 Airmaster 320 NC15852 CF-BDI W Braid >Prairie AW >Midland AW >R Karels >Superior AW >Nickel Belt AW >Pineland Timber Co >Nickel belt AW >E Cinq-Mars >G Green 12.06.37 2026 Forced landing on McInnie Lake nr Sioux Lookout Ont 13.4.52
CF-BDJ Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4543 CF-BDJ Bishop G Breynat >Peace River AW >McInnes Products >Prairie AW >P Sigurdson >Elk Fish Ltd >M Holden 08.03.37 1926 Dbr in windstorm Lac du Bonnet Man 6.54
CF-BDK Waco ZKS-6 4269 CF-BDK Fleet Aircraft >lsd Skylines Express >Speers AW >Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >C Van 12.03.37 1915 converted to snowmobile 7.5.42 (also listed by Juptner as YKS-6 c/n 4537)
CF-BDL Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4593 CF-BDL Skylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >Canadian Pacific AL >W Brett >Port Alberni >Associated Air Taxi 14.04.37 2031 Forced landing in trees due engine failure nr Garibaldi Stn BC 13.4.53
CF-BDM Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4594 CF-BDM Skylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >lsd Yukon Southern AT >M&C Aviation >Sask Govt AW >D Lamb >R Gray >Western Airmotive >G Dalziel 14.04.37 2032 Wfu 25.1.54
CF-BDN Waco VKS-7 4672 CF-BDN Austin AW Ltd 06.08.37 2208 Dbr due engine failure 8.1.42
CF-BDO Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4592 CF-BDO N1130 Laurentian AS Ltd >E McEachern 27.04.37 2013 Exported to USA
CF-BDP Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4597 CF-BDP N Irwin >Central Aircraft >Sanderson Aircraft >Associated Air Taxi 04.06.37 1995 Wfu 10.8.52
CF-BDQ Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4595 CF-BDQ Fleet Aircraft >Northland AW >Ont Provincial AS >Doherty AS of Muskoka >Aero Tool Works >Lome AW 22.05.37 1984 Caught fire while heating engine Babine Lake BC 12.2.49
CF-BDR Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4596 CF-BDR United Air Transport 19.05.37 1993 Overturned on landing due gust Wolverine Lake BC 16.6.37
CF-BDS Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4598 CF-BDS Fleet Aircraft >Skylines Express Ltd >Fleet Aircraft >C Wragge >Superior AW 20.05.37 1999 Damaged due engine failure 20m W Fort William Ont 6.1.51 Rts
CF-BDT Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4599 CF-BDT Pacific Airways 03.05.37 1994 Dbr due severe turbulence on landing 7m NW St.James BC 23.5.38
CF-BDU Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4640 CF-BDU Hollinger-Consolidated Gold Mines >H Stirk >Towagmac Exploration >L Bowes >Central Northern AW 15.06.37 2117 Crashed on takeoff due turbulence Sachigo Lake Man 6.7.58
CF-BDV Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4641 CF-BDV A Wicks >Nickel Belt AW 28.07.37 2070 Dbf 13.8.42
CF-BDW Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4643 CF-BDW G Ross >Fleet Aircraft >T Fawcett >Northland Avn >J Tait 26.02.38 2190 Wfu 9.7.62
CF-BDX Fleet 50J Freighter 200 CF-BDX Wings Ltd >Fleet Aircraft -lsd United AT 14.04.38 Temp Stalled after takeoff from Laird River Lower Post BC 14.8.38
CF-BDY Waco YKS-7 4621 CF-BDY F Wheeler >H Smith 28.05.37 2001 Wfu 21.4.51 Stored till .64
CF-BDZ Waco ZQC-6 Custom 5000 CF-BDZ Northern AW 11.01.38 2167 Dbf after engine fire Carcross YT 7.10.49
CF-BEA Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5221-S CF-BEA Territories Exploration 13.03.37 1961 Sparks from bush fire ignited fabric 45m S Gordon Lake NWT 24.6.37
CF-BEB Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5222-S CF-BEB Territories Exploration >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 24.03.37 1962 Nosed over after excessive braking y trainee pilot Edmonton Alta 19.8.43
CF-BEC Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5223-S CF-BEB Territories Exploration >Canadian AW Ltd 24.03.37 1963 Forced landing in back lane after takeoff Prince Albert Sask 9.2.40
CF-BED Taylor J-2 Cub C-1080 CF-BED F Armitage >Cub Aircraft >G Dunbar >P Grant >D Siple >Cub Aircraft >D Merritt >R Street >W Warren >D Hill 02.04.37 1925 Wfu 10.6.47
CF-BEE Taylor J-2 Cub C-1082 CF-BEE Leavens Bros AS >M Spearing >Leavens Bros AS >F Weeks /Waterdown Ont >Kitchener-Waterloo AC >L Kempel >W Siple 03.04.37 1922 Damaged in windstorm at Cartierville PQ 24.9.42
CF-BEF Taylor J-2 Cub C-1103 CF-BEF R Hay >Cub Aircraft >D Gordon >F Cornell >D Gordon >T Gustafson >Western Aircraft >L MacKenzie 10.04.37 1933 Overturned after float dug into rough water S end Minnitaki Lake Ont 24.7.46
CF-BEG Taylor J-2 Cub C-1104 CF-BEG Flying Associates Ltd 21.04.37 1938 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Flying Club 21.3.38
CF-BEH Lockheed 10B Electra 1066 NC16054 CF-BRS RCAF7648 CF-BEH NC16054 N16054 Maritime Central AW 15.05.45 Sold to USA
CF-BEI Stinson SR-9EM Reliant 5212-S CF-BEI General Airways Ltd 28.06.37 2090 Wing separated in flight nr Hudson Ont 12.1.38
CF-BEK DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1498 USAAF 42-1159 RAF FH646 RCAF1295 CF-BEK N882EK E Hill >J Stanbra >J Grant >B Polack >L Bertrand >A Gaegebeur 25.06.45 3164 Stored 11.64
CF-BEL Burnelli Loadmaster CF-BEL
CF-BEM Noorduyn Norseman V N29-5 CF-BEM D Cameron Exploration >Artic Wings >Sask Govt AW >La Ronge AS 11.07.45 3224
CF-BEN DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC480 RCAF4150 CF-BEN C-GWKM T Fox >Associated AW >F Tomkow >D Harrington >B Moore >C Mangus 19.06.45 3169 Dbr in gale New Liskeard Ont 13.1.55 restored
CF-BEO Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BEO J McKay Not passed as airworthy 3.37
CF-BEP Ford 6-ATS-Special Trimotor 6-ATS-1 G-CYWZ CF-BEP G McConachie >Yukon Southern AT >British Yukon Navigation 24.03.37 1947 Scrapped .41
CF-BEQ Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5217-S CF-BEQ Imperial Oil >B Paget >lsd R Norwegian NAF >Nickel Belt AW >R Boileau 15.04.37 1952 Groundlooped after ski broke off on landing Sandgirt Lake Labrador 2.2.46
CF-BER Hottie Biplane 2 CF-BER L Hottie >A Sunday 05.04.37 1920 Fire extinguisher fouled ailerons on landing Sudbury Ont Pts used to build CF-BKR
CF-BES Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BES R Francis >A Ewer >W Purdy 19.04.37 1932 Stalled in turn Innisfail Alta 1.7.40
CF-BET Howard DGA-8 78 NC14875 CF-BET Mercury AS >A Mann 28.05.37 2015 Wfu 5.9.53
CF-BEU Taylor J-2 Cub C-1005 CF-BEU Leavens Bros AS >H Thompson 21.05.37 1969 Hit tree whilst low flying down street St.Petersburg Fla 21.3.38
CF-BEV Taylor J-2 Cub C-1006 CF-BEV Cub Aircraft >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Cub Aircraft >C Houser >Cub Aircraft >F Gillies 28.05.37 1972 Hit boundary wires on approach Barker Field Ont 29.5.41
CF-BEW Taylor J-2 Cub C-1111 CF-BEW W Avison >Cub Aircraft >B Bowden >G Taylor >L Force >Brant-Norfolk AC 25.08.37 2062 Wing broke off after exceeding design limits during loop Brandford Ont 13.10.40
CF-BEX Rearwin 9000L Deluxe 565D CF-BEX L Crawford-Brown >E Hope >St Maurice AW >P Jackson >E McEachern >F Fowler >R Wilson >G Hulland 01.05.37 1977
CF-BEY Rearwin 9000L Deluxe 570D CF-BEY St Catherines FC 11.05.37 2002 Wfu 31.3.42
CF-BEZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1105 CF-BEZ Brandon FC >C Leech >J Jeannotte >C Clark >Winnipeg FC >C Clark >J Wood 27.07.37 2044 Wfu 9.11.45
CF-BFA Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.189 G-CYVG RCAF608 CF-BFA Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 28.05.37 1982 Drifted into bush on takeoff in crosswind Baie Comeau PQ 23.12.42
CF-BFB Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.188 G-CYVF RCAF607 CF-BFB Canadian AW Ltd 22.05.37 1981 Hit ditch during landing in field after engine failed Prince Albert Sask 29.11.40
CF-BFC Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.174 G-CYVA RCAF604 CF-BFC Canadian AW Ltd 05.07.37 2064 Hit snowdrift after heavy landing on glare ice Cumberland Hse Sask 11.12.41
CF-BFD Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.175 G-CYVB RCAF605 CF-BFD Canadian AW Ltd 08.06.37 2003 Forced landing due engine failure Sophie Lake Sask 4.1.38
CF-BFE Cessna C-37 Airmaster 354 CF-BFE Aircraft Co of Canada >Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 08.05.37 1976 Forced landing after prop broke off nr Stalwart Sask 17.3.43
CF-BFF DH.90 Dragonfly 7543 CF-BFF RCAF7623 CF-BFF Consolidated Mining & Smelting >DHC >lsd Canadian AW Ltd >RCAF >Quebec AW Ltd >DHC >L Sequin >Gold Belt AS 20.07.37 2040 Sank on ice Ottawa River 20.12.49
CF-BFG DH.87B Hornet Moth 8053 CF-BFG Consolidated Mining & Smelting 10.06.37 2011 Dbf after engine backfired on startup Thutade Lake BC 11.10.46
CF-BFH DH.87A Hornet Moth 8030 CF-BFH DHC >Consolidated Mining & Smelting >Trail FC 18.06.37 2010 Stalled in turn after takeoff from Arrow Lake 1.5m N Nakuap BC 12.7.53
CF-BFI DH.87B Hornet Moth 8134 CF-BFI P6787 DHC Sold RAF 7.39
CF-BFJ DH.87B Hornet Moth 8126 CF-BFJ P6785 G-AHBM DHC 18.08.37 2066 P.A. & E.P.Glidden
CF-BFK DH.87B Hornet Moth 8127 CF-BFK RAF CF-DIP LP Goyette /Montreal >E Bronlund 03.04.38 2207
CF-BFL DH.89A Rapide 6373 CF-BFL Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 22.10.37 2110 Stalled after takeoff Matane 23.2.38
CF-BFM DH.89A Rapide 6371 CF-BFM CX-ABI DHC 26.11.37 2130
CF-BFN DH.87B Hornet Moth 8135 CF-BFN P6786 G-AHBL DHC 17.06.38 2257 H.D.Labouchere
CF-BFO allotted in error
CF-BFP DH.89A Rapide 6374 CF-BFP Quebec AW Ltd 23.08.38 2297 Caught fire while starting Walker Lake 5.7.45
CF-BFQ DH.94 Moth Minor 94003 CF-BFQ DHC 15.08.39 2543 Central Tech School Toronto 29.4.43
CF-BFR Noorduyn Norseman IV 15 CF-BFR RCAF696 CF-CRT United Air Transport >MacKenzie AS 14.08.37 2065 To RCAF 24.2.40
CF-BFS Noorduyn Norseman IV 16 (CF-BFS) CF-MPE CF-MPF 00.00.38 ntu - to CF-MPE
CF-BFT Noorduyn Norseman IV 17 CF-BFT Hudson Bay AT >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW 15.01.38 2164 Wfu 5.6.61
CF-BFU Noorduyn Norseman IV 18 CF-BFU Metshico >Hudson Bay AT >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW 22.05.39 2463
CF-BFV DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1432 USAAF 42-1093 RAF FE229 RCAF1229 CF-BFV Waite Fisheries >Northern AL 06.06.45 3186 Reduced to spares Big River Sask 13.5.50
CF-BFW Taylor J-2 Cub C-1107 CF-BFW R Languerand >G Schwab >G Rice >S Hart >R Hollister >J Low >M Beaudoin 21.06.37 2083 Lost control while taxying on water Riviere des Prairies PQ 11.6.54
CF-BFX Taylor J-2 Cub C-1108 CF-BFX A Merkley >J Delaney >R Redmayne >S Boothby >G Charity >D Walker >Collins Bros 09.06.37 2000 Damaged by vandals in storage Sault Ste.Marie Ont 21.2.48
CF-BFY Taylor J-2 Cub C-1106 CF-BFY Toronto FC >Peterborough AS Ltd /Bridgenorth Ont >Cub Aircraft >H Thomas >P Bernier >B Vanier 25.06.37 2012 Wfu 10.12.47
CF-BFZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1109 CF-BFZ D Revie >JA Connell >WD Trimble >DR Gill & W Lee >EJ Sanderson /Cranbrook BC 17.07.37 2028 Wfu 7.12.42
CF-BGA Taylor J-2 Cub C-1110 CF-BGA Leavens Bros AS >G Sheridan >D Pontbriand 02.07.37 2045 Stored .50
CF-BGB Taylor J-2 Cub C-1112 CF-BGB E MacDonald >R Dickie 12.10.37 2096 Wfu 13.2.47
CF-BGC Taylor J-2 Cub C-1114 CF-BGC D Cushing >O Rouette 31.07.37 2050 Wfu 16.5.41
CF-BGD Taylor J-2 Cub C-1113 CF-BGD Brant-Norfolk AC >C McIntosh 18.08.37 2052 CoA not issued .44
CF-BGE Taylor J-2 Cub C-1118 CF-BGE FF Gillies >Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >A Watts >Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >C Griffin >WC Siple /Montreal 23.10.37 2108 Dbr during windstorm Cartierville PQ 24.9.42
CF-BGF Thompson Bros Hot Air Balloon 136 14828 CF-BGF N Szun jr 08.05.37 1948 Bag caught fire Steinbach Man 1.7.37
CF-BGG Monocoupe 90A A-757 CF-BGG Aviation Service Corp 03.09.37 2071 Dbf in hangar fire while being reconditioned Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BGH Rearwin 9000L Deluxe 578D F Finnie ntu
CF-BGI American Eagle A-129 726 CF-AAZ CF-BGI J Warren >D Rehm 08.06.37 2038 Dismantled 28.7.44
CF-BGJ Stinson SR-9F Reliant 5705 CF-BGJ H McLean >Irving Oil Co >Ont Provincial AS >W Starratt >Ball Lake Transportation >Ontario Central AL >Northland Fish Ltd >Lau-Goma AW >Orleans AS >J Parnham 26.06.37 2098 Fire in engine compartment after landing on lake Orillia Ont 19.6.64 Dbf
CF-BGK Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BGK JS Thornton /Toronto 26.08.39 2522 Wfu 7.42
CF-BGL Heath Parasol CF-BGL EH Thomas /Drummondville PQ Dbr before licenced Drummondville PQ 6.39
CF-BGM Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5701 CF-BGM British North America AW >Ont Provincial AS >Dept of Transport >Ball Lake Transportation >Ontario Central AW >Lakeland AW 21.06.37 2140
CF-BGN Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5702 CF-BGN British North America AW >Ont Provincial AS >Dept of Transport >G Green >Green AW 25.06.37 2115
CF-BGO Stinson SR-9CM Reliant 5152-S CF-BGO Canadian Car & Foundry >Canadian AW Ltd 01.06.37 2008 Stored Royal Norwegian AF Toronto 27.3.41
CF-BGP Stinson SR-9EM Reliant 5261-S CF-BGP Canadian Car & Foundry >Canadian AW Ltd 04.08.37 2091 Stored Royal Norwegian AF Toronto 18.7.41
CF-BGQ Arrow Sport F 40 NC18097 CF-BGQ F Baillie Returned to USA 10.37
CF-BGR Taylor-Young A 192 CF-BGR K Johannesson FS >S Addeman >L Cyr 12.08.37 2143 Wfu 31.10.41
CF-BGS Stinson SR-9F Reliant 5713 CF-BGS AB Purvis >Dept of Transport >Chukuni AW >Ontario Central AL >Sioux AW >H Parsons >J Theriault 21.07.37 2122 Forced landed due fuel starvation 8m E Chapleau Ont 29.6.61 Dbr
CF-BGT Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel CF-BGT R & R & R Thatcher /Timmins Ont 28.08.37 Damaged on test flight Timmins Ont 18.10.38 repaired but not flown
CF-BGU Taylorcraft J Innes ntu
CF-BGV Porterfield CP-40 Zephyr 510 CF-BGV J Dunkelman >P Anten >Ukranian Central FS >W Zaleschook >W Hultay >F Gillies >D Quinn >J White 10.07.37 2024 Wfu 30.8.42
CF-BGW Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9811 (CF-BBV) CF-BGW Lamb AW >M&C Aviation 06.01.38 2138 Dbf Emma Lake Sask 28.6.44
CF-BGX Beech 18A 169 Starratt AW Dbr before delivery 17.9.37
CF-BGY Beech 18A 172 CF-BGY Starratt AW 30.12.37 2223 Pilot lost control due suspected CO poisoning Bruce Lake Ont 7.1.41
CF-BGZ Fleetwings F-401 Sea Bird F-401 NC16793 CF-BGZ Northern Ventures >lsd E Hale 14.09.37 2118 Sold in USA
CF-BHA Beech E17B 160 CF-BHA Noorduyn Aircraft >Merkley AS >Noorduyn Aviation >Hudsons Bay Co >Noorduyn Aviation 28.08.37 2119 Sold in USA
CF-BHB Cessna C-37 Airmaster 374 CF-BHB Mid-Canadian Aircraft >O Wieben >Superior AW >M Smerchanski 27.08.37 2109 Dbf due air lock in fuel supply 10m E Lac du Bonnet Man 31.10.45
CF-BHC Pietenpol Sky Scout CF-BHC G Frost >G Breckenridge 19.08.37 2053 Dismantled due wartime restrictions 22.9.43
CF-BHD Fairchild 45-80 Sekani 101 CF-BHD Fairchild Aircraft Wfu .38 Dismantled
CF-BHE Fairchild 45-80 Sekani 102 CF-BHE Fairchild Aircraft >MacKenzie AS 00.01.38 Temp Wfu 23.4.38
CF-BHF allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHG allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHH allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHI allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHJ allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHK allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHL allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHM allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHN Taylor J-2 Cub C-1115 CF-BHN A Denis >K Hopkinson >C Marshall >K Spratley >J Broadfoot >R Scotten >J Reid 06.01.38 2158 Wfu 22.10.56
CF-BHO Taylor J-2 Cub C-1116 CF-BHO St Catherines FC 05.11.37 2120 Fabric torn from wing after flew into line squall St.Catherines Ont 19.5.40
CF-BHP Taylor J-2 Cub C-1117 CF-BHP Yorkton AW Structural failure in air Yorkton Sask 29.5.38
CF-BHQ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1120 CF-BHQ St Maurice AW >A Smith 20.01.38 2168 Stalled in turn at low altitude Champlain PQ 11.8.40
CF-BHR Taylor J-2 Cub C-1119 CF-BHR Hamilton AC >Cub Aircraft >G Wilson >D Hossack >O Sitter >M Bolt >H Buchner >LeR Sitzen >J McDonald >J Jackson >R Scotten 14.01.38 2161 Damaged in severe windstorm Toronto Ont 1.52
CF-BHS allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHT allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHU allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHV allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHW allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHX allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHY allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHZ allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BIA Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BIA J Jacobson 08.09.37 2081 Aileron cable broke in flight Vancouver BC 10.3.40
CF-BIB Curtiss-Reid Rambler III 1036 CF-ABR CF-BIB Curtiss-Reid FS >J Smith 20.05.38 2239 Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff St.Johns PQ 26.9.46
CF-BIC Taylor-Young A 297 CF-BIC A Finlayson >L Summerhayes 07.10.37 2142 Overshot field during landing St.Marys Ont 13.7.41 Rts
CF-BID Fokker Universal McC-1 CF-BID O Brieve 23.09.37 2114 Build using airframe from c/n 441 Wfu 12.1.40
CF-BIE Taylor-Young A 307 CF-BIE W Nixon >U Powers >London FC >Leavens Bros AS >L Roluf >K Bowes >C Graffo >A Bartlett 06.10.37 2145 Damaged during forced landing and Wfu 5.2.49
CF-BIF Beech C17R 120 CF-BIF NC38937 CF-GKW Aircraft Industries of Canada >Starratt AW >Canadian Pacific AL 13.10.37 2124 Sold USA and stored Alaska 5.44 Under restoration Canada
CF-BIG Aeronca C-2 Collegian CF-BIG I Nelson >E Skippen >W Siple >C Millard 19.05.38 2236 Stored 10.38
CF-BIH Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel CF-BIH O Demine 19.10.37 2103 Wfu .37
CF-BII Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel 1 CF-BII R Bowen Nft
CF-BIJ Aeronca KC KC-22 CF-BIJ F Gilbert >L Michaud >Fraser FC >L Sherman 18.11.37 2132 Dbr after hit by gust on takeoff Chilliwack BC 7.10.46
CF-BIK Aeronca C-3 Master C Birchard Was to be built from imported components - ntu
CF-BIL Aeronca KC KC-15 CF-BIL J Dunkelman >F Fowler 13.11.37 2131 Wfu and converted to snowmobile 15.2.43
CF-BIM Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5729 CF-BIM McIntyre-Porcupine Mines >Ont Provincial AS >M Shepherd >G Fairley >Northland Avn >J Parnham >Wheeler AL >Wheeler-Northland AW 29.12.37 2226
CF-BIN Aeronca K K-280 CF-BIN Saskatoon FC >W Hall >T Robinson >L McKenna >R Gatward >R Karels >R Knighton 23.12.37 2193 Wfu 7.7.48
CF-BIO Aeronca KC KC-24 CF-BIO J Scott >Ottawa FC >D Theroux >C Forbell >Halls AS >P Gouroff 23.12.37 2176 Wfu 29.9.52
CF-BIP Taylor J-3 Cub C-1126 CF-BIP CF-RIP Aero Club of BC >Royal City Flyers >L Beale >J Dunbar >H Drummond >G Dahlgren 18.03.38 2194 Wfu 11.8.61 and re-reg on rebuild
CF-BIQ Taylor J-3 Cub C-1130 CF-BIQ Brant-Norfolk AC >Leavens Bros AS >M Louch >Aviaco 11.07.38 2272 Hit tree during emergency landing approach Fenwick Ont 3.11.46
CF-BIR Taylor J-2 Cub C-1123 CF-BIR O Rouette 15.06.38 2252 Hit telephone wires during approach Shawnigan Falls PQ 7.6.39
CF-BIS Taylor J-3 Cub C-1128 CF-BIS Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >H Gates /Halifax NS 16.04.38 2213 Forced landing due engine failure Halifax NS 26.6.39
CF-BIT Taylor J-3 Cub C-1125 CF-BIT C Patterson >Fliers Ltd >Patterson & Hill Aircraft >S Boothby 02.03.38 2186 Crashed after tookoff without pilot during attempted theft Barker Field Ont 6.5.42
CF-BIU Taylor J-3 Cub C-1129 CF-BIU O Morris 25.05.38 2241 Stalled and crashed Port Carling Ont 26.8.39
CF-BIV Taylor J-3 Cub C-1127 CF-BIV W Avison >Patterson & Hill Aircraft >L Taschereau >R Ogilvie >G Doutre >H Millette >P Lafreniere 30.06.38 2283
CF-BIW Taylor J-2 Cub C-1124 CF-BIW CF-RAS Aviaco >AD Haylett/London Ont >Ottawa FC >G Bradley >R Hollister 11.10.38 2336 Wfu 17.9.46
CF-BIX Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2370 CF-BIX Cub Aircraft Corp >J Nesbitt >F Cornell >G Beaushene >B Williams >J Jeannotte >N Scutt >G Laurell >N >Scutt >R Dunbar >H Brohm >W Boudah 14.11.38 2390
CF-BIY Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2416 CF-BIY F Hartwick >J Sturgeon >H Waye 26.09.38 2368 Stalled during landing Trout Brook NB 17.10.46
CF-BIZ Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2422 CF-BIZ Kitchener-Waterloo FC >L Niles >T Senior >G Bradley >J Balzer >H Marquett >M Winanas >Pettus & Maynes >D Firby >R Pettus >J Williams >J Madigan >E Dewhurst >Markham-Toronto Apt >J Rutheford 03.09.38 2367 Wfu 3.8.63
CF-BJA Pietenpol Air Scout CF-BJA F Pledge 25.02.38 2178 Wfu .39
CF-BJB Heath Parasol F Fowler ntu
CF-BJC Taylorcraft BC 1030 CF-BJC C Skinner >W Cormack >C Cummings >H Koenen >Z Palmer 06.10.38 2364 Wfu 22.2.48
CF-BJD Beech D17S 201 CF-BJD E Champagne >H McLean >Imperial Oil >Northern Wings 16.03.38 2220 Wfu 14.5.56 Under restoration
CF-BJE Fairchild 71C 1203 CF-BJE Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 29.01.38 2173 Rebuilt using parts from G-CAVV and CF-ACO Forced landing in trees due dry tank nr Franquelin PQ 4.1.43
CF-BJF Taylorcraft A 421 CF-BJF K Johannesson FS >Winnipeg FC >R Belcher >J Jeannotte >H Pankratz >E Thomas 18.02.38 2191 Overturned on takeoff after hitting rock Sylvania Sask 23.8.47
CF-BJG Aeronca K K-302 CF-BJG J Richardson >R Redmayne >F Newman >C Gordon >J Fitzpatrick 08.02.38 2197 Overturned by wind while taxying Three Rivers PQ 13.10.41
CF-BJH Aeronca K K-308 CF-BJH Toronto FC >C Millard >W Burke 08.02.38 2196 Wfu 3.4.43
CF-BJI Aeronca K K-311 CF-BJI Toronto FC >W Bell >C Millard 14.04.38 2209 Wfu 6.7.43
CF-BJJ Aeronca K K-320 CF-BJJ J Dunkelman & S Coffler (Rou-Anda Air Services)/ Toronto > W Siple 30.04.38 2266 Fire broke out in engine while taxying for takeoff Kingston Ont 15.1.40
CF-BJK Aeronca K K-321 CF-BJK Hamilton AC >Malton FC >Peel FC >C Millard 27.04.38 2245 Wfu 11.9.43 Stored
CF-BJL Aeronca K K-322 CF-BJL G Camirand 27.04.38 2222 Stalled on takeoff while barnstorming Port Colborne Ont 4.9.39
CF-BJM Waco ASO A-99 NC8590 CF-ASJ CF-BJM T Envoldsen >Chinook FS 26.10.38 2352 Build from pts of CF-ASJ Gift to Calgary Inst Tech 11.51
CF-BJN Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7259 NC23781 CF-BSO RCAF3475 CF-DTI CF-BJN Curtiss-Reid FS >P Fournier >H Carter >F Brittany 11.05.45 3243
CF-BJO Taylorcraft A 438 CF-BJO Leavens Bros AS >H Bruton >J Reed >R Galbraith >Peninsula AS >W Davidson >E Goddard >C Wilson >A Patterson >R Hastings >J Williams >R Clark >V Kovachik 26.02.38 2203 Scrapped 7.1.55
CF-BJP Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 5031 CF-BJP Dept of Transport 30.03.38 2219 Rts 9.6.48
CF-BJQ Fleet 7B 125 CF-BJQ Winnipeg FC 09.04.38 2224 Stored 8.4.46
CF-BJR Waco AQC-6 Custom 5032 CF-BJR Pacific AW >Ginger Coote AW 16.05.38 2303 Crashed due downdraft on takeoff Salmon Arm BC 25.10.40
CF-BJS Waco AQC-6 Custom 5034 CF-BJS Peace River AW >R Coote >Western Pacific AW >A Danes >Charter AW >Northern AL >G Dalziel 29.05.38 2314 Landed in trees after engine failure on takeoff Liard River Bridge BC 3.8.51
CF-BJT Fleet 50K Freighter 201 CF-BJT United AT 08.02.39 2397 Dbf after engine backfired on startup on delivery flight Chicago Ill 9.2.39
CF-BJU Fleet 50K Freighter 202 CF-BJU RCAF799 CF-BXP Fleet Aircraft >lsd Canadian Pacific AL >RCAF
CF-BJV Waco AQC-6 Custom 5039 CF-BJV Air Trails Ltd/Huntsville 01.05.39 2421 Flew into ice on Lake Ontario in bad weather nr Leamington Ont 27.3.40
CF-BJW Fleet 50K Freighter 203 CF-BJW RCAF799 CF-BJW Fleet Aircraft >lsd Canadian Pacific AL >RCAF >Austin AW 01.09.44 Caught fire when stb engine backfired O'Sullivan Lake Ont 6.10.46
CF-BJX Fleet 10D 241 CF-BJX Fleet Aircraft >St Catherines FC 12.05.39 2425 Wfu 12.8.41 Dbf in Flying Club hangar fire .47
CF-BJY allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BJZ allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BKA Pietenpol Air Scout CF-BKA P White Wfu 16.3.41
CF-BKB Fairchild 24H 3218 NC16909 CF-BKB H Gauthier >L Street 21.03.38 2215 Forced landing due engine failure 5m S Burks Falls Ont 12.4.64
CF-BKC Taylorcraft A 465 CF-BKC Leavens Bros AS >G Mitchell >H Stirk >P Drolet 06.04.38 2210 Wfu 21.4.43 Dismantled
CF-BKD Johnson Biplane 1 CF-BKD S Johnson/Rodney Struck bush during takeoff run Rodney Ont 8.5.38
CF-BKE Grumman G-21A Goose 1013 CF-BKE RCAF924 JP Bickwell /Toronto 23.05.38 2261 Gift to RCAF 12.9.39 Sold to USA 1.1.45
CF-BKF Taylorcraft A 534 CF-BKF D Revie >J MacFadden >C Graffo >M Calverley >C Ratz 03.05.38 2250 Wfu 4.10.49
CF-BKG Aeronca K K-330 CF-BKG Brandon FC >C Leech 18.06.38 2253 Spun into ground on instructional flight 6m W Brandon Man 13.7.40
CF-BKH Aeronca KCA KCA-21 CF-BKH Lakehead FC 20.08.38 2322 Wfu 30.4.46
CF-BKI Aeronca K K-332 CF-BKI Montreal Light AC >H Forbell 20.06.38 2259 Forced landing due engine failure 2m N Windsor Mills PQ 30.11.40
CF-BKJ Aeronca K K-333 CF-BKJ Montreal Light AC >JR Hartney & RS Weir /Mount Royal PQ 20.06.38 2260 Damaged in severe windstorm Cartierville PQ 24.9.42 Rts
CF-BKK Aeronca 50C Chief C-1108 CF-BKK R Redmayne >M Gillies >Pulsifier Bros >Halifax FC >Pulsifier Bros >J Shanahan >C Wells 17.09.38 2332 Dbr in rail transit from Sydney NS-Buchans Field .52
CF-BKL Aeronca 50C Chief C-2038 CF-BKL L Hornick >H Stirk >L Tripp >D McLaren >Tripp FS >H Lalone >K Aspden >A Elias >J Hood 01.12.38 2355 Wfu 26.5.65
CF-BKM Taylorcraft A 521 CF-BKM Leavens Bros AS >W Siple 06.05.38 2244 Severely damaged in windstorm Cartierville PQ 24.9.42 dismantled
CF-BKN Beech 18D 177 CF-BKN Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 09.07.38 2338 Sold to TACA Venezuela
CF-BKO Beech 18D 178 CF-BKO Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 19.07.38 2337 Sold to TACA Venezuela
CF-BKP Fairchild 71C 68 CF-BKP Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >W McDonough >Trans-America Mining Corp 28.05.38 2256 Built using pts from CF-AIW Crashed during takeoff from small lake 10m N Indian NWT 26.9.46
CF-BKQ Beech E17B 227 CF-BKQ J Eaton >J Sponarski >R Daniel >Aero Tool Works >R Green >A Mann 04.07.38 2308 Wfu 31.8.55 (F17D per Juptner)
CF-BKR Hottie Biplane CF-BKR J Baxter 02.10.39 2546 Built using pts from CF-BER Hit tree attempting landing on ice after engine failure Sudbury Ont 17.3.40
CF-BKS Heath Parasol H Loney/Moose Jaw ntu
CF-BKT Taylorcraft A 592 CF-BKT K Johannesson & Dr JM Morrow /Fort Smith NT 14.07.38 2285 Lost control in collision with CF-BLW during landing Winnipeg Man 27.6.42
CF-BKU Ryan SCW-145 ntu
CF-BKV Bellanca 66-76 Aircruiser 722 CF-BKV MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW 27.09.38 2365 Overturned in forced landing due weather Smoky Lake Man 6.10.49 (Juptner has c/n 720)
CF-BKW Luscombe 8 806 NC2350 CF-BKW Flying Associates >Winnipeg FC 25.08.38 2309 Stalled in turn during forced landing practice nr Middlechurch Man 25.7.40
CF-BKX Taylorcraft BC 1022 CF-BKX Leavens Bros AS >W Holland 24.09.38 2363 Crashed during aerobatics Tillsonburg Ont 18.4.48
CF-BKY Fairchild 22C-7A 15 CF-BKY St Lawrence Aircraft Assn 06.06.39 2453 Sold to USA 8.45
CF-BKZ alloted to Beech CF-BLU in error - ntu
CF-BLA Piper J-3 Cub C-2476 CF-BLA Fliers Ltd >Patterson & Hill Aircraft 17.09.38 2330 Dbf in hangar fire Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BLB Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2437 CF-BLB W Michaud >Cub Aircraft >Kingston FC >W Narsh >R Peck >D Porter >J Williams >A Burt 26.11.38 2358 Stalled on landing approach to field nr Midland Ont 31.8.52
CF-BLC Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2477 CF-BLC Flying Club of Kingston >Kingston FC >C Millard >G Reeds 22.02.39 2346 Wfu 7.6.49
CF-BLD Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2438 CF-BLD A Smith >Leavens Bros AS >J Lome >Chambers Reid & Lome >J Lome >R Wong >R Wallace 30.12.38 2360 Wfu 14.5.48
CF-BLE Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2681 CF-BLE Algoma AT 01.02.39 2377 Stalled at low altitude Porquis Junction Ont 23.7.41
CF-BLF Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2739 CF-BLF F Blais >W Davis >Lakeland Skyways >M Mackie >J Roberts >G Smith >J Tsun >A Hawkins >N Kelly >R Pearson >H Brohm >G Barefoot >R Dunbar >D Hale >N Callacott 05.04.39 2403
CF-BLG Piper J-4 Cub Coupe 4-458 CF-BLG R Fry 10.02.39 2429 Crashed during aerobatics at low altitude Clifford Ont 23.9.39
CF-BLH Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2727 CF-BLH Kamloops FC >Brisbane Avn >Aero-Delta Holdings >R Rasmussen >J Pettapiece 06.05.39 2424 Dbr during windstorm Altario Sask 12.4.51
CF-BLI Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-2250 CF-BLI St Catherines FC 18.05.39 2436 Dbr in hangar fire St.Catherines Ont .47
CF-BLJ Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3059 CF-BLJ St Maurice AW >R Demers 08.07.39 2475 Spun into river in bad weather Riviere des Prairies PQ 29.7.45
CF-BLK Grumman G-23 Goblin 143 CF-BLK RCAF340 Canadian Car & Foundry >RCAF 09.09.38 2379
CF-BLL Douglas DC-2-120 1411 NC14925 (CF-BLL) CF-BPP NC14925 Canadian Colonial AW ntu
CF-BLM Aeronca 50C Chief C-2529 CF-BLM J Dunkelman >W Siple >Leavens Bros AS >Austin AW >F Fowler >Leavens Bros AS >M Phillips >Leavens Bros AS >Georgian Bay AW >A McDonald 04.03.39 2388 Overturned while taxying Dbr during salvage Wasag Beach Ont 17.6.54
CF-BLN Aeronca 50C Chief C-2569 CF-BLN Austin AW 28.02.39 2396 Crashed into trees after runaway during engine start Ramsay Lake Ont 9.2.41
CF-BLO Aeronca 65C Chief C-4539 CF-BLO Austin AW 03.07.39 2503 Hit glassy water while practicing spins Ramsay Lake Ont 11.10.40
CF-BLS Heath Parasol 1 CF-BLS F Hotson 01.05.39 2412 Wfu .41 Rts
CF-BLT Bellanca 66-76 Aircruiser 723 CF-BLT British Yukon Navigation 10.12.38 2371 Dbf in hangar fire Whitehorse YT 9.12.40
CF-BLU Beech D17S 238 CF-BLU Midland AW >Northwest AS >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 26.09.38 2347 Hit sandbar and overturned on takeoff Camp Canol NWT 16.8.42
CF-BLV Barkley-Grow T8P-1 3 CF-BLV Canadian Car & Foundry >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL >H Peets >Associated AW >Pacific Western AL 04.04.39 2486 Stalled during takeoff Peace River Alta 12.1.60 Dbr
CF-BLW Luscombe 8 823 NC20660 CF-BLW Flying Associates >Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >Johannesson FS 20.10.38 2348 Collided with CF-BKT during approach Winnipeg Man 27.6.42
CF-BLX Luscombe 8 W Bayer/Montreal ntu
CF-BLY Taylorcraft BC 1089 CF-BLY L Hornick >Leavens (Northern) >A Sackrider 06.12.38 2366 Stalled during approach and crashed into trees Larder Lake Ont 22.8.47
CF-BLZ Taylorcraft BC 1090 CF-BLZ H Milligan 09.12.38 2372 Wing hit ground while low flying Sudbury Ont 28.6.42
CF-BMA Taylorcraft BC 1196 CF-BMA M Spearing >L Tripp >M Milson >Tripp FS >W Parkinson >A Thompson >R Harrison >O Trunk >J Williams >F Welsh >R Levesque >J Leduc 14.04.39 2408 Wfu 24.7.56
CF-BMB Gregor FDB-1 201 CF-BMB (XB-ABY) Canadian Car & Foundry 27.02.39 2383 Export to Mexico cancelled Wfu and dismantled 7.5.41
CF-BMC Stinson Reliant Father P Schulte ntu
CF-BMD Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BMD D Walker 20.03.39 2395 Nft 4.39
CF-BME Fairchild 24R-9 R9-401 CF-BME J Bickell 28.01.39 2413 Exported to USA
CF-BMF Luscombe 8 845 NC20691 CF-BMF M Foss ntu
CF-BMG Barkley-Grow T8P-1 4 CF-BMG Canadian Car & Foundry >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 05.04.39 2484 Overturned at moorings in strong wind Port Alberni BC 1.2.47
CF-BMH Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1037 CF-BMH Curtiss-Reid FS 28.06.39 2476 Stalled on approach Cartierville PQ 29.9.41 Pts used to build CF-BVL
CF-BMI Beech 18D 224 CF-BMI Hudsons Bay Co 28.04.39 2465 Sank at moorings due high wind and waves Richmond Gulf PQ 12.8.41
CF-BMJ DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1769 RCAF8967 CF-BMJ Inter Provincial AS >Georgian Bay AW 25.05.45 3182 Scrapped Parry Sound 22.8.48
CF-BMK DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1775 RCAF8973 CF-BMK Inter Provincial AS >A Deachman >D Light 25.05.45 3183 Stalled on overshoot St Catherines Ont 7.11.50
CF-BML DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1795 RCAF8993 CF-BML Inter Provincial AS >M B Legate AS >L Slivinski >R Wong >G Massey 25.05.45 3184 Sold for spares 9.46
CF-BMT Corben Baby Ace M Peticlerc ntu
CF-BMU Beech 18D 267 CF-BMU RCAF1530 CF-BMU J Eaton >RCAF >Algoma AT 18.07.39 2496 Sold to USA
CF-BMV Barkley-Grow T8P-1 5 CF-BMV RCAF758 CF-BMV Canadian Car & Foundry >RCAF >Maritime Central AW 14.09.39 2549 Sank after forced landing on ice due fog nr Angmagssalik Greenland 23.12.42
CF-BMW Barkley-Grow T8P-1 6 CF-BMW Canadian Car & Foundry >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL >Associated AW >Pacific Western AL >Northland AL 18.08.39 2519 Forced landing on lake due engine failure Big Stone Lake nr Netley Man 12.3.65
CF-BMX Taylorcraft BL 1222 CF-BMX Leavens Bros AS 29.04.39 2489 Stalled while low flying over Lake Ontario off Toronto Ont 3.9.45
CF-BMY Taylorcraft BC 1321 CF-BMY Leavens Bros AS >E Cinq-Mars >Y Letellier >L Cayer >W MacNutt >W Dorosh 26.06.39 2478 Dbr in severe winds Edmonton Alta 21.6.51
CF-BMZ Taylorcraft BL 1374 CF-BMZ C Kenyon >A Salter >O Rouette >R Demers >G Newman >E Sharpe >Leavens Bros AS >W Shoop 29.07.39 2499 Dbr in severe windstorm Kinuso Alta 13.4.51
CF-BNA Stinson SR-10P Reliant 7-5858 NC21122 CF-BNA FA Ford /Edmonton >C Newell >MacKenzie AS 25.04.39 2410 Overturned making steep landing on glassy water Fort Vermilion Alta 2.6.41 Dbr
CF-BNB Luscombe 8A 915 CF-BNB L Foggin >Gilberts FS >Johnnesson FS 11.05.39 2452 Forced landing due carb icing 22m NW Winnipeg Man 6.6.45
CF-BNC DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC329 CF-BNC DHC >Hamilton AC >W Martin >A Wells >B Cannon >M Rumball 18.10.39 2547 rebuilt with parts from CF-CGT. Dismantled 8.6.55
CF-BND DH.89A Rapide 6375 CF-BND Quebec AW Ltd >Central Northern AW 08.09.39 2641 Forcelanded in trees out of fuel Digby Island BC 29.7.49
CF-BNE DH.89A Rapide 6376 CF-BNE Quebec AW Ltd 04.11.39 2558 Sank through ice Lake George Man 3.12.43
CF-BNF DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC327 CF-BNF N6387T N82CQ Leavens Bros AS >DHC >C Bennett >J Brown >W MacNutt >R Dawson >F Deschenaux >Leavens Bros >R Hicks >F Thompson >F Ball 04.09.41 2865 John Burson Carrollton GA USA
CF-BNG DH.89A Dominie 6472 CF-BNG DHC >Ginger Coote >Canadian Pacific AL 12.09.40 2705 Forcelanding on ice after engine fire Great Lake 9.3.46
CF-BNJ DH.89A Rapide '89232' CF-BNJ Maritime Central AW >Spartan AS 02.06.42 2939 Wfu 20.8.55
CF-BOA Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3154 CF-BOA Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >RH Fawcett >Leavens Bros AS >M Hicks >Hicks & Lawrence >W Cooper >H Trevelyan >J Reid >L Porter >F Diedrich >R Pitman 08.07.39 2490
CF-BOB Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3152 CF-BOB Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >London FC >R Nelson >Leavens Bros AS 11.08.39 2510 Stalled while cropdusting 1m E Corbyville Ont 24.6.46
CF-BOC Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-680 CF-BOC Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >G Rioux >Cub Aircraft 18.09.39 2537 Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff Hamilton Ont 13.9.42
CF-BOD Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3085 CF-BOD Hamilton AC >Cub Aircraft >F Gillies 02.09.37 2527 Collided with Tiger Moth RCAF1224 while landing Barker Field Ont 22.7.42
CF-BOE Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3155 CF-BOE London FC 06.10.39 2544 Hit tree while low flying nr Coldstream Ont 31.1.41
CF-BOF Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1129 CF-BOF Brant-Norfolk AC 15.08.40 2689 Dbf in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-BOG Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3060 CF-BOG Hamilton AC >Leavens Bros AS 30.01.40 2595 Wing hit ground while cropdusting Mount Salem Ont
CF-BOH Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3389 CF-BOH Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >H Lishman >R Kelly >Weston Aircraft >F Gillies >J Ashbee >W Wilson >A Winje >M Berton 10.04.40 2625 Caught fire while under repair Kelvington Sask 5.50
CF-BOI Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3391 CF-BOI Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >L Gregory /Hamilton 04.07.40 2673 Crashed while landing on glassy water Hamilton Bay Ont 30.4.42
CF-BOJ Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3390 CF-BOJ H Milligan /Sudbury Ont 23.05.40 2647 Ran into snowstorm after takeoff 24m N Chapleau Ont 18.12.41 Dbr
CF-BOK Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1140 CF-BOK Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >AJ Smith /London Ont >GE McAlpine /Parkhill Ont 02.08.40 2695 Overturned during takeoff from field Marchwell Sask 30.7.60
CF-BOL Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1130 CF-BOL JC Stainton >D Revie >Gilberts FS >Vancouvers U-Fly 13.08.40 2696 Wfu 14.11.66
CF-BOM Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1207 CF-BOM Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >EWJ Waddell /Windsor Ont 30.08.40 2720 Wfu 1.5.67
CF-BON Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1211 CF-BON Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >GC & J Haun /Welland Ont >HD Asher /Welland Ont 06.09.40 2721
CF-BOO Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1214 CF-BOO Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Air Transport & Training >Patterson & Hill >Hillcraft Industries >Chambers Reid & Lome Ltd 06.09.40 2722 Dbf in hangar fire Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BOP Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3392 CF-BOP Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >St Catherines FC 04.07.40 2672 Hit tree while low flying nr Virgil Ont 13.8.40
CF-BOQ Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-3385 CF-BOQ Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Flying Club of Kingston 16.09.40 2712 Forced landing due carb ice Waubaushene Ont 6.7.50
CF-BOR Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-3384 CF-BOR St Catherines FC 18.06.40 2669 Wfu 18.6.41 Dbf in hangar fire St.Catherines .47
CF-BOS Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3388 CF-BOS Gillies FS >RF Kelly /Mount Dennis Ont >FF Gillies /Toronto >BD Preston /Stouffville Ont 01.08.40 2688
CF-BOT Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3387 CF-BOT Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >WH Woodrow /Orillie Ont >WC Warren /Hamilton >Peninsula AS /Hamilton Ont 13.12.40 2749
CF-BOU Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-3383 CF-BOU Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >S Boothby /Toronto >WC Warren /Hamilton >Peninsula AS /Hamilton 10.05.41 2802 Crashed in near vertical dive nr Campbellford Ont 24.10.56
CF-BOV Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3386 CF-BOV Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >WC Warren /Hamilton 21.02.41 2774 Stalled on approach and hit tree Hamilton Ont 26.3.45
CF-BOW Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-570 CF-BOW Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >L Gregory >J Gregory >W Warren >Peninsula AS /Hamilton 07.02.41 2768
CF-BOX Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-710 CF-BOX FF & M Gillies /Fairbank Ont 27.03.41 2792
CF-BOY Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-817 CF-BOY JA Pitman /Port Rowan Ont 08.05.41 2801 Stalled after takeoff from farm field 2m W Peterborough Ont 16.10.41
CF-BOZ Piper J-4E Cub Coupe 4-1592 CF-BOZ G Rioux >Cub Aircraft >Kepler Aviation >Cub Aircraft >W Van Allen >Transvision Television >G Scobie >C Hooper 10.09.41 2881 Overturned in high winds onto Seabee N6375K North Bay Ont 3.10.51
CF-BPA Luscombe 8A 925 CF-BPA Flying Associates >J George >L Foggin >W Sylvester >BC Airlines 15.08.39 2534 Hit water hard and sank during takeoff Narvez Bay BC 18.3.48
CF-BPB Elton Monoplane CF-BPB W Elton >F Swann Crashed while being flown illegally nr Lundbreck Alta 28.8.42
CF-BPC Luscombe 8A 965 CF-BPC A Martin >General Skycraft Ltd /Montreal 06.07.39 2532 Hit by runaway Rambler CF-BMH Cartierville PQ 29.10.39
CF-BPD DH.90 Dragonfly 7538 CF-MPD CF-BPD RCMP >Noorduyn Aircraft >Leavens Bros AS >Ginger Coote AW >Canadian Pacific AL 02.09.38 2312 Groundlooped on takeoff Edmonton 13.4.43
CF-BPE Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7017 CF-BPE R Goodwin >Patterson & Hill 03.07.39 2520 Dbf in hangar fire Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BPF Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7031 CF-BPF R Goodwin 18.07.39 2517 Hit trees while low flying pickering Ont 26.9.39
CF-BPG Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7068 CF-BPG R Goodwin 19.08.39 2531 Pilot suffered heart attack in air Toronto Bay Ont 4.2.41
CF-BPH Stinson 10 Voyager 7579 CF-BPH Thousand Island FS >Curtiss-Reid FS >Northern Wings >Curtiss-Reid FS >L Messenger >J Viau >Montreal FC >Leavens >R Scotten >J Carter >K Hopkinson >G Gloin >D Orchard 21.09.40 2719 Wfu 31.8.53
CF-BPI Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7246 CF-BPI R Redmayne >Curtiss-Reid FS >Air Services (Canada) >Curtiss-Reid FS >H Lefebvre >H Goulet >R Sigouin >P Cote >G Reeves >G Underbakke 16.05.40 2665 Stored 21.5.64
CF-BPJ Stinson 10 Voyager 7596 CF-BPJ Hamilton AC >H Clegg >H Dale >W MacNutt >D Coyle >J Cockerline >G Carswell 05.07.40 2743
CF-BPK Pietenpol Air Camper H Stanley ntu
CF-BPP Douglas DC-2-120 1411 NC14925 (CF-BLL) CF-BPP NC14925 Canadian Colonial AW 26.08.39 2521 Sold to USA 9.42
CF-BPQ allotted to Leavens Bros - ntu
CF-BPR Taylorcraft BC-65 1409 CF-BPR Leavens Bros AS >M Lindsay >M Winans >J Saunders >B Dodson >G Rowswell >C McDonald >D Moore >J Logan >P Kolanski >J Svardala >R Moore >O Charsley >N Graves 11.09.39 2535
CF-BPS allotted to Leavens Bros - ntu
CF-BPT Geneau Homebuilt CF-BPT O Geneau/Montreal Forced landing on first flight due engine failure Cartierville PQ 3.8.40
CF-BPU Can-Car Maple Leaf II 4 CF-BPU Canadian Car & Foundry 08.01.40 2606 Sold to USA 10.40
CF-BPV Travel Air 6-B 6B-2041 NC14974 CF-BPV British Yukon Navigation 07.09.39 2718 Forced landing due engine failure nr Fox Lake YT 3.7.41 Dbr
CF-BPW Aeronca 65C Chief C-5679 CF-BPW FW & RA Gilbert /Vancouver 20.11.39 2575 Crashed while low flying Lulu Is BC 31.7.40
CF-BPX Noury T-65 Series 1 1 CF-BPX J Noury >W Crozier >J Noury 01.02.40 2594 Went into spin at 200' over airport while parachute testing Hamilton Ont 21.9.42 Dbr
CF-BQE Grumman G-21A Goose 1061 CF-BQE RCAF941 JP Bicknell /Toronto 29.01.40 2599 To RCAF 1.11.40 Exported to USA 2.45
CF-BQF Luscombe L Prosser/Vancouver ntu
CF-BQG Beech A-18A 291 CF-BQG Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Rimouski AL >Gulf Avn 07.05.40 2644 Wfu 20.6.52
CF-BQH Beech A-18A 318 CF-BQH Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >H McConachie >L&M Air Service >H Mann >Pacific Western AL >R Laidman 08.05.40 2645 Forced landing due fire in cabin nr Port Hardy BC 29.9.61 Dbf
CF-BQI Taylorcraft BL 1761 CF-BQI Leavens Bros AS >T Pallister >J Broughton 01.05.40 2637 Stalled and hit tree after seat fastening failed Mount Salem Ont 15.5.50
CF-BQJ Taylorcraft BL 1835 CF-BQJ London FC 01.06.40 2655 Overturned after wing hit ground London Ont 17.7.42
CF-BQK Taylorcraft BL-65 1836 CF-BQK Leavens Bros AS 01.06.40 2656 Stalled on takeoff after engine failure Barker Field Ont 18.1.48
CF-BQL Fairchild 24W-40 W40-118 CF-BQL R Kiehlbauch >R Andrews >W Brett 10.05.40 2642 Stalled on takeoff after floats broke off Powell Lake BC 26.4.44
CF-BQM Barkley-Grow T8P-1 8 CF-BQM MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Associated AW >Pacific Western AL >F Baker >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW >Northland Wild Rice >Northland AL 26.08.40 2699
CF-BQN Curtiss T-32C Condor 32 NC12371 NC34? CF-BQN XA-DOA British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 12.06.40 2657 Sold to USA
CF-BQO Stinson 10 Voyager 7502 F Common ntu
CF-BQP Fleet 60K Fort 600 CF-BQP RCAF3627 Fleet Aircraft Ltd 18.05.40 ntu To RCAF 5.3.42
CF-BQQ Beech A-18A 290 NC18780 CF-BQQ Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Northern Wings 08.08.40 2685 Dbr nr Lake Manitou PQ 11.4.53
CF-BQR Taylorcraft BL-65 1890 CF-BQR P Sigurdson >M&C Aviation >Prince Albert FC >H Wilson >J LaClaire >J Lukan >R Hodgins >J LaClaire >Nipawin AS 08.08.40 2683
CF-BQS Boeing 247 > 247D 1699 NC13318 CF-BQS RCAF7638 CF-BVX NC41809 CF-JRQ National Air Transport >United AL >lsd Western Air Express (fn 318) >Penn Central AL
CF-BQT Boeing 247 > 247D 1725 NC13343 CF-BQT RCAF7637 CF-BVV NC41813 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.10.43
CF-BQU Boeing 247 > 247D 1728 NC13346 CF-BQU RCAF7636 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.06.40
CF-BQV Boeing 247 > 247D 1732 NC13350 CF-BQV RCAF7639 CF-BVT NC41812 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.10.43
CF-BQW Lockheed 10B Electra 1040 NC14962 CF-BQW RCAF7634 CF-BXQ N8723R N228M N239PB Maritime Central AW >Matane AS 3166 Sold USA 30.7.63
CF-BQX Lockheed 12A Junior Electra >212 1243/212-13 NC18955 NX18955 NC18955 CF-BQX RCAF7642 NC60775 N60775 N16020 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BQY Beech 18D 221 NC20775 CF-BQY RCAF TI-65 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BQZ Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1245 NC18957 CF-BQZ RCAF7640 NC33174 N33174 CF-FUS N3486 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRA Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1241 NC18947 CF-BRA RCAF7641 (CF-BZN) NC18947 N18947 CF-HRN McInnes Products 00.00.40 Sold USA .45
CF-BRB Lockheed 10A Electra 1003 NC14244 CF-BRB RCAF7633 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRC Lockheed 10A Electra 1010 (PH-AKE) NC14263 CF-BRC RCAF7632 NC14263 NC65179 N65179 N156S N229M N22911 HR-LAB N22911 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRD Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1013 NC14261 CF-BRD RCAF7631 CF-BYU Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRE Lockheed 10A Electra 1027 NC14938 CF-BRE RCAF7650 NC14938 N14938 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRF Lockheed 10A Electra 1031 NC14942 CF-BRF RCAF7651 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRG Lockheed 10A Electra 1001 X233Y NC233Y NC2332 NC17380 CF-BRG RCAF7652 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRK Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1216 NC17342 X17342 CF-BRK RCAF7653 NC17342 N83U N505 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRL Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1059 NC16024 CF-BRL RCAF7649 CF-BYV N5705 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRM Boeing 247D 1946 X12272 NR92Y NC2666 CF-BRM RCAF7635 CF-BVZ NC41819 Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 3029 Sold USA 4.45
CF-BRN Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1207 NC58Y CF-BRN RCAF7645 PP-AVF XH-TEK Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRO Beech 18B 173 NC18569 CF-BRO Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40 Crashed on delivery flight Tampa Bay FL 12.10.40
CF-BRP Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1223 NC18126 (CF-BIP) CF-BRP RCAF7647 NC18126 YV-P-APZ N7821B N399X Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRQ Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1222 NC18125 CF-BRQ RCAF7837 (CF-BZM) NC18125 N18125 McInnes Products 00.00.40 ntu due wing corrosion 4.45
CF-BRS Lockheed 10B Electra 1066 NC16054 CF-BRS RCAF7648 CF-BEH NC16054 N16054 Maritime Central AW 00.00.40 Sold to USA
CF-BRT Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1210 NC17310 CF-BRT RCAF7654 CF-DTQ Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRU Beech 18B 171 NC18567 CF-BRU RCAF TI-62 AN-ABU Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRV Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1205 NC16079 CF-BRV RCAF7837 NC33173 NC1001B N1001B Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRW Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1209 NC17309 CF-BRW RCAF7646 CF-DTP Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRY Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7100 NC22524 CF-BRY RCAF3489 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BRZ Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7212 NC23753 CF-BRZ RCAF3488 CF-BRZ Dept of Transport >G Dingwall >F Welsh >G Herrmann >Page et Cie 15.11.40 2886 Hit wire fence on takeoff from field Courcelles PQ 22.5.60
CF-BSA Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7163 NC23713 CF-BSA RCAF3466 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSB Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7193 NC23742 CF-BSB RCAF3487 CF-DTH Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSC Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7117 NC22575 CF-BSC RCAF3486 CF-BBV Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSD Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7072 NC21199 CF-BSD RCAF3485 CF-BSD C Cooper >R Deviney >Patterson & Hill >W Hutchinson >H May >C Millard >L Crews >A Foord >H Metsloff >G Schmidt >D Sherk 26.06.41 2854 Overturned landing in deep snow Breslau Ont 22.2.55
CF-BSE Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7097 NC22570 CF-BSE RCAF3484 CF-BBA CF-BHF Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSF Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7177 NC23730 CF-BSF RCAF3483 CF-BZJ Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSG Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7129 NC22547 CF-BSG RCAF3482 CF-DTG RCAF3482 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSH Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7080 NC22504 CF-BSH RCAF3481 CF-CHJ Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSI Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7190 NC23724 CF-BSI RCAF3479 CF-BSI P Sigurdson >Aircraft Services (Western) >Winnipeg FC >G Grahame >D Bredin >E Friesen 26.06.41 2855
CF-BSJ Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7175 NC22578 CF-BSJ RCAF3480 CF-BZL Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSK Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7041 NC21172 CF-BSK RCAF3465 CF-CHG Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSL Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7087 NC22509 CF-BSL RCAF3478 CF-DLM Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSM Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7124 NC22563 CF-BSM RCAF3477 CF-BCZ Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSN Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7107 NC22527 CF-BSN RCAF3476 CF-CIS CF-BAE Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSO Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7259 NC23781 CF-BSO RCAF3475 CF-DTI CF-BJN Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSP Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7261 NC23782 CF-BSP RCAF3474 CF-CHH Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSQ Stearman 4-D Junior Speedmail 4014 CF-CCH CF-BSQ Dept of National Defence >L Coughtry >R Page >L Fletcher 17.06.39 2462 Sold to USA
CF-BSR Luscombe 8C 1470 CF-BSR V Harris >W Sylvester >BC Airlines >North Fraser FC >F Fitzpatrick >Skyway AS >H Bahnman >K Davenport >A Forbes >H Lugt >A Duff >P Sirois 17.10.40 2726 Forced landing due carb ice Lac Louise PQ 22.3.64
CF-BSS Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt
CF-BST Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7055 NC21175 CF-BST RCAF3468 CF-BST Superior AW >Leavens Bros AS >K Orr >H Thomson >B Dodson >L Embury >J Martin 24.07.45 3185 Wfu 29.5.66
CF-BSU Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7044 NC21192 CF-BSU RCAF3469 CF-BSU Johannesson FS >H Pollock >E Cummings >W Johnston >C Graffo >W Loftus >M Muloin >O MacRae >B Hendrickson >W Borys 04.08.45 3146
CF-BSV Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7250 NC23789 CF-BSV RCAF3470 CF-BSV Johannesson FS >M Torbiak 17.05.41 2819 Wfu 13.7.49 Dismantled
CF-BSW Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7554 NC26273 CF-BSW RCAF3471 CF-BXM VP-JAL Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSX Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7081 NC22505 CF-BSX RCAF3472 CF-BZK Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSY Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7026 NC21160 CF-BSY RCAF3473 CF-BUP Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BSZ Lockheed 10A Electra 1012 NC3138 CF-BSZ RCAF7841 Dept of Natl Defense Canadian Govt 00.00.40
CF-BTA Boeing 247 > 247D 1726 NC13344 CF-BTA RCAF7655 DZ203 United AL >Inland AL (fn 344) >CH Babb 00.07.40
CF-BTB Boeing 247 > 247D 1729 NC13347 CF-BTB RCAF7839 CF-BTB N13347 Maritime Central AW Ltd 24.12.41 2900 Sold USA 3.45
CF-BTC Boeing 247 > 247D 1735 NC13353 CF-BTC RCAF7840 CF-BVW NC41814 XA-KAN 00.10.43
CF-BTR Aeronca 65CA Super Chief C-11000 CF-BTR F Gilbert >Gilberts FS >Vancouvers U-Fly Ltd >J Foder >J Harris >A West >Williams Lake FC >J Brooks 11.12.40 2755 Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff nr Black Creek BC 25.2.58
CF-BTT Waco SRE 5084 NC5069 (CF-BTT) RNoAF501
CF-BTU Aeronca 65TC Tandem Trainer C-6610T CF-BTU F Gilbert >Gilberts FS >Brisbane Avn >D Bamford 11.12.40 2761 Forced landing in mountains due engine failure Salmo BC 8.10.46
CF-BTV Schreck FBA 17 HT4 125 H Barrot/Quebec Built from G-CAJN and CF-AEF ntu (c/n presumably 1258.125)
CF-BTW Bellanca 66-75 Aircruiser 721 NPC-41 CF-BTW MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW >Transair >Hooker AS 09.09.43 3080
CF-BTX Barkley-Grow T8P-1 11 NC26496 CF-BTX MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL 07.04.41 2814 Forced landing after engine failure on takeoff Lake Porcupine Alta 10.10.45
CF-BTY Lockheed 18-40 Lodestar 2084 [NC34903] (NC18818) CF-BTY 42-38262 G-AGEI NoAF OH-VKO SE-BZK Yukon Southern AT 15.04.41 2808 Returned to USA 9.41
CF-BTZ Lockheed 18-40 Lodestar 2085 (NC18822) CF-BTZ 42-38263 G-AGEJ Yukon Southern AT 15.04.41 2809 Returned to USA 9.41
CF-BUA American Pilgrim 100-B 6608 712Y CF-BUA British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 01.04.41 2888 Exported to Honduras 1.44
CF-BUB Moss M.A.2 Mosscraft M.A.2 G-AFMS CF-BUB G-AFMS Moss Bros Aircraft 28.04.41 2797 Exported to UK
CF-BUC Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-863 CF-BUC J Hamilton >Leavens Bros AS >A Winje 28.05.41 2826 Stalled after takeoff Kelvington Sask 24.3.51
CF-BUD Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7018 CF-BUD F Cybulskie >L Tripp >A Martin >R Page >H Fournier >R Martel >E Tanguay >J Bonard >Eastern AW 26.07.41 2860 Crashed during aerobatics St.Come de Beauce PQ 18.7.49
CF-BUE Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7017 CF-BUE St Catherines FC 19.08.41 2856 Wfu 22.8.43 Dbf in hangar fire St.Catherines .47
CF-BUF Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7015 CF-BUF Hamilton AC >Leavens Bros AS >T Pallister >W Norton >H McKay >L Mitchell >W Holland >R Hines >P Davis >R McCredie >W McDonald >G Vary >R Courville 11.10.41 2882
CF-BUG Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7016 CF-BUG Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Bras d'Or AW >R Graham >G Newman >W Greer 11.10.41 2883 Stalled during aerobatics Tween Rivers PEI 17.5.53 Dbr
CF-BUH Piper J-3C-65 Cub 7947 CF-BUH F Lambert >E Anger >K Hadley >J Maynes 21.03.42 2927 Stalled in turn after takeoff St.Thomas Ont 13.8.53
CF-BUI Piper J-3C-65 Cub 2360A CF-BUI G Boulanger >Quebec City FC 13.10.44 3122 Dbr in windstorm Chateau Richer PQ 24.3.48
CF-BUJ Piper J-3C-65 Cub 2359A CF-BUJ Inter Provincial AS >H Richardson >C Baker >Windsor FC >Millard Auto-Aero >J Irwin >H Brohm >J Craib >L Head >W Goodwins >W Woodill >N Beelick 11.11.44 3123
CF-BVA Aeronca 65TL Tandem Trainer L-9911T CF-BVA Kitchener-Waterloo FC 20.06.41 2833 Stalled in steep turn and hit water Shand Dam nr Fergus Ont 1.5.42
CF-BVB Barkley-Grow T8P-1 ntu
CF-BVC Beech S-18D 265 NC3250 CF-BVC British Yukon Navigation Crashed during familiarisation flight 2m S Pelley River YT 11.9.41
CF-BVD not allotted
CF-BVE Barkley-Grow T8P-1 1 NC18388 CF-BVE Canadian Car & Foundry >Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 02.11.42 3061 Sold to USA 2.45
CF-BVF Boeing 247 > 247D 1706 NC13325 CF-BVF NC33172 British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 30.10.41 2917 Sold to USA 7.45
CF-BVG Curtiss Kingbird D-3 2016 NC11816 CF-BVG British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT 30.10.41 2918 Wfu 30.10.42 Sold to USA
CF-BVH Fairchild 71B 763 G-CYVY RCAF634 CF-BVH 42-88617? F Wheeler >USAAF 08.10.41 2889 Sold USA 12.42
CF-BVI Fairchild 71 674 G-CYWE RCAF640 CF-BVI Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Austin AW 22.12.41 2902 Sank after floats wiped off in downwind takeoff English Lake Ont 17.7.49
CF-BVJ Fairchild 71 690 G-CYWH RCAF643 CF-BVJ Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >H Hennessy 11.12.41 2901 Stalled in turn due carb ice on takeoff Collins Lake Ont 27.10.44
CF-BVK Fairchild 71C 625 G-CYXB RCAF644 CF-BVK Dominion Skyways >Trans-America Mining Corp >North Inca Gold Mines >Dunsford Securities >Central BC AW 13.02.42 2922 Float hit deadhead on takeoff - overturned under tow Ocean Falls BC 13.11.55
CF-BVL Curtiss-Reid Rambler II Curtiss-Reid FS Rebuild of CF-BMH not completed
CF-BVM Beech 18D 169 NC18578 CF-BVM Hudsons Bay Co Dbf while under repair Pagwa Ont 23.1.42
CF-BVN Grumman G-44 Widgeon 1240 CF-BVN J Bickell >O Barrett >G Godsall >Century Motor Sales >Dept of Game & Fisheries >Trans Gaspesian AW >Trans Aircraft Co >McAvoy AS >Wunder Machine Co 08.01.42 2924 Sold to USA 12.67
CF-BVO Aeronca 65LB Super Chief LB-18322 CF-BVO Kitchener-Waterloo FC >G Munro >K Hopkinson >M Powell >D Crocker >R Goodfellow >C McCabe >R Gooderham 28.04.42 2944 Hit tree on takeoff from small field Shelburne Ont 24.5.58
CF-BVP Fairchild 51 RCAF (CF-BVP) Austin AW ntu
CF-BVQ Fairchild 71 645 G-CYWB RCAF637 CF-BVQ 42-88618 M&C Aviation >USAAF 20.12.41 2899 Sold USA 2.43
CF-BVR Fairchild FC-2 > 51 19 G-CYYV G-CYWU RCAF625 CF-BVR Patricia Lumber >G Grant >J Mathieu 26.11.41 2911 Torn from moorings and wrecked during windstorm Fort Frances Ont 24.6.46
CF-BVS Fairchild 71B FAC-7 RCAF182 RCAF646 CF-BVS Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 24.12.41 2904 Landed on rough ice after engine failed Fort McMurray Alta 28.3.43
CF-BVT Boeing 247 > 247D 1732 NC13350 CF-BQV RCAF7639 CF-BVT NC41812 Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 3025 Sold USA 2.45
CF-BVU Fairchild 71B 688 G-CYWC RCAF638 CF-BVU Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 03.02.43 2909 Dbf while heating engine Fort Vermillion Alta 25.3.44
CF-BVV Boeing 247 > 247D 1725 NC13343 CF-BQT RCAF7637 CF-BVV NC41813 Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 3026 Sold USA 3.45
CF-BVW Boeing 247 > 247D 1735 NC13353 CF-BTC RCAF7840 CF-BVW NC41814 Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 3027 Sold USA 4.5.45
CF-BVX Boeing 247 > 247D 1699 NC13318 CF-BQS RCAF7638 CF-BVX NC41809 CF-JRQ Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 3028 Gift to Natl Aero Colln Ottawa Ont .66
CF-BVY Fairchild 51 23 G-CYYT RCAF627 CF-BVY Austin AW 03.03.42 2959 Wfu 18.12.47 Scrapped
CF-BVZ Boeing 247D 1946 X12272 NR92Y NC2666 CF-BRM RCAF7635 CF-BVZ NC41819 Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 3029 Sold USA 4.45
CF-BWA not allotted
CF-BWB not allotted
CF-BWC not allotted
CF-BWD not allotted
CF-BWE not allotted
CF-BWF not allotted
CF-BWG not allotted
CF-BWH not allotted
CF-BWI not allotted
CF-BWJ not allotted
CF-BWK not allotted
CF-BWL not allotted
CF-BWM not allotted
CF-BWN not allotted
CF-BWO not allotted
CF-BWP not allotted
CF-BWQ not allotted
CF-BWR not allotted
CF-BWS not allotted
CF-BWT not allotted
CF-BWU not allotted
CF-BWV not allotted
CF-BWW not allotted
CF-BWX not allotted
CF-BWY not allotted
CF-BWZ not allotted
CF-BXA Longster Monoplane CF-BXA S Johnson Unlicenced due wartime restrictions 20.5.42
CF-BXB Noorduyn Norseman IV 61 RCAF2488 (CF-BXB) Dominion Skyways ntu-returned to RCAF
CF-BXC Noorduyn Norseman IV 73 RCAF3529 (CF-BXC) Dominion Skyways ntu-returned to RCAF
CF-BXD Fairchild FC-2W2 513 NC8016 CF-BXD Northern AW 15.04.43 3006 Spiralled into pond after rudder failed nr Carcross YT 7.9.48
CF-BXE Lockheed 10A Electra 1076 42-38342 CF-BXE Maritime Central AW >Dept of Transport >Eastern Provincial AW >Trans Gaspesian AL 07.04.43 2994
CF-BXF Fairchild FC-2W2 > 71 523 NC8036 CF-BXF Northern AW >H Thomas >W Sylvester >Sechelt AS 28.10.44 8471 Struck submerged object on takeoff Jervis Inlet BC 27.6.63
CF-BXG Fairchild 71 > 71C FAC-8 RCAF183 RCAF647 CF-BXG Canadian Pacific AL 09.02.44 3049 U/c collapsed when wing hit ice on landing Cliff Lake Man 13.3.45
CF-BXH Fairchild 71 655 NC117H CF-BXH Northern AW >Whitehorse FS 22.11.43 3048 Caught fire in air 4m W Quiet Lake YT 7.8.50
CF-BXI Fairchild 71 > 71C 662 NC145H CF-BXI Northern AW >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL 02.01.45 6448 Overturned after hitting sandbar on landing run Kitimat BC 8.8.56
CF-BXK Noorduyn Norseman VI 455 CF-BXK Eldorado Mining & Refining 01.05.44 3067 Hit shore while landing in snowstorm Great Slave Lake NWT 17.3.45
CF-BXL Noorduyn Norseman VI 456 CF-BXL Eldorado Mining & Refining >Canadian Pacific AL 01.05.44 3068 Sank through ice Indin Lake BC 9.12.46
CF-BXM Stinson 10 Voyager 7554 NC26273 CF-BSW RCAF3471 CF-BXM VP-JAL L Densham 13.05.44 3057 Sold Jamaica .44
CF-BXN Noorduyn Norseman VI 479 CF-BXN McIntyre Porcupine Mines 07.06.44 3069 Dbf at dock South Porcupine Ont 16.5.48
CF-BXO Supermarine Stranraer CV.209 RCAF920 CF-BXO Labrador Mining & Exploration >E Lando >Queen Charlotte AL >W Slye >Stranraer Aerial enterprises 24.05.44 3072
CF-BXP Fleet 50K Freighter 202 CF-BJU RCAF799 CF-BXP Labrador Mining & Exploration Crashed 23.06.44 Gift to Natl Aero Colln Ottawa Ont .65
CF-BXQ Lockheed 10B Electra 1040 NC14962 CF-BQW RCAF7634 CF-BXQ N8723R N228M N239PB Maritime Central AW >Matane AS 06.03.45 3166 Sold USA 30.7.63
CF-BXR Grumman G-21A Goose 1059 NC2788 RCAF797 CF-BXR Laurentian AS 19.12.44 3131
CF-BXS Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1240 NC18946 RCAF1531 CF-BXS Maritime Central AW 13.03.45 3127 Sold USA 7.45
CF-BXT DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1691 RCAF8889 CF-BXT Superior AW >H Parsons >Superior AW >W Lanktree >E Richards >R Ferring >R L'Esperence >J McTaggart 06.12.44 3113
CF-BXU DH.90 Dragonfly 7522 CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXU Johannesson FS >A Danes 30.05.45 3147 Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-BXV DH.90 Dragonfly 7557 RCAF7624 CF-BXV Johannesson FS 22.02.45 3124 Groundlooped landing Winnipeg 3.4.45
CF-BYA Supermarine Stranraer CV.209 RCAF919 CF-BYA W Siple 05.01.45 3120 Sold USA 1.45
CF-BYB Supermarine Stranraer CV.227 RCAF948 CF-BYB W Siple 05.01.45 3121 Sold USA 1.45
CF-BYC Supermarine Stranraer CV.232 RCAF953 CF-BYC W Siple 06.04.45 3132 Sold USA 6.45
CF-BYD Supermarine Stranraer CV.210 RCAF921 CF-BYD W Siple 13.02.45 3125 Sold USA 6.45
CF-BYE Supermarine Stranraer CV.187 RCAF910 CF-BYE W Siple 17.07.45 3187 Sold USA 9.45
CF-BYF Supermarine Stranraer CV.190 RCAF913 CF-BYF W Siple 06.04.45 3133 Sold USA 7.45
CF-BYG Supermarine Stranraer CV.212 RCAF923 CF-BYG W Siple 01.10.45 3251
CF-BYH Supermarine Stranraer CV.204 RCAF914 CF-BYH W Siple 17.07.45 3188 Sold USA 9.45
CF-BYI Supermarine Stranraer CV.184 RCAF907 CF-BYI W Siple >Splisbury & Hepburn >Queen Charlotte AL 03.12.45 3331 Forced landed due fire 5m NW Rock Bay BC 25.1.48 Dbf
CF-BYJ Supermarine Stranraer CV.205 RCAF915 CF-BYJ W Siple >Morris Summit Gold Mines >Queen Charlotte 20.11.44 Overturned on landing Belize Inlet BC 24.12.49
CF-BYK Supermarine Stranraer CV.222 RCAF936 CF-BYK W Siple 01.10.45 3252 Sold USA .45
CF-BYL Supermarine Stranraer CV.186 RCAF909 CF-BYL W Siple >Splisbury & Hepburn 27.03.46 Disappeared enroute Prince Rupert-Stewart BC 31.8.46
CF-BYM Supermarine Stranraer CV.228 RCAF949 CF-BYM W Siple 31.10.46 Flew into trees at side of lake on takeoff Sovereign Lake BC 1.10.57
CF-BYN Supermarine Stranraer W Siple ntu
CF-BYO Supermarine Stranraer W Siple ntu
CF-BYP Supermarine Stranraer W Siple ntu
CF-BYQ Supermarine Stranraer W Siple ntu
CF-BYR Supermarine Stranraer W Siple ntu
CF-BYS Supermarine Stranraer W Siple ntu
CF-BYT Supermarine Stranraer W Siple ntu
CF-BYY Lockheed 12 Junior Electra (CF-BYY) E Ahr 22.03.45 ntu
CF-BYZ Lockheed 12 Junior Electra (CF-BYZ) E Ahr 22.03.45 ntu
CF-BZJ Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7177 NC23730 CF-BSF RCAF3483 CF-BZJ Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >S Agarand >N Lowe >R Taylor >Virden Aviation >L Heroux 20.05.45 3154 Wfu 3.12.66
CF-BZK Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7081 NC22505 CF-BSX RCAF3472 CF-BZK Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >E Johnson 12.06.45 3155 Hit rock and overturned on landing Sylvan Man 9.5.56
CF-BZL Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7175 NC22578 CF-BSJ RCAF3480 CF-BZL Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >W Davidson >G Johnson >N Chadderton 11.08.45 3192
CF-BZM Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1222 NC18125 CF-BRQ RCAF7837 (CF-BZM) NC18125 N18125 McInnes Products 00.04.45 ntu due wing corrosion 4.45
CF-BZN Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1241 NC18947 CF-BRA RCAF7641 (CF-BZN) NC18947 N18947 CF-HRN McInnes Products 00.04.45 Sold USA as NC18947 .45
CF-BZO Cessna T-50 Crane E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZP Cessna T-50 Crane E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZQ Cessna T-50 Crane E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZR Cessna T-50 Crane E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZS Cessna T-50 Crane 1141 RCAF7698 CF-BZS E Ahr >Algoma AT >Inter Provincial AS >Lawrence Motors >W Easton 27.04.45 3136 Wfu 28.1.51 Dismantled
CF-BZT Cessna T-50 Crane 2282 42-13618 RCAF8732 CF-BZT E Ahr >Algoma AT >Inter Provincial AS >W Easton 27.04.45 3137 Scrapped 10.12.48
CF-BZU Cessna T-50 Crane E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZV Cessna T-50 Crane E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZW Noorduyn Norseman VI 825 45-41741 CF-BZW Eldorado Mining & Refining 20.04.45 3134 Overturned in slush on landing Leith Point NWT 20.11.48
CF-BZX DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1761 RCAF8959 CF-BZX T Senior 19.06.45 3195 Stalled and crashed nr Brantford Ont 21.11.45
CF-BZZ DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1768 RCAF8966 CF-BZZ T Senior >C Lee >J Lee >W Johnston >R Robson >A Watson 19.06.45 3196 Dbf London Ont 12.2.55
CF-CAA DH.60M Moth 729 CF-CAA Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 08.05.29 592 Dbr landing Toronto 23.10.40
CF-CAB DH.60M Moth 730 CF-CAB Dept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC 19.04.29 694 Crashed Montreal 8.7.29
CF-CAC DH.60M Moth 752 CF-CAC Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 20.05.29 617 Dbr Winnipeg 18.8.30
CF-CAD DH.60M Moth 732 CF-CAD Dept of National Defence -Hamilton AC 19.04.29 695 U/c collapsed Hamilton 15.6.33
CF-CAE DH.60M Moth 733 CF-CAE Dept of National Defence -Regina FC 16.05.29 610 Dbr Regina 18.10.31
CF-CAF DH.60M Moth 753 CF-CAF Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon FC 16.05.29 611 Crashed landing Saskatoon 29.12.29
CF-CAG DH.60M Moth 754 CF-CAG Dept of National Defence -Moose Jaw AC 16.05.29 608 Crashed landing Moose Jaw 26.6.37
CF-CAH DH.60M Moth 731 CF-CAH Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC 14.05.29 599 Dbr Calgary 24.4.29
CF-CAI DH.60M Moth 755 CF-CAI Dept of National Defence -Granby AC 10.05.29 609 Dbr Granby 12.5.29
CF-CAJ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/289 CF-CAJ Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC 01.06.29 687 Rudder jammed in turn due support failure nr Ottawa Ont 8.5.30
CF-CAK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 861 CF-CAK Hamilton AC >E Ferguson >A Elmhirst >R Deachman 28.01.29 551
CF-CAL DH.60M Moth 773 CF-CAL Moose Jaw FC >W Betts >Moose Jaw FC >G Burroughs 15.05.29 607 to Tech school as inst a/f .41
CF-CAM DH.60M Moth 774 CF-CAM Regina FC 16.05.29 606 Crashed on landing Regina Sask 16.12.29
CF-CAN DH.60M Moth 775 CF-CAN Saskatoon AC 16.05.29 605 Collided with car Saskatoon 5.7.29
CF-CAO DH.60M Moth 776 CF-CAO Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Calgary AC >A Berry >Beaulieu Yellowknife Mines 15.05.29 603 Derelict Yellowknife 6.2.47
CF-CAP DH.60M Moth 766 CF-CAP Border Cities AC >A Elmhirst >A Johnston >C Roper 13.05.29 598 Hit shoal landing on lake nr Torrance Ont 15.8.41
CF-CAQ Avro 594 Avian IV R3/CN/221 CF-CAQ Ottawa FC 30.04.29 688 Dbr Ottawa Ont .30 pts used to build CF-CAR
CF-CAR Avro 594 Avian IV R3/CN/222 CF-CAR Ottawa FC 16.04.29 689 Dbr Ottawa Ont 28.6.31
CF-CAS DH.60M Moth 1303 CF-CAS Dept of National Defence -Fort William FC 27.05.29 632 Stalled landing Fort William 17.2.30
CF-CAT DH.60M Moth 1305 CF-CAT Dept of National Defence -Fort William FC 27.05.29 633 Dbr Fort William Ont 9.9.30
CF-CAU DH.60M Moth 1306 CF-CAU Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC 06.06.29 641 Stalled on overshoot Kingston 3.7.30
CF-CAV DH.60M Moth 794 CF-CAV Dept of National Defence -Saint John FC 06.06.29 640 Dbr Saint John 14.6.31
CF-CAW DH.60M Moth 1307 CF-CAW Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >M Gain >G Schuyt >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Cub Aircraft >L Gregory 08.06.29 648 Hit trees nr Acton Ont 9.8.42
CF-CAX DH.60M Moth 1308 CF-CAX Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC 08.06.29 647 Crashed nr Kingston Ont 4.10.30
CF-CAY Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/285 CF-CAY Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 06.07.29 680 Rts for CF-CAZ 1.6.32
CF-CAZ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/284 CF-CAZ Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 06.07.29 681 Dbr in heavy landing nr Sydney NS 28.6.37
CF-CBA Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/293 CF-CBA Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 27.07.29 707 Ground looped on landing run Brantford Ont 16.7.31
CF-CBB Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/301 CF-CBB Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC >Ottawa FC 29.07.29 710 Wfu 21.5.39 Rts
CF-CBC Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/300 CF-CBC Dept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn >Brandon FC 16.08.29 730 Wfu 18.5.37 Dismantled
CF-CBD Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/298 CF-CBD Dept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn >H Austin >R Joberty >P Atkin 16.08.29 731 Wfu 16.6.41
CF-CBE DH.60M Moth 1318 CF-CBE Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 24.06.29 669 Stalled Walkerville Ont 1.6.30
CF-CBF DH.60M Moth 1319 CF-CBF Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC 28.06.29 673 Dbr St Catherines Ont 29.4.34
CF-CBG DH.60M Moth 1311 CF-CBG Dept of National Defence -Saint John FC 15.08.29 729 Fuselage corroded 4.33
CF-CBH DH.60M Moth 1326 CF-CBH Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC 17.10.29 771 Lost control in cloud nr Halifax NS 26.9.30
CF-CBI Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1039 CF-CBI Dept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC 16.04.30 836 Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff Montreal PQ 6.12.30
CF-CBJ Avro 594B Avian IVM 322 CF-CBJ Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC >J Noury >L Ethier 21.05.30 870 Wfu due wartime restrictions 3.10.39 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CBK DH.60M Moth 1489 CF-CBK Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 05.05.30 848 Crashed nr Fisherville Ont 31.10.34
CF-CBL DH.60M Moth 1490 CF-CBL Dept of National Defence -Regina FC >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Brant-Norfolk AC >Cub Aircraft >P Anten >A Watts >Patterson & Hill >I Nelson 09.05.30 854 Wfu 8.4.43
CF-CBM DH.60M Moth 1492 CF-CBM Dept of National Defence -Fort William AC >E Farlinger 02.05.30 853 Donated to Dept National Defence 24.7.40
CF-CBN DH.60M Moth 1499 CF-CBN Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >L Shears >W Seddon >C Graffo >Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >F Powell >O Erickson 25.04.30 847 Stalled after takeoff Rice Lake Man 29.6.47
CF-CBO DH.60M Moth 1498 CF-CBO Saskatoon AC 02.05.30 866 Stalled on approach Saskatoon 5.5.40
CF-CBP DH.60M Moth 1497 CF-CBP Fort William AC 30.04.30 845 Stalled in forced landing Fort William Ont 30.6.36
CF-CBQ DH.60M Moth DHC128 CF-CBQ Halifax AC 22.04.31 972 Stalled during forced landing nr Elgin 21.6.35
CF-CBR DH.82A Tiger Moth 3478 CF-CBR Dept of National Defence -Moose Jaw FC 05.08.36 1765 to Dir of Youth Training as inst a/f 6.12.41
CF-CBS DH.82A Tiger Moth 3481 CF-CBS Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Moose Jaw FC 17.08.36 1773 to Saskatoon Tech College as inst a/f 15.8.41
CF-CBT DH.82A Tiger Moth 3479 CF-CBT Dept of National Defence -Hamilton AC 24.07.36 1764 Dbf on engine start Hamilton Ont 16.4.40
CF-CBU DH.82A Tiger Moth 3480 CF-CBU Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC >Toronto FC >Kingston FC >Dept of Transport >Johannesson FS >B Bjornson 17.08.36 1777 Overturned landing on lake in snow nr Elliott Lake Man 20.2.46
CF-CBV not allotted
CF-CBW Avro 594B Avian IVM 323 CF-CBW Dept of National Defence -London FC 09.09.30 926 Stalled on takeoff during training flight nr London Ont 19.3.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CBX DH.60M Moth DHC124 CF-CBX Dept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC 28.05.30 875 to 16EFTS as Inst a/f 19.3.40
CF-CBY DH.60M Moth DHC123 CF-CBY Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon FC 28.05.30 876 Stalled and spun nr Saskatoon 15.11.33
CF-CBZ Desoutter II D.33 G-ABCV CF-CBZ Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 08.11.30 950 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 21.3.38
CF-CCA Beech D17S 203 CF-CCA(2) Dept of Transport >Bradley AS >Spartan AS >I Sanders 14.04.38 2211 Wfu 7.12.58
CF-CCA DH.75A Hawk Moth 343 G-AAFW CF-CCA G-CYVD Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >RCAF 16.07.30 911 SOC 8.10.35
CF-CCB Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1041 CF-CCB CF-AUO Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Fleet Aircraft 15.07.30 912 Rebuilt as CF-AUO
CF-CCC DH.80A Puss Moth DHC216 CF-CCC Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 27.05.31 987 Reduced to spares 28.7.36
CF-CCD DH.60M Moth DHC110 RCAF154 CF-CCD RCAF154 CF-CFT RCAFA.105 Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >RCAF 09.02.33 1242 SOC 21.12.44
CF-CCE Fairchild KR-34C 802 CF-AMW CF-CCE CF-AMW Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 21.07.30 879
CF-CCF DH.80A Puss Moth DHC204 RCAF172 CF-CCF Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 25.09.33 1353 Dbf during refuelling Edmonton 3.9.34
CF-CCG Stearman 4-C Junior Speedmail 4013 CF-CCG Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 03.04.30 830 Hit soft spot on landing and overturned Salmo BC 1.5.34 Rts for CF-CCH
CF-CCH Stearman 4-C Junior Speedmail 4014 CF-CCH CF-BSQ Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >L Coughtry 03.04.30 831
CF-CCI DH.80A Puss Moth DHC203 RCAF171 CF-CCI Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 25.10.32 1203 Forcelanded on Lake Matchi-Manitou 28.3.35
CF-CCJ DH.80A Puss Moth DHC209 RCAF177 CF-CCJ Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 28.06.33 1300 Destroyed in hangar fire Toronto 12.11.35
CF-CCK DH.80A Puss Moth DHC210 RCAF178 CF-CCK Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 28.03.34 1379 Reduced to spares 8.4.36
CF-CCL DH.80A Puss Moth DHC207 RCAF175 CF-CCL Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 25.01.35 1514 Reduced to spares 6.36
CF-CCM DH.80A Puss Moth DHC213 RCAF181 CF-CCM Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 26.11.34 1493 to Calgary Inst of Tech 9.36
CF-CCN Fairchild 24C-8E 2801 CF-CCN Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Leavens Bros AS >Maritime Central AW 19.05.36 1691 Sold USA 1.11.43
CF-CCO Fairchild 24C-8E 2802 CF-CCO Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 10.06.36 1709 Sold USA 6.43
CF-CCP Waco YKS-6 4410 CF-CCP Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 09.04.36 1672 Damaged in fire Edmonton Alta 7.4.39 Gift to Calgary Inst Tech
CF-CCQ Waco YKS-6 4411 CF-CCQ Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Zodiac Mining >Fleet Aircraft 30.03.36 1673 Sold to USA as NC34214 7.8.43
CF-CCR Stinson SR-7B Reliant 9695 CF-CCR Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 28.03.36 1674 Stalled on landing and u/c collapsed South River Airport Ont 11.5.37
CF-CCS Waco YKS-6 4530 CF-CCS Dept of Transport 19.11.36 1883 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 21.3.38
CF-CCT Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1219 CF-CCT Dept of Transport 10.05.37 1965 Natl Aviation Museum Ottawa Ont 22.10.63
CF-CCU Waco ZQC-6 > AQC-6 4591 CF-CCU CF-ECQ Dept of Transport >Superior AW 03.04.37 1986
CF-CCV Waco ZQC-6 4590 CF-CCV Dept of Transport 03.04.37 1987 Dbf in hangar fire Ottawa Ont 9.9.37
CF-CCW Waco ZQC-6 > AQC-6 4646 CF-CCW Dept of Transport >J Murray >W Malpass >BC Airlines >H Pickup 13.10.37 2097
CF-CCX DH.60M Moth 1309 G-CYWY RCAF212 CF-CCX RCAFA.128 Dept of Transport >RCAF 18.12.37 2447
CF-CCY DH.60M Moth 1334 RCAF117 CF-CCY RCAFA.113 Dept of Transport >RCAF 18.12.37 SOC 19.9.47
CF-CCZ not allotted
CF-CDA DH.60M Moth DHC129 CF-CDA Dept of National Defence -McGill Light AC 06.05.31 978 Dbf nr Montreal 13.9.32
CF-CDB Desoutter ntu
CF-CDC DH.60M Moth DHC131 CF-CDC Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC 05.05.31 977 Fuselage corroded 23.10.33
CF-CDD DH.60X Moth 485 G-CYYS CF-CDD Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 02.08.31 1038 Seaplane. Dbr on takeoff Walkerville 4.11.32
CF-CDE Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/310 RCAF129 CF-CDE Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 22.07.33 1315 U/c collapsed on landing when bolt failed New Glasgow NS 10.6.37
CF-CDF Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/297 RCAF125 CF-CDF Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 21.10.31 1051 Stalled on landing Sydney NS 24.3.34
CF-CDG Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/307 RCAF126 CF-CDG Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 21.10.31 1053 Dbr in hard landing by student Sydney NS 15.8.37
CF-CDH Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/309 RCAF128 CF-CDH Dept of National Defence -Brandon FC 21.10.31 1052 To 19EFTS Virden Man as inst a/f .41
CF-CDI Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/296 RCAF132 CF-CDI Dept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn 05.11.31 1057 Dived too close to ground for recovery Brandon Man 6.6.33
CF-CDJ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/313 RCAF133 CF-CDJ Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 07.10.31 1045 Dbf Brandon Man 22.5.33
CF-CDK Avro 594B Avian IVM 319 RCAF142 CF-CDK Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC >J Noury >F Cybulskie >W Galbraith >J Belway 10.12.31 1065 Hit tree in forced landing due engine failure Blue Sea Lake PQ 17.3.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDL Avro 594B Avian IVM 321 RCAF144 CF-CDL Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC >Ottawa FC >R Marchand >J Berry >J Noury >W Sparrow >G Levy 07.10.31 1046 Wfu 15.7.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDM DH.80A Puss Moth DHC219 CF-IOL CF-CDM Imperial Oil >Toronto FC 28.03.34 1377 Hit by Dragonfly CF-BBD Toronto 19.4.37 cv snowmobile
CF-CDN DH.80A Puss Moth DHC212 RCAF180 CF-CDN Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 24.03.34 1376 to Central Tech School as inst a/f 24.8.40
CF-CDO DH.60M Moth 739 RCAF85 CF-CDO Dept of National Defence -Fort William AC >Lakehead FC >W Collins 01.08.34 1438 Wfu 11.3.42
CF-CDP DH.60M Moth 746 RCAF86 CF-CDP Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 01.08.34 1439 Stalled and spun Brantford Ont 21.7.35
CF-CDQ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/314 RCAF134 CF-CDQ Dept of National Defence -Moose Jaw FC >Winnipeg FC >M Helfrich >C Graffo 25.07.32 1163 Gift Natl Avn Mus Ottawa Ont .68
CF-CDR Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/315 RCAF135 CF-CDR Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 25.07.32 1162 To 14EFTS Portage la Prairie Man as inst a/f 11.6.38
CF-CDS Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1024 RCAF148 CF-CDS Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 17.02.33 1257 Hit ditch and overturned in downwind takeoff Walkerville Ont 14.5.33
CF-CDT Avro 594B Avian IVM 317 RCAF138 CF-CDT Dept of National Defence -London FC >H Fowler 02.02.33 1243 Crashed into trees on takeoff after engine failure St.Thomas Ont 28.1.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDU Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/308 RCAF127 CF-CDU Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC >Ottawa FC 20.03.33 1259 To Ottawa Tech School as inst a/f 25.10.39
CF-CDV Avro 594B Avian IVM 316 RCAF137 CF-CDV Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Calgary AC >K Pollock 09.10.33 1336 Wfu 7.9.43 to Western Canada Pioneer Mus (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDW Avro 594B Avian IVM 318 RCAF141 CF-CDW Dept of National Defence -London FC 14.11.33 1342 Dbr London Ont 11.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDX Avro 594B Avian IVM 320 RCAF143 CF-CDX Dept of National Defence -Regina FC 12.10.33 1340 Lost elevator control and dived into ground Regina Sask 20.9.35 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDY Curtiss-Reid Rambler 1003 G-CYXC CF-CDY Dept of National Defence -Brandon AC 07.03.32 1103 Stalled during takeoff from farm field Napinka Man 12.7.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDZ Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1021 RCAF145 CF-CDZ Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 13.10.33 1343 Engine failed on overshoot Kitchener Ont 7.7.34
CF-CEA Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1026 RCAF150 CF-CEA Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >J Crapp >C Millard >W Stewart 25.10.33 1469 Damaged on landing in field nr Thistletown Ont 8.5.41
CF-CEB DH.60X Moth 486 G-CYYR CF-CEB Dept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC 17.08.34 1445 Seaplane. new fuselage c/n 1344. Crashed nr Calgary 25.7.35
CF-CEC DH.60M Moth 760 G-CYYY CF-CEC Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 26.10.34 1474 Dbr Winnipeg 22.11.36
CF-CED DH.60X Moth 488 G-CYYL CF-CED Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 06.09.34 1454 Seaplane. Stalled Sydney NS 17.6.40
CF-CEE not allotted
CF-CEF DH.60X Moth 490 G-CYYJ CF-CEF Dept of National Defence -Saint John AC 06.09.34 1453 Seaplane. Hit truck landing Saint John NB 31.7.36
CF-CEG DH.60X Moth 757 G-CYXE CF-CEG Dept of National Defence -Hamilton AC >Leavens Bros AS >W Steele 05.10.34 1470 Cat A Demaine 21.1.30 but rebuilt
CF-CEH DH.60M Moth 747 RCAF87 CF-CEH Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC 17.10.34 1478 Collided with G-CALE landing Halifax NS 19.1.38
CF-CEI DH.60M Moth 749 RCAF89 CF-CEI Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC 20.10.34 1479 Hit trees landing Kingston Ont 27.2.39
CF-CEJ DH.60M Moth 750 RCAF90 CF-CEJ Dept of National Defence -London FC 25.05.35 1570 Crashed in snowstorm Port Burwell Ont 12.2.36
CF-CEK DH.60M Moth 751 RCAF91 CF-CEK Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 12.10.35 1632 Destroyed in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-CEL DH.60M Moth 738 RCAF84 CF-CEL Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >H Halliday >C Gordon 21.10.35 1633 Overturned in forced landing Compton PQ 20.7.39
CF-CEM Fleet 7B 62 CF-CEM Dept of National Defence -AC of BC >Moose Jaw FC 26.05.36 1701 To Moose Jaw Tech Coll as inst a/f 15.8.41
CF-CEN Fleet 7B 66 CF-CEN Dept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >lsd 2AOS Edmonton >DND 13.06.36 1712 To 12 Air Cadet Sqn Edmonton 20.5.34
CF-CEO Fleet 7B 65 CF-CEO Dept of National Defence -Regina FC >Moose Jaw FC 12.06.36 1711 To Dept Education Calgary Alta 7.8.41
CF-CEP Fleet 7B 64 CF-CEP Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 01.06.36 1703 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 28.9.37
CF-CEQ Fleet 7B 68 CF-CEQ Dept of National Defence -London FC >Toronto FC >R Chesney >T Fawcett >Severn Enterprises >E Richards >D Allen >E Richards 15.06.36 1731 Wfu 14.4.50
CF-CER Fleet 7B 67 CF-CER Dept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC >Brandon FC >Moose Jaw FC >Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC 15.06.36 1732 To Letherbridge Coll Inst as inst a/f 15.1.42
CF-CES Fleet 7B 63 CF-CES Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC >Moncton FC 01.06.36 1704 Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff Moncton NB 7.4.41
CF-CET Fleet 7B 61 CF-CET Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 02.05.36 1685 To Central Tech School as inst a/f 13.8.41
CF-CEU DH.60M Moth 734 RCAF80 CF-CEU Dept of National Defence -Regina FC 24.05.36 1698 Crashed on takeoff Regina Sask 1.5.36 rts
CF-CEV Avro 594B Avian IVM 65259 CF-CEV Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC 23.05.36 1699 Stalled during aerobatics at low altitude nr Inkerman Ont 1.5.37
CF-CEW Avro 594B Avian IVM 65252 CF-CEW Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC 29.05.36 1700 To Ottawa Tech School as inst a/f 14.4.41
CF-CEX Avro 594B Avian IVM 65254 CF-CEX Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 25.07.36 1756 Nosed over on landing Walkerville Ont 6.5.39 to Galt A/c School as inst a/f 4.6.41
CF-CEY Avro 594B Avian IVM 65255 CF-CEY Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 21.07.36 1748 Nosed over during engine runup Walkerville Ont 17.1.39 to Galt A/c School as inst a/f 4.6.41
CF-CEZ Avro 594B Avian IVM 65256 CF-CEZ Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon AC >F Glass 29.06.36 1728 Wfu 6.2.43 Rts
CF-CFA Avro 594B Avian IVM 65257 CF-CFA Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon AC >F Glass 17.06.36 1716 Ran into fence after passenger hit throttle Prince Albert Sask 19.5.40
CF-CFB Avro 594B Avian IVM 65258 CF-CFB Dept of National Defence -St Catherines AC 13.08.36 1771 To Galt A/c School 28.6.39
CF-CFC Avro 594B Avian IVM 65249 CF-CFC Dept of National Defence -St Catherines AC 31.07.36 1759 To Galt A/c School 1.2.41
CF-CFD Fleet 7B 77 CF-CFD Dept of National Defence -Fort William AC >Lakehead FC 29.09.36 1818 Stored 11.3.42 Dbf Fort William Ont .47
CF-CFE Fleet 7B 78 CF-CFE Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 03.10.36 1817 Pilot lost control and baled out in snowstorm nr Moncton NB 20.3.41 Rebuild abandoned
CF-CFF Fleet 7B 79 CF-CFF Dept of National Defence -Saint John FC >Moncton FC >Dept of Transport >E MacDonald >P Arsenault >V Kelner 28.10.36 1864
CF-CFG Fleet 7B 80 CF-CFG Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 07.10.36 1823 Dbf in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-CFH Avro 594B Avian IVM 65250 CF-CFH A.129 Dept of National Defence -Brandon FC 04.06.37 1980 To 19EFTS Virden Man 9.6.40 To inst a/f
CF-CFI Avro 594B Avian IVM 65251 CF-CFI Dept of Transport-Brandon FC >W Smith 25.06.37 1988 Wfu due wartime restrictions 24.5.40
CF-CFJ DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC321 CF-CFJ Dept of Transport-Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Toronto FC >Dept of Transport >L Tripp >H Wilston >Ranger Red Lake Mines 27.01.38 2166 Wfu 21.11.46
CF-CFK DH.60M Moth DHC114 RCAF164 CF-CFK Dept of Transport-Brandon FC 05.04.38 2214 Crashed at fair Moosomin Sask 1.7.38
CF-CFL not allotted
CF-CFM DH.60M Moth 719 RCAF70 CF-CFM RCAFA.111 Toronto FC >RCAF 03.08.39 2491 SOC 13.9.46
CF-CFN DH.60M Moth 715 RCAF65 CF-CFN RCAFA.119 CF-CFN Winnipeg FC >RCAF >E Richards >H Evans 02.10.39 2542 Wfu 5.2.47
CF-CFO DH.60M Moth DHC104 RCAF160 CF-CFO RCAFA.110 Halifax AC >RCAF 14.08.39 2501 SOC 13.9.46
CF-CFP DH.60M Moth DHC116 RCAF166 CF-CFP RCAFA.121 Montreal Light AC >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >RCAF 27.07.39 2497 SOC 14.9.44
CF-CFQ DH.60M Moth DHC117 RCAF167 CF-CFQ RCAFA.118 Regina FC >RCAF 20.07.39 2494 SOC 9.9.44
CF-CFR DH.60M Moth 716 RCAF67 CF-CFR RCAFA.123 CF-CFR Hamilton AC >RCAF >Leavens Bros AS >E Baxter >Rocky Point AW 02.08.39 2493 Dbr in forced landing nr Dorset Ont 18.9.46
CF-CFS DH.60M Moth 721 RCAF72 CF-CFS RCAFA.107 Calgary AC >RCAF 27.07.39 2502 SOC 12.4.45
CF-CFT DH.60M Moth DHC110 RCAF154 CF-CCD RCAF154 CF-CFT RCAFA.105 Aero Club of BC >RCAF 25.10.39 2550 SOC 21.12.44
CF-CFU DH.60M Moth DHC111 RCAF155 CF-CFU RCAFA.106 Aero Club of BC >RCAF 25.10.39 2551 SOC 25.5.44
CF-CFV DH.60M Moth DHC102 RCAF158 CF-CFV RCAFA.112 then A.158 Toronto FC >RCAF 03.08.39 2492 SOC 12.12.42
CF-CFW DH.60M Moth 788 RCAF120 CF-CFW RCAFA.124 CF-CFW RCAFA.136 Hamilton AC >RCAF >Patterson & Hill >RCAF 12.03.40 2611 SOC 16.6.42
CF-CFX DH.60M Moth 714 RCAF64 CF-CFX RCAFA.109 Halifax AC >RCAF 16.08.39 2508 SOC 1.9.44
CF-CFY DH.60M Moth DHC115 RCAF165 CF-CFY RCAFA.122 Montreal Light AC >Hamilton AC >RCAF 04.08.39 2500 SOC 9.11.44
CF-CFZ DH.60M Moth 724 RCAF75 CF-CFZ RCAFA.108 Calgary AC >RCAF 14.08.39 2528 SOC 15.5.48
CF-CGA DH.60M Moth DHC101 RCAF157 CF-CGA RCAFA.117 Regina FC >RCAF 18.08.39 2524 SOC 9.9.44
CF-CGB DH.60M Moth DHC133 CF-AVF RCAF223 CF-CGB RCAFA.120 then A.223? CF-CGB Winnipeg FC >RCAF >C Feeney 02.10.39 2541 Wfu 6.8.46
CF-CGC DH.60M Moth 722 RCAF74 CF-CGC Halifax AC 11.07.39 2495 sold 3.41
CF-CGF Fleet 7B Fawn I 12 RCAF191 CF-CGF RCAF191 A.207 Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >RCAF >loan Curtiss-Reid FS >RCAF 31.10.39 2552
CF-CGG Fleet 7B Fawn I 16 RCAF195 CF-CGG RCAF195 A.210 St Catherines FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 21.11.39 2569
CF-CGH Fleet 7B Fawn I 17 RCAF196 CF-CGH RCAF196 A.211 Saskatoon FC >RCAF >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF 22.11.39 2574
CF-CGI Fleet 7B Fawn I 18 RCAF197 CF-CGI RCAF197 A.212 Brant-Norfolk AC >RCAF 13.11.39 2557
CF-CGJ Fleet 7B Fawn I 21 RCAF200 CF-CGJ RCAF200 A.213 Moose Jaw FC >RCAF >loan Moose Jaw FC >RCAF 16.11.39 2565
CF-CGK Fleet 7B Fawn I 23 RCAF202 CF-CGK RCAF202 Kingston FC >Brant-Norfolk FC >RCAF 15.11.39 2553
CF-CGL Fleet 7B Fawn I 26 RCAF205 CF-CGL RCAF205 A.214 Cape Breton FC >Moncton FC >RCAF 05.11.39 2581
CF-CGM Fleet 7B Fawn I 29 RCAF208 CF-CGM RCAF208 A.216 London FC >RCAF >loan Curtiss-Reid FS >RCAF 00.10.39
CF-CGN Fleet 7B Fawn I 30 RCAF209 CF-CGN RCAF209 A.217 Kitchener-Waterloo FC >RCAF >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 27.11.39 2571
CF-CGO Fleet 7C Fawn II 84 RCAF230 CF-CGO Ottawa FC >Patterson & Hill 09.12.39 2582 Dbr Toronto Ont 19.10.40
CF-CGP DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC302 RCAF240 CF-CGP RCAF240 Calgary AC >RCAF 28.10.39 2554
CF-CGQ DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC303 RCAF241 CF-CGQ RCAF241 Brandon FC >RCAF 13.11.39 2562
CF-CGR DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC304 RCAF242 CF-CGR Regina FC >Leavens Bros AS >Ranger Red Lake Mines 16.11.39 2564 Wfu 11.1.47
CF-CGS DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC306 RCAF244 CF-CGS Winnipeg FC 13.11.39 2555 Spun in during aerobatics nr Balmoral Man 17.9.40
CF-CGT DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC307 RCAF245 CF-CGT Hamilton AC 16.11.39 2566 Wfu 26.8.43. Parts used to rebuild CF-BNC in 1950
CF-CGU DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC309 RCAF247 CF-CGU Montreal Light AC >Curtiss-Reid FS 02.12.39 2577 Wfu 24.11.44
CF-CGV DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC312 RCAF250 CF-CGV Halifax AC >Patterson & Hill >Canadian Pacific AL >Curtiss-Reid FS 04.11.39 2573 Wfu 9.9.46
CF-CGW DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC316 RCAF254 CF-CGW Toronto FC 25.10.39 2556 Mid air collision with CF-BKX Toronto 8.5.42
CF-CGX DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC317 RCAF255 CF-CGX RCAF255 Moncton FC >RCAF 02.11.39 2572
CF-CGY DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC318 RCAF256 CF-CGY RCAF256 Border Cities AC >RCAF 16.11.39 2578
CF-CGZ DH.82A Tiger Moth 3348 (G-ADHA) CF-AVG RCAF238 CF-CGZ RCAF238 Aero Club of BC >loan Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >loan Moose Jaw FC >RCAF 27.12.39 2583 Reduced to produce Trenton 9.2.44
CF-CHA DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC324 RCAF277 CF-CHA RCAF277 St Catherines FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 00.11.39
CF-CHB DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC322 RCAF275 CF-CHB RCAF275 Brandon FC >RCAF 20.01.40 2590
CF-CHC DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC320 RCAF258 CF-CHC RCAF258 then A.362 Ottawa FC >loan Winnipeg FC >loan Brandon FC >RCAF 10.01.40 2604
CF-CHD DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC310 RCAF248 CF-CHD RCAF248 Moose Jaw FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 15.03.40 2617
CF-CHE Fleet 7B Fawn I 25 RCAF204 CF-CHE Kingston FC >Brant-Norfolk FC >Patterson & Hill >J Hawthorne 13.03.40 2618 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Ont 17.8.45
CF-CHF Fleet 7C Fawn II 58 RCAF220 CF-CHF RCAF220 A.195 Saskatoon FC >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF 02.05.40 2635
CF-DTA Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 5033 CF-DTA Dept of Transport >M Petitclerc >J Gauthier >Gold Belt AS 15.07.38 2286 Landed in field on floats due engine failure 5m N Amos PQ 2.7.52
CF-DTB Waco AQC-6 Custom 5035 CF-DTB Dept of Transport >G Whissell >E Callison >Associated AW 15.09.38 2349 Hit tree on takeoff Lesser Slave Lake Alta 7.2.52
CF-DTC Waco AQC-6 Custom 5036 CF-DTC Dept of Transport 10.03.39 2394 Rts 25.7.43
CF-DTD Waco AQC-6 Custom 5037 CF-DTD RCAF CF-DTD N2849D Dept of Transport >loan RCAF >G Dalziel 05.04.39 2418 Sold USA as N2849D 8.56
CF-DTE Beech D17S 403 CF-DTE Dept of Transport >Orillia AS >G Clarke >L Cross >Ferland Construction >Cargair 02.04.40 2621 Stored Calgary 19.6.63 Displayed Reynolds Alberta Museum
CF-DTF Beech D17S 404 CF-DTF Dept of Transport >Okanagan Broadcasters >J Capozzi >West Coast AS >Courier Corp 08.04.40 2622 Pilot jumped when fuel ran dry 1m SE Northfield Minn 5.5.60
CF-DTG Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7129 NC22547 CF-BSG RCAF3482 CF-DTG RCAF3482 Dept of Transport >RCAF 04.04.41 2829
CF-DTH Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7193 NC23742 CF-BSB RCAF3487 CF-DTH Dept of Transport >P Huot >Bradley AS >C Bertrand >A Penchuk >A Wells >H Meiteen 04.04.41 2834 Wfu 12.1.57
CF-DTI Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7259 NC23781 CF-BSO RCAF3475 CF-DTI CF-BJN Dept of Transport 04.04.41 2835
CF-DTJ DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC681 RCAF4351 CF-DTJ Dept of Transport >A Cote >F Lavoie 20.09.43 3030 Failed to recover from spin St Francois de Sales-Sud 23.7.53
CF-DTK Fleet 16B Finch 275 RCAF4408 CF-DTK Dept of Transport >S Squires >J Franklin 21.12.43 3099 Wing hit ground in forced landing due engine failure nr Summerside PEI 28.12.52
CF-DTL DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC724 RCAF4394 (CF-DTL) CF-FGL Dept of Transport ntu-poor condition
CF-DTM Avro 652A Anson V RCAF12321 CF-DTM RCAF12321 Dept of Transport >RCAF 16.03.44 3092
CF-DTN DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC661 RCAF4331 CF-DTN RCAF4331 Dept of Transport >RCAF 15.06.44 3063
CF-DTO Avro 652A Anson V RCAF12278 CF-DTO Dept of Transport 05.10.44 3091 Ran off runway on landing - u/c collapsed Ottawa Ont 15.10.48
CF-IOL DH.80A Puss Moth DHC219 CF-IOL CF-CDM Imperial Oil 30.06.31 1013 Hit by Dragonfly CF-BBD Toronto 19.4.37 cv snowmobile
CF-MAA Vickers Vedette Va CV.149 G-CYZF CF-MAA Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 1137 Wfu 15.4.37 Burned
CF-MAB Vickers Vedette II CV.71 G-CYYD CF-MAB Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 1138 Wfu 9.5.34 Rts
CF-MAC Vickers Vedette II CV.76 G-CYYA CF-MAC Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 1139 Wfu 23.5.35
CF-MAD Vickers Vedette II CV.90 G-CYXZ CF-MAD Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 1135 Wfu 23.5.35
CF-MAE Vickers Vedette II CV.72 G-CYYC CF-MAE Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 1136 Wing ignited after engine shutdown at dock Cranberry Portage Man 28.7.32
CF-MAF Vickers Vedette II CV.93 G-CAUT CF-MAF Canadian Vickers >lsd Western Canada AW >Manitoba Govt AS 14.05.35 1568 Wfu 16.4.37 Burned
CF-MAG Vickers Vedette V CV.147 CF-AIS CF-MAG Manitoba Govt AS 21.07.34 1448 Dbr 7.9.37
CF-MAH Fairchild FC-2 97 NC5576 G-CARE CF-MAH Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration >L Stewardson >Manitoba Govt AS 02.04.35 1549 Spark ignited gasoline while at dock Lac du Bonnet Man 28.5.43
CF-MAI Fairchild 82 > 82A 37 CF-MAI Manitoba Govt AS >Central Northern AW >Associated Air Taxi >Granduc Mines 17.08.35 1753 Hit downdraft while dropping supplies Salmon Galcier nr Stewart BC 28.7.56
CF-MAJ Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5252-S CF-MAJ Manitoba Govt AS >J Tait >L Rogerson >R Downing 07.07.37 2009 Engine caught fire on takeoff Lower Twin Lake Ont 17.7.54 Dbf
CF-MAK Fairchild 82D 64 CF-AXO CF-MAK Manitoba Govt AS >Northland Fish >C McAvoy >McAvoy AS 25.03.38 2202 Disappeared on local flight nr Contwoyto Lake NWT 9.6.64
CF-MPA DH.90 Dragonfly 7530 CF-MPA RCAF7626 RCMP >RCAF 01.05.37 1945 Reduced to spares 28.1.43
CF-MPB DH.90 Dragonfly 7531 CF-MPB RCAF7627 CF-BZA RCMP >RCAF 29.05.37 1974 Dismantled 8.10.49
CF-MPC DH.90 Dragonfly 7522 CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXU RCMP >RCAF 15.07.37 2019 Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-MPD DH.90 Dragonfly 7538 CF-MPD CF-BPD RCMP >Noorduyn Aircraft 26.06.37 2017 Groundlooped on takeoff Edmonton 13.4.43
CF-MPE Noorduyn Norseman IV 16 (CF-BFS) CF-MPE CF-MPF RCMP 18.08.38 2304 Rebuilt with new fuselage as CF-MPF
CF-MPF Noorduyn Norseman IV 27 CF-MPF RCMP >Halls AS >A Racicot >Gold Belt AS >Kapuskasing FS >White River AS >Ignace AW 28.06.40 2666 Wfu 10.5.68
CF-OAA DH.60X Moth 535 G-CAJW CF-OAA Ont Provincial AS 23.02.29 561 Crashed on takeoff Twin Lake Ontario 19.6.46
CF-OAA DH.60M Moth 761 CF-OAA Ont Provincial AS 10.06.29 used to rebuild CF-OAA c/n 535. Stalled after takeoff Twin Lakes Ont 19.6.46
CF-OAB Vickers Vedette V CV.129 CF-OAB Ont Provincial AS 07.08.29 715 Damaged East Bay on Lake Nipigon 30.8.40 Further damage on landing at Orient Bay Ont Used to rebuild G-CAND
CF-OAC DH.60M Moth 762 CF-OAC Ont Provincial AS 10.06.29 649 Dbr Fort William Ont 8.6.36
CF-OAD DH.60M Moth 765 CF-OAD Ont Provincial AS 17.07.29 714 Capsized taxying Cross Lake Ont 4.5.44
CF-OAE DH.60M Moth DHC120 CF-OAE Ont Provincial AS >A Guest >A Berry 01.05.30 841 Reduced to spares 18.5.45
CF-OAF DH.60M Moth DHC122 CF-OAF Ont Provincial AS >W Millar >Mercury AS >M Millar >R Hayashi 14.05.30 873 Dbr in hurricane Toronto 14.12.54
CF-OAG DH.60M Moth DHC121 CF-OAG Ont Provincial AS 01.05.30 842 Dbr in forced landing Pinei Lake to White River Ont 21.7.34 parts to c/n DHC134
CF-OAH Hamilton H-47 Metalplane 61 NC371H CF-OAH Ont Provincial AS 09.05.30 850 Sold to USA 7.45
CF-OAI Hamilton H-47 Metalplane 67 NC877H CF-OAI Ont Provincial AS 09.05.30 851 Dbr nr Fort Frances Ont 18.8.31
CF-OAJ Hamilton H-47 Metalplane 65 NC875H CF-OAJ Ont Provincial AS 11.08.30 913 Sold to USA 7.45
CF-OAK DH.61 Giant Moth DHC141 CF-OAK Ont Provincial AS 14.06.32 1145 Built using parts from G-CARD. Hit rock on landing Gander Lake Ont 23.5.35
CF-OAL Fairchild 71C 14 (CF-ATF) CF-OAL CF-BAL VO-AFG H Pasmore >lsd Ont Provincial AS >Great Lakes AW >Fairchild Aircraft >UK Sec of State for Air 09.07.32 1157
CF-OAM Fairchild 71C 10 CF-ATB CF-OAM Ont Provincial AS 07.06.32 1142 Crashed on takeoff at Rankin location nr Sault Ste.Marie Ont 6.3.35 Rebuilt as CF-OAP
CF-OAN Fairchild 71C 21 CF-OAN CF-AWN R Irvine 08.08.33 1324
CF-OAO DH.60M Moth DHC134 CF-OAO Ont Provincial AS 03.05.35 1558 Rebuild of CF-OAG c/n DHC121. Stalled on takeoff White Otter Lake Ont 31.8.42
CF-OAP Fairchild 71C 1204 CF-OAP Ont Provincial AS >Twin City Industrial Equipment 18.05.35 1564 Rebuild of CF-AOM with new fus Wfu 15.4.49 Rts
CF-OAQ Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 1 CF-OAQ Ont Provincial AS 08.05.37 1950 Capsized during severe windstorm Caribou Lake Ont 23.7.45
CF-OAR Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 2 CF-OAR Ont Provincial AS >L Fletcher 08.05.37 1951 Floats parted in heavy landing due gust Mishabashu Lake Ont 23.10.45
CF-OAS Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 3 CF-OAS Ont Provincial AS >A Mann >M Richards 15.05.37 1959 Wfu 27.4.49 Scrapped .51
CF-OAT Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 4 CF-OAT Ont Provincial AS 14.06.37 2006 Crashed while landing n small lake at night Haw Lake Ont 22.6.40
CF-OAU DH.60X Moth 508 G-CAPC CF-OAU Ont Provincial AS 14.06.37 2007 Wfu
CF-OAV Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5703 CF-OAV Ont Provincial AS 10.07.37 2107 Overturned after wing dug during takeoff Severn River Ont 27.5.48
CF-OAW Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5704 CF-OAW Ont Provincial AS >E Dale >Airdale Ltd >Ptarmigan AW 20.07.37 2137
CF-OAX Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5731 CF-OAX Ont Provincial AS 28.04.38 2280 Wfu 3.5.45 Rts
CF-OAY Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5732 CF-OAY Ont Provincial AS >Chukuni AW >Northern Canada Evangelical Mission >Ontario Central AL >A Gaffray 28.04.38 2281
CF-OAZ Stinson SR-10F Reliant 7-5941 CF-OAZ Ont Provincial AS 01.10.40 2747 Stalled on approach and overturned in water Biscotasing Ont 23.8.43
CF-PEI DH.80A Puss Moth 2019 CF-AGV CF-PEI CF-AGV H Marpole >E Jenkins >Canadian AW Ltd >DHC >E Hale >J Copeland >Kitchener-Waterloo FC 13.02.32 1216 to Galt A/c Training School as inst a/f 10.11.39
CF-SAA Vickers Vedette II CV.52 G-CYZK CF-SAA Govt of Saskatchewan 01.06.33 1285 Wfu 23.5.35
CF-SAB Vickers Vedette II CV.50 G-CYZM CF-SAB Govt of Saskatchewan 01.06.33 1286 Wfu 28.5.37
CF-SAC Vickers Vedette V CV.125 G-CYYZ CF-SAC Govt of Saskatchewan 19.08.33 1326 Wfu 21.5.36
CF-SAD Vickers Vedette II CV.34 G-CYGY CF-SAD Govt of Saskatchewan 05.05.36 1682 Wfu 5.5.37
CF-SAE Vickers Vedette II CV.53 G-CAGA G-CYGA CF-SAE Govt of Saskatchewan 27.09.34 1480 Pilot baled out after a/c inverted due turbulence Stony Lake Sask 27.5.36
CF-TCA Lockheed 10A Electra 1112 CF-TCA RCAF1526 CF-TCA CF-BTD NC79237 N79237 N1285 N79237 CF-TCA Trans Canada AL >RCAF >Dept of National Defence >RCAF 06.10.37 2104 Preserved
CF-TCB Lockheed 10A Electra 1113 CF-TCB RCAF1527 CF-TCA RCAF1527 Trans Canada AL >RCAF >Dept of National Defence >RCAF 09.10.37 2105 Rts 17.8.44
CF-TCC Lockheed 10A Electra 1116 CF-TCC N3749 Trans Canada AL >Dept of Transport >Matane AS 28.10.37 2106 Sold to USA 8.3.69
CF-TCD Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1429 CF-TCD G-AKPD Trans Canada AL >Montreal AS 12.05.38 2232 Sold to UK 6.47 Preserved Air Canada
CF-TCE Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1430 CF-TCE PT-AKT Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn 12.05.38 2233 Sold 11.51
CF-TCF Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1450 CF-TCF Trans Canada AL 24.06.38 2264 Dbr nr Moncton NB 27.2.45
CF-TCG Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1451 CF-TCG N66577 OB-LBV-296 OB-QAG-338 Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn 24.06.38 2265 Sold to USA 16.5.52
CF-TCH Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1471 CF-TCH N66578 CF-TCH Trans Canada AL >British American Oil >USA >Kenting Avn >Photographic Survey Co >Hunting Survey Corp 30.08.38 2306 Wfu 5.1.62 Rts
CF-TCI Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1472 CF-TCI Trans Canada AL >H Morris >Argosy Oil and Gas >H Fuller >Sparling Tank >Associated AW 30.08.38 2307 Crashed on test flight due overloading nr Winterburn Alta 7.6.55
CF-TCJ Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1473 CF-TCJ Trans Canada AL 07.09.38 2316 Dbf nr Turtle Creek NB 2.9.46
CF-TCK Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1474 CF-TCK Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn 07.09.38 2317 Swung during takeoff for survey operation Palisadoes Jamaica 22.3.49
CF-TCL Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1475 CF-TCL Trans Canada AL 21.09.38 2323 Hit ground landing in poor visibility nr Regina Sask 18.11.38
CF-TCM Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1476 CF-TCM OO-APM SE-BTW Trans Canada AL >Montreal AS 21.09.38 2324 Sold 5.47
CF-TCN Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1499 CF-TCN Trans Canada AL >Montreal AS >G Fairley >Central Northern AW >Argosy Gas and Oil >Commander Avn >G Godsall Equipment >G Moore >Execaire (Quebec) 27.05.39 2482 Wfu 27.3.66 Rts
CF-TCO Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1500 CF-TCO N14126 Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn >Photographic Survey Co >Hunting Survey >Kenting Avn 24.07.39 2498
CF-TCP Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1501 CF-TCP Trans Canada AL 24.07.39 2509 Crashed on approach Armstrong Ont 6.2.41
CF-TCQ Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1502 CF-TCQ Trans Canada AL 02.08.39 2514 Crashed after engine failure nr Winnipeg Man 17.1.47
CF-TCR Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1503 CF-TCR CF-CPC NC41815 Trans Canada AL >Yukon Southern AT 14.08.39 2515 Reregistered 17.11.42
CF-TCS Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1504 CF-TCS CF-CPD Trans Canada AL 18.08.39 2516 Crashed Mt.William Knight 20.12.42
CF-TCT Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar 2059 CF-TCT Trans Canada AL (fn 42) 07.01.41
CF-TCU Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar 2060 CF-TCU Trans Canada AL 07.01.41
CF-TCV Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar 2061 CF-TCV N655KC Trans Canada AL 07.01.41
CF-TCW Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar 2062 CF-TCW Trans Canada AL 13.02.41
CF-TCX Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar 2063 CF-TCX Trans Canada AL 13.02.41
CF-TCY Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar 2064 CF-TCY Trans Canada AL 13.02.41 Awaiting restoration Langley Airport
CF-TCZ Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar 2065 (CF-TCZ) USN4250 (Trans Canada AL) 13.02.41 ntu
#DHC=de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd /Toronto
#ntu=Not taken up

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