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Full text of "A pictorial history of the Methodist Church of Burr Oak, Kansas"


of the




By the

Junior Hi-Lites Class




To Mrs. Mack Harris, in grateful recognition of her achievement in writing the
original history from which many of these excerpts were taken.

In Appreciation

We wish to acknowledge the contributions of the many interested persons without
whose help this book would not have been possible. To all who in any way added
interesting items to be used we extend sincere thanks. For oral tradition, pictures,
clippings, letters, books and documents we are indebted to Mr. and Mrs. John S.
Gleason, Miss Eva Thomas, Robert Wellman and his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Wellman, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lewis, Ed Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas
Gillett, Mrs. Florence Pixler, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Johnson, Miss Lillian Judy,
Mr. and Mrs. Derald Decker, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McCammon, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Modlin,
Mr. and Mrs. Harve Decker, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Fear-
ing, Mrs. Eleanor O'Neall, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Isaac, Mr. and Mrs. Halsey Pangborn,
Mrs. Lela Dillon, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Harris, Mr. and Mrs.
Wylie Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pettit, Rev. Don O'Hara,
Rev. Claude Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Beanblossom, Miss Edna Masters, Judd Gillett,
Mr. and Mrs. Don Shoup, Rev. and Mrs. G. R. Alsobrooks, and Korwin Korb.

The Authors

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Patty ^

The Junior Hi-Lites
Sunday School Class


Members of the Junior Hi-Li tes are the
authors and compilers of this book. The
class was studying the growth of the
church from the time of Christ to the
present. Margaret Aspegren, the teacher,
suggested making a book for raising funds
for added classroom space. The class went
at it eagerly.

The members of the class are: Cheryl
Decker, Diana Ost, Shelly Harris, Luanne
Olena, Cynthia Knight, Bobby Korb, Cliff
Silsby, Randy Fearing, Audra Ost, Patty
Spatz, Mary Stepp, Cathy Gates and Renee
Si Isby .

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A History of The Methodist Church
oi Burr Oak, Kansas

Compiled by members of The Junior Hi-Lites Class of the Church School

Burr Oak became a town when a post office was estab-
lished at the A. J. Godfrey cabin on June 29, 1871. In
the fall of 1872, T. B. Carpenter brought his family
to the new townsite, moving into the one room log cabin
belonging to C. E. Lewis. The following summer, on
June 12, 1873, his wife, Mary Carpenter, died. There
being no church and no minister in Burr Oak at that
time, Mr. Carpenter engaged E. Modlin to go to Jewell
City and bring the Methodist minister, H. G. Breed,
to his home to conduct the funeral service. This was
the first Methodist service held in the community,
although another Methodist, Elder Rose, had held a
preaching service at the Godfrey cabin in the fall
of 1871. Other ministers had held interdenominational
meetings from time to time.

During the spring of 1873, Mr. Carpenter had erec-
ted a story-and-a-half building for his stock of dry
goods and groceries, and it was to the upper room
of this building that the Reverend Mr. Breed returned
two weeks after the funeral to organize a Methodist
Church. Twelve persons joined this first class, and
so it was that on June 28, 1873, the First Methodist
Episcopal Church of Burr Oak, Kansas, was born. The
names of the twelve were: E. Modlin, class leader,
Hannah Modlin, H, B. O'Neal, Amanda O'Neal, W. H.
Mahoney, R. R. Skeels, Susannah Skeels, T. B. Car-
penter, Susannah McDonald, W. H. Huntington, Cath-
erine Bennett and Thomas Lewis.

For several years meetings were held in the homes
of members and in various buildings in the town. Mem-
bership increased, and by 1880 plans were made for the
building of Burr Oak's first house of worship. There
was much talk of the coming of a railroad that year,
and T. B. Carpenter and J. M. Quigley went to Atchison
on business connected with the extension of the rail-
road. While in Atchison, they raised nearly $250 by
subscription among the wholesalers of Atchison and
St. Joseph, Mo., to aid in building the church.

At a meeting in April, trustees were appointed to
attend to the building plans. A subscription paper
was put in circulation at once and met with liberal
response. A location was chosen two blocks east of
Main Street, the ground prepared and foundation laid.
Laying of the cornerstone on Sept. 8, 1880, was a big
event in Burr Oak. A large crowd had gathered for the
occasion. Rev. J. M. Davidson of Beloit made the open-
ing address on "The Civilizing and Refining Influence
of Christianity on the Earth and on Communities". He
was followed by Rev. G. H. Woodward, a former pastor
of the church, who gave a short account of the progress
of the Burr Oak church since its inception. Elder

J. H. Lockwood of Beloit made an address on "The Prac-
tice of Laying Cornerstones; Antiquity of the Custom;
Significance Attached To T t" .

Elder Lockwood then proposed to raise at this meet-
ing the amount of $200 to help carry forward the work
of building the church. He called on T. B. Carpenter,
one of the trustees, to make a statement of the status
of the work.

This report showed:

Cost of two lots and wall, laid for foundation

30 by 50 feet $150.00

Cost of lumber on ground 600.00

Nails, painting, plastering 150.00

Carpenter work 200.00


Cash on hand 200.00

Amount subscribed 350.00

Balance needed 550.00

In response to a proposal to raise $100 in $25 sub-
scriptions, donations were made by Dr. W. J. Ross,
Rufus Wellman, and H. B. O'Neal. Ihen the ladies of
the church "put their heads together" and agreed to
form a Mite Society and raise the other $25. The
proposition was then made to raise $50 in $10 sub-
scriptions. This was easily done, and the amount
of $100 was raised in this way. Then $2.50 and $1
subscriptions were taken and another $51 was raised.

The cornerstone was then laid with the usual cere-
monies. In it were placed a Bible, Hymnal, Disci-
pline, subscription list, copy of the charter, a his-
tory of the organization of the church, list of mem-
bers, and a copy of the local newspaper, the Burr Oak

The charter had been granted on April 5, 1880,
and filed for record on April 7. The twelve persons
who organized the church in the upper room at Carpen-
ter's have usually been called the charter members.
The membership at the time the charter was received
had grown to a much larger number, all of whom, of
course, were charter members. The only names appear-
ing on the charter are those of the trustees, T. B.
Carpenter, J. E. Hawley, S. D. Decker, J. T. Masters,
J. W. Ruby, W. M. Spur lock, and E. Modlin.

The ladies organized their Mite Society in the fall
of 1880. Mrs. W. J. Ross was the first president, Mrs.
J. W. Ruby secretary and Mrs. G. R. Wellman treasurer.
Mr. Carpenter had married Catherine Modlin, daughter
of Elwood and Hannah Modlin, in 1874, and it was in the
home of Catherine Carpenter that the Mite Society met
for the first ti me .

Since times were hard, the building committee had
thought it best not to include a steeple or vestibule
in the building plans. Mrs. Carpenter thought the
church should have a steeple with a vestibule below,
so she guaranteed the funds to build it. The Mite
Society circulated a paper around town to raise part

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of the money. They also raised $100 in Mankato in
one day of soliciting in that neighboring town. They
held a fund-raising dinner at the McLain building,
donating so much food that dinners were sold all the
next day, raising an additional $60.

Shortly after the first of the year in 1881, a
revival meeting was held in the uncompleted church
under Rev. H. G. Breed» There were many converts,
and forty-two new members gained. In March it was
decided that Rev. Breed should return to Burr Oak
for the succeeding year, and would move into town
with his family. The Bishop, considering its grow-
ing importance, changed Burr Oak from a circuit point
to a station with a resident pastor.

It was nearly a year after the cornerstone lay-
ing before the new church could be dedicated. Delays,
mistakes in construction, high cost of materials and
other difficulties arose. The final cost was nearly

It was Sunday, Aug. 21, 1831, that the new Meth-
odist Church, then the only religious building ever
constructed in Burr Oak, was dedicated. The church
was crowded to capacity, and a large overflow com-
pelled to remain outside. The ceremonies were con-
ducted by Rev. 0. J. Cowles, D. D., of Topeka, assis-
ted by the pastor. Rev. H. G. Breed, Rev. J. H. Lock-
wood of Beloit, Rev. G. H. Woodward of Mankato, and

When the services began the church was about $1050
in debt, but a collection was taken, subscriptions
invited, and in a short time the full amount was rais-
ed, with $50 to spare.

A revival following 'the dedication added seventy-
one more names to the membership roll, making a total
of one hurfdred fifty-seven members.

The first parsonage, which stood beside the church,
was built in 1884, at a cost of approximately $400. In
1890 it was traded for the lot and building where the
present parsonage now stands.

Rev. B. G. McCormick always used this quotation
in his church notes in the Burr Oak Herald: "The World
Would Lurch Without the Church". When, after a year
or two, the editor suggested that he change it, he
did so. The next week it appeared, "Without the Church
the World Would Lurch".

One year during Bible school a boy's mother was
questioning him about where his class met. "Did you
go upstairs?" she inquired. "Oh, no," he responded,
"God lives up there."

During the 1930's Katie Robertson's girls named
their class The Amelia Class for Amelia Earhart.
They received a letter from the famous flyer.

Rev. A. E. Hughes, who played the concertina, told
this story of a small boy whom he sent to get it one
time. The boy rushed to the parsonage and told Mrs.
Hughes, "Your husband wants the constant screamer."

Rev. G. R. Alsobrooks said on his first Sunday in
Burr Oak, "I don't think the spirit of the Lord is in
a Methodist church after twelve o'clock."

Wlien Rev. Claude Johnson was here, one of his most
impressive services was a watch party with a midnight
communion on New Year's Eve.

In earlier days, Sunday School picnics held in the
Faidley grove were a high light of the summer.

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The Twelve

It is symbolic that the first church established in this frontier community
began when twelve Christians met in an upper room and laid the foundation for an
organization which was to have a powerful influence on the future of the town.
Pictured here are a few of those faithful twelve.

Mr. and Mrs. H.B. O'Neal and their three
children. The small boy in the picture
is Kelly O'Neal, to whose wife we are
indebted for the use of this old tintype.

Thomas Lewis. Mr. Lewis was a young man
when the church was organized. This pic-
ture was taken thirty-six years later.
(Picture courtesy Ed Lewis)

Robert R. Skeels. Mr. Skeels served on the Susannah Skeels (Mrs. R.R. Skeels)
board of the church for many years.

Members of THE TV/ELVE not pictured above are: Mr. and Mrs. E. Modlin,
W. H. Mahoney, T. B. Carpenter, Suzannah McDonald, W. H. Huntington and Cath-
erine Bennett.

Page 5

Dedication Day

This picture was taken fol-lowing
the dedication ceremonies on Aug.
21, 1881.

In the picture are:

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wellman

Mr. and Mrs. H. Breckenridge

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Judy

Mr. and Mrs. D. Beanblossom

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. O'Neal

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Skeels

and others not known,

(Contributed by Mr. and Mrs. John

S. Gleason)

Hiis picture, also lent by Mr. and Mrs. Gleason, was taken in 1912 just
before the building was mcived to make room for tlie brick church.

Page 6

Some Early Methodists

Pictured on the next two pages are a few of the
people who made it possible to maintain a church in
Burr Oak before the end of the nineteenth century.

The G. R. Wellman family was prominent in the
church from its early days. Mr. Wellman helped to
raise the money to build the first place of worship
in 1880, contributing heavily himself. In 1Q12 when
the beautiful brick edifice was constructed, Mr. Well-
man paid one fifth of the entire cost of the building.
He is reported to have said that the white steer which
he gave toward the building in 1880 was a greater sac-
rifice at the time than the generous sum contrubuted
in 1912.

Mr. and Mrs. Harve J. Grubbs were faithful Meth-
odists from the time of their marriage in 1883. Mr.
Grubbs' name appears in the old records every year
as one of those who contributed to the support of
the minister. His son Homer in later years sang in
the choir of the new church.

William and Phoebe Lewis were among the earliest
members, joining the church in 1873. They were con-
stant members, and their names appear often in the
church records. They were the parents of Ed Lewis,
grandparents of Emmett and Russell Lewis, whose child-
ren therefor are fourth generation members of the

Cal Lewis, of whose wife Belle no picture was
available, also joined the church in the seventies.
The Carpenter family lived in his cabin until they
built their store, and Charley Lewis, Cal's son,
states that it was in this cabin that some of the
earliest meetings of the church were held. Mrs.
Homer Grubbs is a daughter of Cal Lewis. Homer
Lewis Grubbs and Charley Lewis' daughter, Mrs. Gale
Tegley are third generation members. Mrs. Gary Han-
cock is a fourth generation member.

William and Jennie Riner joined the church in
1873 also. From the time they joined they became
part of the "backbone" of the church. They are
present in some of the group pictures in this his-
tory, as are some of the other members pictured

Pictures Courtesy Ed Lewis

William & Phoebe Lewis

Page 7

Wm. & Jennie Riner

The Growing Church

1886 to 1892

The earliest record in the church files in the
Stewards' Book purchased in 1886. The list of trust-
ees in than year was: J. M. Hotchkiss, C. S. Pang-
born, Frank Case, R. R. Skeels, T. B. Carpenter, A.S.
Judy, and W. P, Flood.

The pastor was George W. Wood. He was paid by sub-
scription, and the papers were apparently circulated
among the business houses, as the names of several
firms are fould on the list each year. Those recorded
as pledging money for the minister's support in 1886
were: R. R. Skeels, Wm. Riner, D. J. Kiser, H. J.
Grubbs , Daniel Skeels, Alex S. Judy, H. Breckenridge,
D. F. Jennings, Williamson and Cummings, James M.
Thomas, F, S. Drummond, David Beanblossom, David
Bullington, Frank Case, D. H. Solly, A. W. Mann,
A, Bailey, B. F. Royer, C. L. Knapp, S. W. Vinton,
W. J. White, Morris & Carhill, F. M. Drake, H. L.
Doty, J. T. Dick, L. N. Wilson, W. M. Heaston, J.N.
Green, D. VanBaren, W. P. Flood, E. White, Jesse Drake
Boyer & Bentley, Peter B. Spears, C. S. Pangborn, B.F.

Duncan, J. M. Burt, J. W. Epperson, T. B. Carpenter,
S. B. McClerkin, Isa. F. Rodson,

Duncan, J. M. Burt, J. W. Epperson, T. B. Carpenter,
S. B. McClerkin, Isa. F. Hodson, A. E. Mier, J. E.
Hawley, Chas . Russell & Co., M. Weil, J. B. Wilbur,
Frank Gilbert, James Weyand, Hannah Drake, H. F. Faid-
ley, Mrs. Clayton, H. B. O'Neal.

In 1887 a new minister, E. H. Fleischer, came to
the church. New names were added to the subscription
list. Among them were: W. H. Mahoney, Wesley Clem-
ens, Miss Fogo, Maggie Hartley, Daniel King, Phoebe
Lewis, John McKinney, Sarah Totten, A. D. Cox, B. W.

Lathrop, B. H. Johnson, H. Modlin, Ruby Ensign, W.B.
Greenside, John Royer, Roy Gibbs, Jas. Lawrence, Ben
Darling, Mrs. McCormick, Se-th Hoag, and Jones William-

Names added in 1888 were: E. 0. W. Smith, Mrs.
Liedloff, Miss Nellie Noyes, J. C. Modlin, G. R. Well-
man, A. S. Johnston, Allen Cummings, E. L. Shaw, C. M.
Ross, Jane Dale, and E. Reeves.

In 1889 Rev. J. C. Walker came to Burr Oak, where
he remained-'f or many years. This year also records
the names of former workers and many more were added.
Ihe Dick family apparently decided that the children
should learn early to support the church as the names
of J. T. Dick, Catherine Dick, G. L. Dick, India,
Alice and Lizzie are all recorded as having contri-
buted. Alice later became the mother of Elmer Alex-
ander. India was the mother of Enola Howard and Mrs.
Ted Isaac, present day members, and of Dean Belt
whose son Olin entered the ministry from this church.

Olin's daughter, Alicia Kay Belt, was a fourth gen-
eration member. Also added to the record in 1889
was the name of Carrie Nappin who later became Mrs.
J. J. Gillett. This was the first year of service
to her church, to which she and her family have added
a long record over the years. Other names recorded
for the first time in 1889 were: Melvin Pangborn,
Delia Dale, Minnie Dale, Jane King, G. W. Alexander,
C. E. Dick, J. K. Chaney, Nellie Alexander, Mrs. Hart-
ley, and Fred Abel. Fred was the father of Henry
Abel, grandfather of John and great grandfather of

Harve J . Grubbs

Page 8

Mary (Skeels) Grubbs

Contributors added in 1890 were: Charles Carp-
enter, W. C. Moon, Cora Liedloff, W. N. Hill, Nathan
Creps, W. E. Jones, W. E. Bush, Norris & Monbeck,
Isaiah Totten, D. J. Kiser, Mrs. Mattie Duncan, E.P.
Hotchkiss, Ellen Gilbert, Ellen Green, Mrs. Roth,
Willie Roth, Mrs. C. E. Lewis, and J. E. Faidley.

Names added in 1891 were: Sime Forney, Al Brakey,
W, Coyner, T, P. O'Brien, David Lantz, C. W. Good,
Mrs. D. Kirk, L. Estep, T. M. Buckles, Mrs. Keeland,
and Mrs. Harley. In that year Mrs. Jessie McCormick
carried a subscription paper and did quite well among
the ladies.

In 1892 new names on the list were: Dan Monbeck,
Mrs. Susan Hovey, W. B. Sutliff, Clark Morris, George
Carhill, C. H. Modlin, and David Convi s .

Here the old record ends. It must be remembered
that the above lists of names were not membership
lists, but names of persons signing pledges or con-
tributing funds to "pay the preacher".

A newspaper clipping from the Burr Oak Herald of
March 22, 1894, lists the newly elected officers of
the M. E. Church as: Class Leader, Nathan Creps;
Sunday School Supt., Mrs. Ida Epperson; Stewards,
Mrs. Fannie Hotchkiss, Miss Nellie Noyes, E. Modlin,
W. P. Moore, and J . H. Baker; Trustees, R. R. Skeels,
Nathan Creps, B. F. Royer, A. S. Judy, H. J. Grubbs,
C. L. Carpenter, and James Dick.

The next record book available was purchased in
1908, and these words are written on the fly leaf:

"The record was lost Sept, 1906. The following
lists of pastors' names was furnished by Mrs. Sarah
Skeels. The names of members were entered by W. A.
Van Gundy Jan. 1908. These names were secured by the
members giving to the pastor their names & the dates
so far as they could remember. This leaves the record
very ipiperfect concerning members who have died or
moved away, etc. Also some of the members cannot re-
member when or under whom they united with the church."

Following this is a list of the twelve original
members and the names of pastors from 1880. These
are listed elsewhere in this history.

In spite of a brave beginning, few names were
placed in the record. The few recorded are: Trus-
tees, R. R. Skeels, G. R. Wellman, A. S. Judy, Fred
Wilsman, J, W. Hotchkiss, R. R. Richardson, M. M.
Decker, Byron Hill, and H. J. Grubbs, Stewards: Mrs.
R. R. Skeels, Byron Hill, J. F. Robertson, Lillie
Mann, Mary Varney, R. R. Hansen, and G. E. Bentley.
Frances Pangborn was president of the Epworth League,
Mrs. A. S. Judy president of the Womens' Foreign Miss-
ionary Society, and Hannah Wilson was president of the
Ladi es' Aid, Other names recorded in the same hand-
writing were: Mrs, R. R. Hansen, Miss Tana Decker,
Miss Marie Epperson and Miss Delia Gillett. On the

same page but added at a later date are the names of
T. W. Cline, Lillian Judy (Deaconess), J. C. Walker,
Chas. Carpenter, John Gleason, and Mrs. R. R. Rich-
ardson. Presumably these are all members of the
Official Board, serving in various capacities.

On the next page we find listed the trustees for
1926-27, Ihese are: Frank Robertson, R, R, Skeels,
Alex Judy, Fred Wilsman, J. M. Tegley, Lyle Wood,
Bert Ross, Otis Beenblossom, T. W, Cline, and R. R.

On the following page are listed the members of
the Official Board for 1Q39 as follows: Dallas W.
Davis, Frances Davis, J. F. Robertson, R. R. Rich-
ardson, G. C. Modlin, L. A. Pixler, Elmer Alexander,
Florence Alexander, C. H. Pixler, Loren Fogo, Judd
Gillett, D^rlene Zoberst, Delia Garber, Elsie Call-
ahan, Katie Robertson, Tana Sabin, Ola Beanblossom,
Daisy Clark, H. A. Modlin, Ed Wilsman, 0. A. Bean-
blossom, Leo A, Beanblossom, Ethel Terrill and Ruth

Records apparently have been kept on a hit-or-miss
basis, names and other information being entered in
the books only occasionally. Obviously, it would be
impossible to list in this history the names of all
the hundreds of loyal Methodists who have contributed
to the growth of the Burr Oak church. The authors
used all the material and pictures lent them, but
some readers will be sure to notice gaps in the story.

Page 9

Mr. and Mrs. G. R, Wellman
Guy, Clifford, and Robert

Turn of the Century and After

Sarah Skeels
Mrs. Skeels was a devoted and con-
stant worker, president of the
Ladies' Aid for several years and
a Sunday School teacher.

Early Methodist Women
Mrs. R. R. Skeels, Mrs. Mary Rob-
ertson, Mrs. Mary Richardson, Mrs.
Roxy Graves , ?? •

(left) Early Churcli Workers and
Tlieir Mothers
Mattie Mann, Alice Hiatt
Wilson, Lillian Judy, Tana
Decker Sabin with Mrs. Mann,
Mrs. Skeels, and Mrs. Judy.

(All items on this page contributed
by Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gleason)

Page 10

Turn of the Century and After

Mr. and Mrs. George Alexander, Verlin, Harold and Elmer

(taken in 1910)

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gillett, Clayton, Clela, Henrietta, Nat, Elton, and Delia.
Douglas and Judd had not yet been born. Carrie Nappi n Gillettoften told of
getting the chi Idred ready for church and walking with them to the service
from the home north of town.

Page 11

Turn of the Century and After

In 1907 a new parsonage was erected. Ttie building purrhased in 1890 had
been sold and moved from the lot, and the new parsonage was built at the same

In 1913 the members of the Ladies' Aid Society entertained a group of elder
citizens at the parsonage. Tlie picture below (lent by Miss Eva Thomas) was taken
on that day.

Pictured are: front row, left to right, son of Frank Green, Mrs. J. C. Walker,
Frances Wood and her mother, Mrs. C. E. Wood, Alice Alexander, Helen Green, Dan
Monbeck. Second row, Mrs. Dan Monbeck, Mrs. B. Hill, Mrs. Eb Hill, Mrs. W.
Wertz, Mrs. Herd, Mrs. Emory, Mrs. Korb, Mrs. Beanblossom, Mrs. Wilson. Third
tow, Mrs. Cal Lewis, Mrs. Hotchki ss , ' Mrs . C. J. Canfield, Mrs. Dora Sanders,
Mrs. Mary Robertson, Mrs. A. S. Judy, Mrs. Richardson, Mr. Church, Mr. Herd,
Mr. Wertz. Back row, Mrs. Hutchi nson, Rev. J. C. Walker, Rev. C. E. Wood, Jim
Hotchki ss, Mr. Richardson, and in the rear, A. S. Judy.

Page 12

More Early Methodists

Mrs. Anna Louise Decker was a charter member of
the "Cheerful Workers Class" of the M. E. Church
and a member of the Missionary Society. Her letter
was transferred from Henderson Chapel to Burr Oak
when she came to Burr Oak. Mother of Harve and Bill
Decker, she was the grandmother of Derald Decker and
of Mrs. Lee Carman. Great grandchildren are Terry,
Bob, and Car la Garman, and Cheryl Decker, one of the
authors of this book.

Mrs. Joseph Olena was converted in an old fash-
ioned revival meeting held in the Burr Oak M, E.
Church in December, 1880. Mrs. Olena' s great gran-
daughter is Luanne Olena, one of the authors of
this book.

Cheerful Workers Sunday School Class, 1913
Mrs. Ladwig, Mrs. F. Wilsman, Mrs. J. L. Graves, Mrs. A. S. Judy, Mrs. Beachly,
Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Grubbs , Mrs. Moorman, Mrs. J. C. Walker, Mrs. Ensign, Mrs. Davis,
Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Mary Verney, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Canfield, Mrs.
Richardson, Mrs. Bently, Mrs. Zumbum, Mrs. Bechtold, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Skeels, Mrs.
Sanders, and a f ew others not known. Mrs. Varney, teacher.

(Contributed by Mrs. John S. Gleason)

Page 13

Mrs. Willard Smith with her parents, Joseph and Margaret Werts. Mrs. Smith is
the mother of Mrs. Harve Decker and grandmother of Derald, whose daughter Cheryl
is one of the authors of this book. Ihus, five generations of the Werts family
and decendents have attended this church. A photo of the Smiths appears below.

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Smith and Gerald, with Mr. Mathias and his daughter Amy,
Mr. Mathias and Amy worked in the Smith store, and the above picture was made
for use on a calendar given to customers by the store in 1909, Mrs, Smith was
an early church worker, serving as president of the Ladies' Aid. Miss Mathias
was church organist and secretary-treasurer of the Sunday School.

Page 14

An Important Year— 1912

Early in the twentieth century the congregation
became too large for the little white frame church.
A new building was under contemplation for several
years. Several thousand dollars had been subscribed
when, on Dec. 4, 1911, it was definitely decided to
build. During 1912 the present brick building was
constructed. The pastor that year was Rev. C. E.
Wood. R. R. Skeels, J. N. Hotchkiss and G. R, Well-
man were the building committee. Total cost of the
new church was $16,000.

A newspaper item taken from the Burr Oak Herald
in March 1912, states that several contractors were
in town on March 1st to bid on the contract for the
new M. E. Church. Successful bidder was M. S. Brady
of Beloit. Work was begun as soon as the weather per-
mitted, and by July 5 the basement and foundation were
finished and ready for the ceremony of laying the cor-
ners tone .

The services opened at 7:00 p.m. with music by the
band. The choir led the singing of the hymn "Praise
God From Whom All Blessings Flow", the same hymn which
had been sung at the laying of the old cornerstone 32
years before. Rev. J. C. Walker gave many reminis-
cences of his pastorate almost a quarter of a century

earlier. He was followed by another former pastor,
Samuel Barber, who dwelt upon the need for individual
action among members of the church to make their work
a success. A. S. Judy, a trustee of the church, then
read some verses written by himself in honor of the
occasion. After reading the ritual service. Rev. A.W.
Henry, pastor of the Christian church, and Rev. T.E.
George, pastor of the Brethren church, each read a
scripture lesson. The box to be placed in the corner-
stone was then filled, the pastor naming each article
as he placed- it in the box. Following the singing of
Hymn 355, District Supt. L. E. Rockwell made a short
talk, and Rev. J. O. Borton, a former pastor, spoke
urging concerted as well as individual action among
the church workers. Rev. W. A. VanGundy , another for-
mer minister, then in fitting words bade farewell to
the old church building, which had served the congre-
gation well for 32 years. The air tight copper box
was then put in place by the pastor and the corner-
stone laid as dusk settled over the scene.

The picture shown here was posed earlier in the
evening, as it was too dark for picture taking at
the time the actual ceremony took place.

Some of those pictured are: Rev. W.A,

VanGundy, Rev. J.E. Walker, the pas-
tor. Rev. C.E. Wood, G.R. Wellman,
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hotchkiss, Cal Lewis,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wi Isman, Mr. Cope-
land, Mrs. Geo. Bentley, Mary Varney,
Myrtle Richardson and daughter Lois,
Lillie Judy, Mrs. A.W. Canfield and
daughter Mildred, Mrs. C.J. Canfield,
Mrs. Henrietta Liedloff, Mrs. Bud
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Skeels,
Mrs. Alex Judy, Mrs. Jennie Aldridge,
and A.M. Montgomery (Monty), M.O.P.
mail clerk, Concordia to Burr Oak.
C Eva Thomas and Korwin Korb lent pic-
tures like above, Korwin contributed
the names.)

Page 15

Willing Workers Sunday School Class 1912

Back row: Delia Gillett, Lela Smith, Hazel Lewis, Floye Fisher, Clara Bentley,
Emma Callahan, Eva Terrill, Hila Gillespie, Goldi e Hutchison, Mrs. E. A. Convis,
teacher. Front row: Clela Gillett, Marie Epperson, Irma Renner, Hazel Gillespie,
Maude Lantz, Flora Moorman. The picture was taken in Ladwig's yard one half mile
east of Burr Oak at Easter, 1912.

This class was well named. It consisted of twenty-four girls from the high
school. Being greatly interested in the construction of a new church edifice,
they sought a way to earn a substantial sum of money as their donation to the
building fund. The plan they decided as best was to compile and publish a church
cook book. They visited homes in the country and town to secure the best recipes
of the best cooks, which were classified and assembled with the permission and
names of the donors. The publication and sale of this book was a success and much
credit for their efforts goes to these Willing Workers. A page from this cook
book appears on the next page. (Contributed by Mrs. John S. Gleason)

The above picture shown a girls' Sunday School class of the 1920' s at a pic-
nic in the park at Superior, Nebr. The teacher, Mrs. R. R. Hansen. Shown left
to right are: Opal Dorrance, Ruby Lucas, Olive Robertson, Estelle Tucker, R. R.
Hansen, Bessie Belt, Ruth Overman, Ruth Walden, Pearl Fishburn, Mrs. R.R. Hansen,

Page 16

maim Workrg


Marie Epperson
Delia Gillet
^Faye Williamson
??Bessie Poole
Maude Lanlz
Hazel Gillespie^
Clara Benlley
Ruth Ross
'Ethel Cole
Hazel Lewis
Clelia Gillet
??^ary Van Winkle

"^Stella Peirce
Hila Gillespie
Floye Fisher
Goldie Hutchison
Flora Moorman

'^'Phila Marshall
•Susie Bechtold
Eva Terr'-'
Niiiu. fcirce

'""Mattit Lewis

^ Bertha 'Qannan
Mimp'e -Merrill

Mrs. E. A. CO'iuis. Teacher

Another class of girls of which no picture is available, but which will long
be remembered by its members was Mrs. Hawley's "Pollyannas" . Mrs, Hawley was the
wife of Dr. J. E. Hawley. The girls in the class were: Ruth Hansen, Ardell Walden,
Mildred Canfield, Lucille Green, Marie Cameron, Fern Gleason, Florence Gleason, Fern
Glover, Thelma Bell, Lois Woodruff, Allene Meyer, Vera Colvin, Wi Ima Short, Hazel
Short, Cleo Wilsman, Elva Dorrance, Esther Overman, Rachel Overman, Esther Walden,
and Pearl McMains. (Contributed by Mrs. Russell Lewis)

Mrs. Li Hie Mann taught a class of lively boys who still remember her. Some
of the boys she taught were: Judd Gillett, Duane Hill, Glen Cline, Lawrence Chad-
bourne, Howard Lucas, Wayne Beanblossom.

Page 17

Tlie picture above (contributed by Eva Thomas) was
taken just after the morning service on the day the
new building was dedicated. The old frame church had
been moved into the street just south of the lot on
which the church stands, and one corner of the roof
of the old building can be seen in this picture. The
dedication took place on Dec. 1, 1Q12.

Th; dedication was in charge of Dr. T. C. Iliff of
Denver, Colo. At 9:30a.m. the people gathered in the
old church, and at 10:00 a.m. the ushers, carrying the
collection plates, started down the aisles of the old
church followed by the ministers present, the trustees,
contractor, building committee, and the large congre-
gation. Morris Wood rang the bell for the first ser-
vices. As the -bell ceased ringing the contractor han-
ded the keys to the board of trustees, who handed them
to the pastor and the doors of the new church swung
open. The ushers carried the collection plates and
one of the trustees bore the new Bible down the aisle
and laid them in place. As Mrs. M. C. Berkeley played
a beautiful organ voluntary the people crowded in and
filled the new church to overflowing. After tlie sing-
ing of "Praise God From Wliom All Blessings Flow", Dr.
Iliff led in prayer and services in the new church
began. A large choir and orchestra, under the lead-
ership of Wesley Green, led the singing. District
Supt. L. E. Rockwell, Rev. W. A. VanGundy and Rev.
J, C. Walker, former pastors; Rev. C. E. Tinker of
Otego, and Rev. A. W. Henry of tlie Christian church
were present and took part in the services.

After preaching a most fitting sermon, Dr. Tliff
asked for $7000, $4704 of which was raised. At 2:30
Dr. Iliff conducted the communion service, after whi cli
$890 was subscribed. Dr. Iliff preached again at 7:30
and at this service enough money was subscribed to
more than cover the $7000 asked for in the morning,
and the church was duly dedicated to Almight God amidst
great rejoicing. "Dedicated free of debt because tlie
people had a will to work." (John Cloason)

The old church was sold to Sam Demaray and moved
to the east part of town where it has since been used
by the Church of the Nazarene.

Some of those present at the dedication were: Mr.
and Mrs. G, R. Wellman, Robert, Clifford, and Guy;
Mr, and Mrs. A. S. Judy and Li Hie; Mr. and Mrs. R.R.
Skeels; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Robertson, John and Olive;
Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason; Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Pixler
(from the Otego church); Hazel Curren; Rev. and Mrs.
C. E. Wood; Mr. and Mis, Wesley Green; Mr. and Mrs.
Loren Stanley; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hill; Mrs. Sarah
Canfield.; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Canfield; Mrs, Ida Epper-
son and Marie Epperson; Mrs. Roxy Graves; Mrs, Mary
Robertson; Mr. and Mrs. Riley Richardson; Mrs. Lied-
loff; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Green; Dr. and Mrs. Will
McCormick; Mrs. Minnie Renner; Mr. and Mrs. Wi Hard
Smith, Lela and Gerald; Homer Grubbs; Mr. and Mrs,
Will Chadbourne; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hotchkiss and Veryl;
Cap Modlin; Mr. and Mrs. George Bentley; Miss Eva
Terrill; Miss Clara Bentley; Mrs. J. J, Gillett, Clela,
Henrietta, Elton, Delia, Clayton, and Nat; Mr. and
Perry Austin and Roy; Ray Curren; E. A. Convis, Laverne
Convis; Mrs. E. A. Convis; Mrs. Cal Lewis; Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. Grubbs; Miss Hazel Lewis; Miss Mattie Lewis;
llalph Parsons; Mr. and Mrs. Art Mann; Mr. and Mrs, Dan
Skeels; Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Hawley; James Scott, Mrs.
Scott; Belva Shores; Blanche Lamb; Manty Harris; Opal
Fishburn; Lois Fuller; Pauline Stanley; Ennis Cook;
Wilson Beanblossom; Mr. and Mrs. Otis Beanblossom;
Faye Williamson; Art Murphy; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dai-
ley; Hila and Hazel G'llespie; Wade Hutchison and
Goldie; Jennie Smith; Lela Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Kelly
O'Neal; Mr. and Mrs. George Alexander, Harold, Elmer
and Verlin; Mrs. Glee Howard; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil
Modlin (visiting from Otego); William and Aiuia Decker;
Harvey and Will Decker; Miss Mattie Gillett.

Page 18

In January, 1913, Pastor C. E. Wood, D.D. , Ph. D. , sent out New Years Greet-
ings in the form of a folder with a picture of the new chutch on the front. In-
side was a brief history of the church, the story of the dedication of the new
building, and information concerning the functioning of the organization. Follow-
ing here is a copy of the information provided.


R. R. Skeels
J. W. Green
G. E. Bentley
G. R. Wellman


Official Board
G. E. Bentley President
Vesalius Davis Secretary
R. R. Richardson Treasurer

Treasur er
Wm. Bechtold

R. R. Richardson
H, J. Grubbs A. S. Judy

J. N. Hotchkiss

Women's Foreigh Missionary Society
Mrs. C. B. Wood President

Standard Bearers
Lelah Smith President

King's Heralds
Henrietta Gillett President

Ladies Aid
Mrs. Sarah Wilsman



J. C. Modlin E. A. Convis

W. S. Chadbourne
E. H. Cook E. H. Tucker

Class Leaders
G. R. Wellman Mrs. W. H. Masters

Sunday School
Lillian Judy Superintendent

Epworth League
Guy Wellman President

Chorister and Organist
Wesley Green Tana Decker


Pastor's Study
The pastor's study will be in the
basement, where he may be found
from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. and from
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Phone No. 75,

Public Library
The public library will be in the
same room as the pastor's study and
will have the same hours.


There will also be three other depart-
ments :

Information and Employment Bureau
The purpose of these bureaus is to
help the people and no cost is attac-
hed to any of them. They are open to
the general public to use as freely
as they please. The hours are the
same as those given as study hours.

Physical Development
Classes will be formed for physical
development. If you wish to join,
see the pastor.

Local Missionary Work
If you have anything to give to the
poor and needy, it will be taken care
of and will be given where needed.
Mrs. J. L. Graves is chairman of this
committee. This department will be
called the local missionary work.

Exchange Bureau
The purpose is to bring together those
having anything to sell or wishing to
buy. We are confident that work along
these lines will not detract from nor
lessen the spiritual work of the

(Read Matt. 25: 31-46)

Page 19

Two Early Sunday School Classes

Above, top row, 'left to right: Ruth Walden, Mary Snyder, Helen Snyder, Lucille
Green, Ruth Overman, Annabelle Colvin, Mrs. Tod Cline, Bessie Belt. Bottom row,
Ralph Hansen, Kenneth Gile, Tod Cline, teacher, Hallie Van Meter, Gerald Schwit-
zer, Walter Overman,

This picture, taken during the winter of 1908-09, shows a Sunday School class of
girls. From left to right they are: Lela Smith, Lulu Masters, Maud Ingham, Ger-
trude Rogers, teacher, Vida Powell, Minnie Thom, Bertha Garman, Pearl Kern, Orra
Skelly, Floye Fisher, Hazel Lewis.
(Picture contributed by Lela Smith Dillon)

Page 21

Church choir, 1918, under direction of Wesley Green. The rostrum of the brick
church looked like this before remodeling. Pictured are: back row, Homer Grubbs,
Gene Wilbur, Charley Carpenter, John Gleason, Wade Hutchinson, Harold Shores,
Dr. W. L. McCormick, Frank Leidloff, Gerald Smith, Earl Miller, Tod Cline, Floyd
Lull, Seated: Delia Gillett Dietz, Harriet Cook, Berniece Woodrig, Elizabeth
Rothweiler, Tana Decker Sabin, Wesley Green, Gertrude Smith, Bertha Ellis, Edith
Green. (Contributed by Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason)

Below is a picture of the central part of the rostrum after remodeling in 1952.
The choir sits at right behind the lectern. The organ and piano are at the left,
behind the pulpit. The baptismal font, made by Rev. Claude Johnson, is at floor
level at the left of the pulpit. The baptistry beneath the rostrum was removed
in 1952 when a forced air furnace was installed.

Page 22

This picture, contributed for this history by Mrs. Lyle McCammon, was prob-
ably made on some special occasion about 1915. Names listed here were provided
by Mr. Clarence Fearing and Miss Eva Thomas. Some of those pictured here are:
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Robertson, Olive and John; Mr, and Mrs. Byron Hill; Miss Hazel
Curren; Mrs. Sarah Canfield; Miss Marie Epperson; Mr, and Mrs. Louis Daily; Mr.
and Mrs. Riley Richardson; Mrs. Liedloff; Mrs. Mary Robertson; Cap Modlin; Mr.
and Mrs. John Gleason; Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Skeels; Mr. and Mrs. George Bentley;
Clarence Fearing; Mrs. John Fearing; Miss Grace Fearing; Ted Fearing; Doris Fear-
ing; Miss Emma Wilson; Miss Eva Terrill; Miss Clara Bentley; Mrs. Sanders; Mr,
and Mrs. A. S. Judy and Lillie; Miss Pauline Stanley; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Smith;
Gerald and Lela Smith; Mrs. Fred Wj Isman, Mrs. Jim Hotchkiss, Veryl Hotchkiss;
Miss Clela Gillett; Miss Henrietta Gillett; Mr. and Mrs. Perry Austin; Roy Austin;
Mr. and Mrs. Lor en Stanley; Guy Wellman; Wilson Beenblossom; Mrs. Roxy Graves;
James Scott; Mrs. Scott; Ennis Cook; Miss Delia Gillett, Ray Curren; Miss Jessie
McCullough; Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Hawley; E. A. Convis and Laverne Convis; Miss
Blanche Lamb; Miss Fay Williamson, Miss Mattie Lewis; Miss Marie Green, Miss
Agnes Green; Miss Esther Garman; Miss Belva Shores; Miss Mabel Mendenhall; Miss
Lois Fuller; Miss Opal Fishburn; Miss Hila Gillespie; Miss Hazel Gillespie; Veryl
Livers; Miss Manty Harris; Virgil Harris; Miss Mabel Anderson; Miss Helen Ander-
son; Mr. and Mrs. Will Chadbourne; Miss Alice Armstrong; Mrs. Charley Haworth;
Mrs. Hannah Wilson; George Modlin; Art Murphy; Homer Grubbs; J. E. Fisher; Or-
ville Renner ; Don McCullough; Claron Francis; Wade Hutchinson; Irwin Terrill; Mrs.
Minnie Renner; Mrs. Nettie Green; Elton Gillett, Mrs. Chloe Lamb,

Because the records are incomplete, John Gleason supplied the authors with
a list of names of persons active in the church who have not been mentioned on
lists of board members or pictured in this book.

Active and faithful Methodists of past years, according to Mr. Gleason are:
The George Alexander family, Ennis and Jennie Cook, Milo and Goldie Cook, Sam
Redenbo, Will Callahan and family, the Bert Ross family, Fred Zoberst and family,
Art and Lillie Mann, the Overman family, Don Fuller family, Mr. and Mrs. Ace
Terrill, T. McCullough and family, Chas. White family, Jesse Green and family.
Emmet Tucker and family, Mrs. John Coyner , Mrs. Will Coyner, E. A. Ross and fam-
ily, Harve Faidley and family, Mrs. Sam Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Wilson,
M. J. Tegley and family, J. W. Green and wife, Judd Livers and family, Al Dor-
rance and family, Will Chadbourne and family, Dr. Will McCormi ck and family.
Pearl Zumbrum and Parents, T. S. Mendenhall family, M. C. Berkley family, E.A.
Convis family, J. A. Walden family, Mrs. J. Williamson and family, Mrs. Will
Terrill and family, Jacob Lantz and family, Tom Armstrong family, Al Tliom fam-
ily, the A. W. Canfields, Clarence Gates family, Fred Wilsman, Sr. and family,
Wm. Bechtold family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Haworth, William Tucker family, Mr. and
Mrs. Eb Hill, A. N. Olney and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bennett, the W. E. John-
son family, Al Ensign and family. Sue and Anna Abel, Frank Burke family, T. B.
Armstrong, L. C. Stanley, A. F. Ladwig, Dr. Watson, N. 15agley.

Page 24

In the summer of 1918, Gospel Teams of laymen held weekly meetings at the
church. On the next three pages are pictured the programs for the months of
May through September. The meetings were held on Sunday nights, closing with
a full week of nightly meetings in September. During this time the pastor,
H. J. Lorenz, left to. accept a larger charge and was replaced by Rev. W, E.
Dunlap. Both were ministers of exceptional ability.


Program for May
and June



Devotional Meeting each Sunday
Evening at Seven o'clock Sharp, at
the Parlors of the M. E. Cliurch.

For Reference See
Sunday School Journal

— o —




For the moniths of May and Jun,©

May 7th

Leader, John Gleason.
Subject: Judges, 16th chapter.
— -(j —

May 14th

Leader, H. A. Modlin..
Subject: The cripple at Lystra,
Acts 14.

— o —

May 21st

Leader, W. M. Green
Subject: The Council ait Jerusa-
lem, Acts 15:1-35

May 28th

Leader, G. I. Watson.
Subject: The Call of the West,
Acts 15:36 to 16:15.

Jun© 4th

Leader, Tom McCulloch.
Subject: Sowing and Reaping,
Gal. 6.

June 11th

Leader, Earl Bentley.
Subject: The Phillipian Jailer,
Acts 16:16-40

— o —

June 18th

Leader, B. E. Hill.
Subject, The Phillipian Christian,
Phil. 1:1-11: .and 4:1-9.

— 0 —

June 25th.

Leadedr, J. E. Hawley.
Subject: Paul at Thessalonca
and Berra, Acts 17:1-15.

Page 25

On the cover of the program pictured here are these words:

Program for July, August, and September
Team Motto-"Brighten the corner where you are"
Pastor, H. J. Lorenz
Officers of the Team
J. P. Robertson, President
P. C. Austin, Secretary
H. A. Modlin, Treasurer



For the months of July, August
and September

July 2nd

Leader, B. E. Hill.

Subject: Thessaloniaa Christians,
1st Thes. 1st chap.; 2nd chap, verse
17 to 20 and 4th chap. 13 to 18.

— o —

July 9th

Leader, W. H. Beanblossom.
Subject: Acts 17:16-34.

July 16th

Leader, L. C. Stanley.
Subject: Paul at Corinth.

August 13th

Leader, A. P. Ladwig.
Subject: The riot at Ephesus, Act

— o —

August 20th

Leader, O. A. Beenbiossom.
Subject: Journey toward Jerusa-
lem, Acts 20:16-38.

August 27th

Subject: Paul's siorrows and com-
forts, 2nd Cor. 11:21 to 12:10.

September 3rd

Leader, J. F. Robertson.
Subject: The arrest of Paul, Acts

July 23rd

Leader, G. B. Bentley.
Subject: The word of the Cross,
1st Cor. 1:1-2 and all of chap. 5.

Srptembeir 10th 1

Leader, R. R. Hanson.
Subject: Paul a prisoner in the
castle. Acts 22.

July 30th

Leader, P. C. Austin.
Subject: The greatest thinij
the world, 1st Cor. 13th chap.

September 17th

Leader, A. W. Canfield.
Subject: Review 2nd Cor., chap.
2, 3, 4 and to verse 4 of 5th chap.

August 6th

Leader, J. C. Modlin.
Subject: The grace of giviiu
Cor. 9th chapter.


September 24tih

Leader, Guy Wellman.
Subject: The plot that failed.
Acts 23.

Page 26

Laymen's Week, Sept. 18-24



"The Attitude of Christ toward the
Sabbath," by J. E. Hawley.


Sacred Concert by Burr Oak Band.
Subject, "The Mission of Musi<;."


"Laymen in Action",, by the Beloit
- Gospel Team.

Banquet by Ladies of the Church.


' Child, Youth amd the Church," by
T. B. Armstrong.


A Sermon, "Need of Evangelism."


Address to Laym€n.


Consiecration Service.


Evangelistic Sermon,

Further Services Announcetl Later


(All programs lent by Mr
and Mrs. Lyle McCammon)

Rev. W. E. Dunlap came to
the Burr Oak church in 1918
and remained for two and a
half years,
(by John Gleason)

Page 27

Our record now skips to the newly elected Sunday
School and church officers for 1Q2Q-30. Dallas Davis
was Superintendent of the church school. His assis-
tant, Chas E. Bouton; Secretary, Mrs. W. 0. Green;
Treasurer and Librarian, Guy Wellman; Intermediate
Supt. L. M. Wood; Primary Supt., Mrs. D. H. Skeels;
her assistant, Mrs. H. A. Decker; Missionary Supt.,
Mrs. D. C. Fuller; Pianist, Miss Allene Myre; Chor-
ister, Miss Florence Gleason; Cradle Roll Supt.,
Mrs. Elmer Alexander. The Sunday School Board was
D. H. Skeels, C. E. Freshour, and 0. A. Beenblossom.

Trustees of the church that year were J. F. Rob-
ertson, R. R. Skeels, M. J. Tegley, Clarence E,
Gates, L. M. Wood, A. C. Ross, and 0. A. Beenblos-

Stewards were Ed Wjlsman, H. A. Modlin, C. E.
Gates, J. F. Robertson, Mary Varney, L. M. Wood,
R. R. Hansen, Ada Beenblossom, D. W. Davis, and
J . A. Overman.

In 1935 most of the above list were still active.
Names added to the Church Board between 1930 and
1935 were: Mai IJecker, Elmer Alexander, Inez Fuller,
Vesta Jones, Lor en Fogo, Elsie Poppen, Frances Davis,
Hazel Wood, Geo. Bentley, L. A. Pixler, Olive Pix-
ler, Mabel Cosand, Pearl McMains, Ethel Terrill. Mrs.
Terri 11 was President of the Ladies Aid. Mrs. Tana
Sabin was President of the Woman's Foreign Missionary
Society. Membership committee for the ensuing year
consisted of Ada Beenblossom, Inez Fuller, Florence
Alexander, and the pastor, B. G. McCormick, Music
Committee: Adolph Unruh, Frances Davis, Florence Pix-
ler, Lillie Mann, and Hazel Wood. Committee on Re-
ligious Education: Hazel Wood, Cecilia Pixler, Gl-
enys Unruh, Margaret Aspegren, and the pastor. Ben-
evolences, D. W. Davis, R. R. Hansen, Myrtle Richard-
son, Lora Modlin. Social Service: Nettie Green,
Wilraa Caldwell, Madeline Harris, Winifred Canfield,
Auditors: V. Davis, R. R. Hansen, L, M. Wood. Par-
sonage Committee: Mrs. Harris Anna McCormiclj. Pulpi t
Supply: D. W. Davis, W. H. Wood, L. A. Pixler, O.A.
Beenblossom. Nominating Committee: L. A. Pixler,
J. F. Robertson, Inez Fuller, Lillie Mann.

On Sept. 9, 1936, the nominating committee of the
church met at the parsonage. The meeting was called
to order by the pastor, Rev. B. G. McCormick. Those
nominated for the church board for 1936-37 (and later
elected) were: Mrs. J. A. Poppen, Mrs. J. F. Robert-
son, Dallas W. Davis, Frances Davis, Judd Gillett, A.
G. Hucksoll, Mrs. L. M. Wood, Florence Alexander, Inez
Fuller, Lillie Mann, Mrs. Chas. Haworth, Mrs. John
Fishburn, Mrs. C. P. Meeker, Mrs. Sadie Smith, Mrs.
Claron Frances, Ruth Richardson, Wilma Caldwell, Ad-
olph Unruh, Florence Pixler, Gertrude Smith, Margaret
Aspegren, R. R. Hansen, V. Davis, L. M- Wood, Ada
Been blossom, R. R. Richardson, L. A. Pixler, O. A.
Beenblossom, Frank Robertson, F.lsie Callahan, Laurel
Pixler, C. W. Fearing, Glenys Uiinih, Darlene Zoberst,
C. i;. Gates, (j. C. Moil 1 i n , i;. \l. Alexander, Mary Ver-
ney, Vesta Jones, Loren Togo, M. M. Decker, H. A.
Modlin, lid. Wi Ismail, M. J. Tegley.

In 193J< a new minister rame t ) the cliuirh. Rev.
C. R. Vasey. In Novt'inher after his arrival in Oc-
tober tlic official boaiil met. 'Jliose present on this
occasion were lilmer and I'loii'iicc /\ 1 xa lul er , 1 . A.

Pixler, C. ^. Pixler, Callas and Frances Davis, Tana
Sabin, 0. A. Beenblossom, Ada Beenblossom, G. C. Mod-
lin, Lora Modlin, Elsie J. Callahan, Florence Pixler,
H. D. Fogo, Leo Beanblossom, Judd Gillett, and Lela
Decker. Rev. and Mrs. Vasey were also present.

In 1939 the membership of the official board re-
mained practically the same as in the previous year.
A f ew names were added, including those of Elton Gil-
lett, Mrs. Grace Haworth, Douglas Gillett, George
Harris, Darlene Zoberst, Ruth Richardson, Leonard
Wood, Berniece Vasey, Mrs. C. Fearing, Dora Callahan,
Ivan Simmonds, and as representatives of the young
people's organizations, Ruth Alexander, Elizabeth
Wi Isman, Stanley Johnson, and Jean Fearing.

At a board meeting in 1940 those present whose
names liave not appeared before in this record were:
Mr. W. C. Ost, Miss Hazel Curren, Mrs. Leo Beanblos-
som and Mrs. G. Alexander. Youth members of the
board of education in 1940 were Ruth Alexander,
Louise Gleason, Stanley Johnson, and Jean Fearing.
In 1940 also, the names of Beth Fearing and Mary
Morton were added to the board.

When F. M. Bishop became pastor in 1941, the quar-
terly conference roll lists as members of the board:
Mrs. F. M. Bishop, Dallas Davis, , Stanley Johnson
(Pres. Epworth League), H. A. Modlin, Leo Beanblos-
som, Ed, Wi Isman, Riley Richardson, J. F. Robertson,
Laurel Pixler, Cecil Modlin, Loren Fogo Elmer Alex-
ander, Florence Alexander, Judd Gillett, Grace Ha-
worth, Clarence Fearing, Mrs. Edith Ost, Mrs, Lucille
Ayers, 0. A. Beenblossom, Florence Pixler, H. D. Fogo,
Lillie Mann, Marie Beenblossom, Ma. Decker,' Robert
(Bobbie) Ost, Vera Alexander, Jane Johnson, Guy Well-
man, Douglas Gillett, Del Canfield, Winifred Canfield,
Lyle Wood, Douglas Gillett, Edna Fishburn, Dora Cal-
lahan, Ruth Richardson, Jessie Mae Gillett, Elton Gil-
lett, Ruth Fearing, Lola Scott, Dorcas Wilson, Geneva
Ost, and Mary Morton.

Tliree years later, at the Fourth Quarterly Confer-
ence shortly before Rev. F. M. Bishop left to be re-
placed by Arthur Berg, tne following were elected to
serve on the church board for the year 1944-45: Elmer
Alexander, Mrs. Elmer Alexander, Mrs. Arthur Aspegren,
Otis Beenblossom, Leo Beanblossom, Mrs. Mark Callahan,
Loren Fogo, Judd Gillett, Ed Lewis, G. C. Modlin, Lau-
rel Pixler, Clarence Pixler, Riley Richardson, Frank
Robertson, Mrs. Philip Underwood, Guy Wellman, Mrs.
Lyle Wood, Mrs. Ed. Wilsman, M. J. Tegley, Miss Diana
Underwood, Marie Everson, Ada Beenblossom, Mrs. Del
Canfield, Douglas Gillett, Goldie Johnson, Mrs. E. C.
Aspegren, Minnie Renner, Jessie Mae Gillett, Bess Pix-
ler, Ruth Fearing, Mrs. Emmet Lewii s , Louise Gillett,
Winifred Canfield, Mrs. Cecil Modlin, Mrs. Susie Mor-
ton, Mrs. Charley Haworth.

In l'-"i45 Rev. Henry Murray came to the churcli and
remained for three years. Tlie roll of the Fourth
Quarterly Conference held on Sept, 3, 1'-147, lists
these persons as members elected to the board for
the conference year of l'-i47-48: Ed. Wilsman, Cecil
Modlin, Clarence Pixler, Rilev Richardson, Otis Been-
lilossom, Laurel Pixler, Judd Cullett, John Gates,
IVniglas Gillett, Elmer Alexander, El ton Gi 1 1 et t , Will
Morton, Mrs. Joy Michael, Mrs. F.d. Wilsman, Mrs. Dor-
othy leariiij;, Mrs. I'dton Gillett, Don Modlin, Mrs.

Page 28

Frank Robertson, Florence Alexander, Faye Decker,
Goldie Johnson, Mrs. Guy Oliver, fithelyne Demaray,
Robert Kerb Sr., Olive McCammon, Mary Modlin, Glenn
Fear-ing, Sadie Kerb, Lyle Wood, A. W. Canfield, Lo-
well Duell, Mrs. Clarence Pixler, Mrs. Glenn Paul,
Guy Wellman, Mrs. Ed Lewis, Mrs. Will Morton. The
following year membership of the board continued much
the same, with the addition of the names of Floyd
Walters, Don Bennett and Joan Fogo, (Joan represented
the Youth Fellowship). Names added to committees in
1949 were: Hazel Korb, Lester Bausch, Jack Byers,
Hazel Harris, Mack Harris, Mrs. Dallas Caldwell, Mrs.
Don Bennett.

Rev. Henry Murray left the church in Oct. 1949,
and the church was without a pastor for six months.
At the end of that time Rev. Loren Si Isby served as
a supply pastor for six months. He was the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Si Isby of this church. Most of
the church board members continued to serve in the
same capacity during this time. The names of Mrs.
Delbert Kiehl, Stanley Johnson and Bill Decker appear
during 1949 to 1950. Violet Alexander's name was
added to the music committee.

In the fall of 1950, Rev. Claude Johnson came to
the church. During the three years of his service
to the church a number of important things took place.
These will be taken up in a special section of this
book .

When the corner stone laying of the first church
building was held in 1880, Alvin Hovey, the artist,
took a photograph of the congregation while gathered
around the corner stone. Copies of the photograph
were made for sale, and the net proceeds donated to
the building fund. No copies of this photo could be
found as this history was being compiled.

The first Woman's Society in the church was called
the Mite Society, and was organized in 1880 for the
purpose of raising money for the building fund. At
their first meeting, the ladies each donated ten cents
It was announced that the object of the Society, in
addition to raising funds, was to promote better ac-
quaintance among the ladies. "Conversation, music
and a general social time will be the order of exer-
cise for the evening. Early hours will be observed."

Lack of an architect brought troubles galore to
the building committee in 1880. The local newspaper,
the Reveille, said with thinly veiled sarcasm, "The
building committee have constructed a raised platform
in the front half of the church for the minister and
singers. We judge that the purpose is to have con-
gregational singing, and the seats below will be re-
served for the small boys. We suggest that the orig-
inal plan of enclosing the platform with a rail fence
be carried out." A few weeks later the platform was
torn out, the pulpit and seats for the chour but
slightly elevated and the floor sloped gradually
toward the rear of the church. The editor, still
critical, remarked, "A mechanic at the head would
have saved this vexation."

On Jan. 6, 1881, the unfinished church building
was used by the Burr Oak Amateur Dramatic and Musical
Society to put on an entertainment. They produced a
popular drama, "Tlie Last Lost" with a full cast of
characters. They also exhibited "Mrs. Jarley's Wax
Works", which included The Chinese Giant, Captain Kidd
and his victims, a Genuine South Sea Cannibal, a Two-
Headed Girl, and Babes-i n-the-Woods. The evening con-
cluded with a farce, "Poor Philosophy", Admission
was ten cents, and the proceeds went to purchase the
700 pound church bell.

Wlien the old frame church was constructed in 1880-
81, the Missouri Pacific Railroad hauled the lumber
for half price.

When Lillie Mam taught a Sunday School class of
boys, she asked them, one Sunday morning, to sign a
paper stating that they would not use profanity. One
boy refused to sign, although he did not swear. He
said later that some of the boys who had signed were
using "cuss words" before they were off of the church
grounds .

A. S. Judy, an early supporter of the church, was
fond of writing poems. On reaching his 82nd birthday
in 1924, he presented many of his friends with thin
booklets of his poetry. Some of these books are still
treasured by their owners. One poem was written in
appreciation of Rev. J. C. Walker who spent many years
in Burr Oak. Another was written for the 25th anniver-
sary of the church, but it is not included in the book
he published.

It has been the custom among some young parents to
return to the home church for the baptism of their
children. As a result, four and five generations in
some families have been baptised in the Burr Oak Meth-
odist church. Among these, fifth generation descen-
dents of Mrs. Sarah Skeels are Lou Ann Hawkins, Pat-
ricia Foster, and Larry Thorup. Fourth generation de-
scendants of Mrs. Carrie Gillett are Mark and Blake
Gillett, sons of Dr. and Mrs. Dewey Gillett,

A standing joke in the 1950's was the way no one
was ever "promoted" from Mrs. Guy Williamson's Young
Adult Class. None ever became Older Adults. The
problem was finally solved by changing the name to
Adult Class and organizing another Young Adult group
among newly marrieds.

This announcement appeared in the church bulletin
one Sunday morning during the pastorate of Rev. How-
ard Sanders: "Quarterly Conference will be held this
evening in Fellowship Hall. Tliere will be a basket
dinner at 7:00. Conference will be held around the
sinner table."

At the time of the organization of the Burr Oak
Methodist church, there was no Methodist church west
of here nearer than Denver, Colo.

Children's Day programs were once a summer high
light of the church. Many hours of practicing were
climaxed with an evening program.

Page 29

1873 - -

1875 - -

1876 - -

1877 - -
1880 - -


1883 - -


1885 - -

1887 - -

1889 - -



1898 - -

H. G. Breed

C. G. Chrysler -
A. C. Pattee - -

Ho Woodward
H. G. Breed

D. D. Campbell -

E. H. Fleisher -
A. C, Pattee - -

G. W. Wood

E. H. Fleisher -
J, C. Walker - -
Jo W, Adaras - - -

J, Mo Willis

G. W, Hood

2 years
1 year

1 year

3 years
2 years

1 yar
1 year
1 year
2 years
2 years
5 years

2 years
2 years
2 years

1900 - - W. S. Vandervort - - - 6 months

1900 - - Sanuel Barber ----- 2j years

1903 J. 0, Borton 1 year

1904 J, M. Willis - 1 year

1905 - - - - W. E. Uncapher - l| years

1906 - - - - Elder Harrison - - - - 2 months

1906 - W. A, Van G^ndy - 3 yrs, 4raonths

1910 M. J. Muraford l| years

1911 - C. E. Wood ----- 2| years

1914 - - - - H. J. Lorenz ----- 4| years

1913 W. Eo Dunlap 2| yc-ars

1921 J. A, Tempi in 1 year

1922 T. H. Parrott 1 year

1924 - C. P, Broadfoot 2 years

1926 - - A. E. Hughes - - - - 3 years

1929 - - - - Harry Riley ----- 2 years

1931 F. No Stelson 3 years

1934 B. Co McCormick - - - - 2| years

1937 A. Wo Dick - 1 year

1938 C. R. Vasey - - 3 years

1941 - - F. M, Bishop ----- 3 yoars

1944 - - -- - Arthur Berg ----- 1 year

1945 - - - - Henry Murray - - _ - 3 years
1949 - - - - No minister ----- 6 nonths

1949 - - - _ Loren Silsby ----- 6 months

1950 - - - - Claude Johnson - - - - 3 years
1953 - - - - Donald O'Hara - - 3 years

1956 - - - - Garcel Brenn - - - - 2 years,

8 months

1958 - - - - Marvin Zimbelman - - - 2 years

I960 - - - - Howard Sanders - - - 4 years
1964 - - - - G. R. Alsobrooks - - -

Page 30


Left. Rev. W. A. Van Gundy

Right, Rev. J. C. Walker

Mr. Walker made Burr Oak
his hom,e for many years.

Pictures of several other pastors appear on other pages.

Page 31































































































































































m w

00 ^

:3 H


„ <U nJ

4^0 0




^ XI

I ^

c — I K --I






Co ^

^ C ^ o u

^ "3

c ^ o r 2

.3 ?? ?? -

(U O O (t) O 4J

a e

0 o




M c
o 7


4) >

^ w

S J! >, XI










2 M !2

5; d) nj

n) (U ^1 M O
?? 2 « ?? ?? Q


^ c

??s ^

O >




The November Meeting of the W. S. C. S.




Mr. Johnson came to our community as
pastor of the Methodist church on June 4, 1950,
He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from
Kansas Wesleyan University and his Bachelor
of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological

On March 24, 1944 he was united in
marriage to Gayle L. Rife of Lyons, Kansas.
The Johnsons' have two sons, Kenneth and

Tne pictures on the preceding pages are taken from
the "Church Messenger" published by Rev. Claude John-
son in 1951 at the end of his first year as pastor.
During his second year in Burr Oak plans were made
for cleaning and remodeling the church building, which
had begun to show signs of wear on the inside. Many
changes were discussed, and by the spring of 1953, def-
inite plans had been made. The extensive remodeling
was expected to cost around $10,000. The committee
in charge of planning and money raising was Laurel Pix-
ler, chairman; Floyd Walters, and Stanley Johnson. On
Sunday and Monday, April 6 and 7, 1953, District Sup-
erintendent Everett Freeman was in Burr Oak to help
in launching the financial campaign. Members of the
church went out two by two on Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday to call on all who were willing to help with
gifts of money. By Wednesday evening the full amount
had been subscribed and a "Victory Dinner" was held
at the church. The following Sunday the last services
before the remodeling was to begin were held, and the
next day the work started.

Members of the Brethren Church cordially invited
the Methodists to meet with them during the remodeling
program. The Methodists gratefully accepted and the
combined meetings of the next three months proved to
be a heart ivarming experience for all concerned.

A study was built for the pastor, ceilings lowered,
rostrum completely remodeled, new carpets purchased,
new communion table, pulpit, lectern and baptismal
fount installed. The interior of the entire church
was completely refinished, windows leaded, some doors
removed, new cupboards built and other extensive chan-
ges made. The Woman's Society of Christian Service
raised nearly $1200 to change the old furnace room
into a modern kit^-hen both beautiful and convenient.

A dual gas heating system was installed. The youth
of the church painted and refinished the north room
of the basement to be used for Church School classes
and MYF meetings. The ladies, under the leadership
of Mrs. Mack Harris, Mrs. J. F. Robertson, Mrs. Glenn
Fearing, and Mrs. Elton Gillett, planned and furnished
the kitchen. The dining room was fitted out with new
folding tables and chairs.

Memorial gifts at the time of remodeling included
the pulpit and lectern given by Will Morton in mem-
ory of Susie Morton; the communion table and its fur-
nishings given by the Harris family in memory of Nel-
son and Margaret Harris; furnishings of the pastor's
sutdy by the Smullins family in memory of Capt. Glenn
Smullins; the initial gift for the electric organ by
Lyle Wood in memory of Hazel Wood. The baptismal
fount was made and presented to the church by Rev,
Claude Johnson.

Quoting here from Mrs. Harris' history of the
church, "Much of the work was done by the people of
the Methodist Church, especially by Rev. Claude John-
son, who spent many hours from early morning to late
at night. Much credit should be given him for get-
ting the whole project done. God bless him, always."

The first services held in the remodeled church
were on Sunday, July 5. On August 28, there was a
friendship supper in honor of the members of the
Brethren Church by the Methodists to show the deep
appreciation they felt for the hospitality shown
them during the building process. On Sept. 13, a
service of rededication was held by Rev. Everett
Freeman. After a pot luck dinner at noon there was
an organ recital on the new organ by George DeBoer,
organist at the First Baptist Church of Hastings,
Nebr „

On Memorial Sunday of his second year of the charge. Rev. Claude Johnson
held a special service honoring the many pioneer church men and women who had
left a rich heritage behind them. A special "Roll of Remembrance" was read fol-
lowing the church service. Judith Ann McCammon lighted candles for each of the
original twelve members of the church as their names were read by the pastor. A
candle was also lighted for Rev. J. C. Walker who devoted many years of his life
to the Burr Oak church.

Tnis tribute was followed by the reading of names which had been handed to
Rev. Johnson by members and friends of the church to be memorialized in the ser-
vice. As each name was read a pink peony was placed in one of the flower stands
in honor of that person. The flowers were placed by Carolyn Cordel and Shirley
Howe. Special music for the service was provided by a mixed quartet composed of
Marilyn Brandon, Janet Dee Michael, John Abel, and Don Modlin. Bud Lewis was
pianist and Alice Dell Foster organist.

A copy of the program is reproduced here:

Memorial Sunday
May 25, 1952

"They shall shine forever and ever."

* H. Mod 1 i n
*llarlnah Modlin
Ml. li. O'Neal
*Amaiula O'Neal

*W. M. Mahoney
*R. K. Skeels
*T. IJ. Carpenter
*Susann.ih McPouald

*Cathcrino lionnett
* 'Tliomas Lewi s

Beth Ladwig

Rev. J. Walker

(*Ch,irtc'r mombcTs of Hu- rhnrrli)

'Tis hdi\

to lake the burden up where these have
laid it down "

Page 46

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Graves

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Judy

Ruby Ensign

Mary Verney

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hill

together with that great host of our church
family who have fallen asleep in Christ.

"More homelike seems that vast unkown since these have
entered there "

John Henry Abel, father of John Abel.

George W. Alexander, husband of Alice Alexander,

LaVerne J. Ayers, brother of Mrs. Mack Harris

Opal Beanblossom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Beanblossom.

Joel Black, father of Mrs. Philip Underwood.

Sarah Canfield, mother of A. W. Canfield.

Boyd Cole and Luereta Cole, father and mother of Arby Cole,
Francis Pangborn Davis, daughter of Mrs. Melvin Pangborn,
Audrey Decker, sister of Darrel Decker,

Anna Louise Decker and William Decker, father and mother of W, G. Decker.
James T. Dick and Kate Dick, father and mother of Alice Alexander,
Louisa Fetter, Mother of Nettie Green.
Ida B. England wife of L. J. England,
Lissie Gates, wife of Clarence Gates.

Emma Francis Gillett and William Groo Gillett, mother and father of W. G. Decker,

J. J. Gillett, husband of Carrie Gillett.

S, D. Gillett, brother-in-law of Carrie Gillett,

J. W. Green, husband of Nettie Green.

H. J. Grubbs, father of Homer Grubbs,

Margaret Harris and Nelson Harris, father and mother of Mack and Willard Harris.
Charles S. Haworth, husband of Grace Haworth,
Dr. J. E. Hawley, husband of Rella Hawley.
Roy Johnson, husband of Goldi e Johnson.

Belle Lewis and Calvin Lewis, father and mother of Mrs. Homer Grubbs.

Alta Mae Korb, wife of Robert Korb, Sr.

Ed. Masters, husband of Etta Masters,

Ella Miller, mother of Mrs. Floyd Walters,

M. P. Miller,, father of Mrs. Robert Korb, Jr,

Susie Morton, wife of William Morton,

Mrs. R. J. McCammon and R. J. McCammon, father and mother of Mrs. Joy Michael and

Lyle McCammon,

Issac Oglevie and Anna Oglevie, father and mother of Mrs. Arby Cole.
Frank G. Pair and Amanda Pair, father and mother of Mrs. Lyle Wood.
Melvin Pangborn, husband of Viva Pangborn.

Mary Richardson and A. Richardson, mother and father of Riley Richardson,

Sarah Roberson and B. F. Roberson, mother and father of Lillie Mann.

Amelia Rux and David Rux, mother and father of Mrs. Roy Brandon.

Dora Sanders, mother of Katie Robertson,,

Captain Glenn Smullins, husband of Clarice Smullins.

George R. Wellman and Elizabeth Wellman, father and mother of Guy Wellman.
Fred Wi Isman and Sarah Elizabeth Wi Isman, father and mother of Ed Wi Isman,
Chris Wilkins and Cora Wilkins, brother-in-law and sister of Mrs. R. M. Silsby,
Nell Wilson, mother of Mrs. Merle Hayden.

Sandra Jean Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wilson.
Hazel E. Wood, wife of Lyle Wood.

Marion Haworth Woodruff, son of Mrs. Riley I^ichardson.

Page 47

pORmer mi misters

In 1953, Rev. Don D. O'Hara came to the
Burr Oak church, where he served three years.
The story of his years in Burr Oak was told
briefly in the Burr Oak Herald in November
of 1956:


Rev. Don O'Hara, pastor of the Meth-
odist Church in Burr Oak the past three
years was transferred to the Munden-Had-
dam churches at the annual conference held
in Wichita last week.

Rev, O'Hara has done wonderful work
with the Burr Oak church, especially with
the young people. He is a very progressive
minister and will no doubt make a success
with his new charges, Don took an active
part in civic affairs of Burr Oak and was
a member of the Burr Oak Lions Club,

The Rev. Brenn, pastor of the Glen Elder
church the past few years, will be the new
pastor for the Burr Oak church.

Members of the Methodist congregation
held a farewell partyfor Rev. O'Hara Wed-
nesday evening. His many Burr Oak friends
wish him well in his new home.

The item was wr i tten by Mrs . Will Morton,
She and Mr. Morton were owners and publish-
ers of the Burr Oak Herald and active mem-
bers of the Methodist Church.

, Rev. and Mrs. Marvin Zimbelman,
Cindy and DeLana. Marvin came to the
Burr Oak church as a student pastor in
1958, remaining for two years. He is
serving as a chaplain in the army at Ft,
Carson, Colo, in 1965.

Page 48


Shortly after the turn of the century, records show two women's organizations
to have replaced the original Mite Society of 1880. One of these was the Ladies'
Aid and the other was called the Women's Foreign Missionary Society. Both of these
groups were active in responding to needs at home and abroad. Elsewhere in this
history are listed the names of the officers who worked during a few of the past
years. In addition to these listed in the record are unnamed hundreds of women
who humbly and faithfully served God in their own way.

Following the union of three branches of the Methodist Church in America in
1939, other organizations underwent corresponding changes. Women's groups in the
reorganized church formed the Woman's Society of Christian Service in 1940. This
huge organization, one of the largest women's organizations in the world, provides
leadership, program material and a framework of organization for local Methodist
women. The Burr Oak Woman's Society was organized in 1940 with seventy charter
members, whose names are listed here. Ihe last named. Hazel Wood (Mrs. L. M. Wood)
became the first treasurer of the Woman's Society of Christian Service for Con-
cordia District,



Alexander, Alice
Alexander, Florence
Ayers, Lucile
Beanblossom, Ada
Beanblossom, Marie
Bennett, Nannie
Calahan, Elsie
Callahan, Dora
Canfield, Winifred
Clark, Daisy
Cosand,. Emma
Cosand, Mabel
Curren, Hazel
Davis, Bernadine
Davis, Frances
Decker, Anna
Decker, Mina
Demaray, Ethelyn
Elder, Sadie
Fearing, Ruth
Fishburn, Edna
Fogo, Maude E.
Fogo, Rozetta
Francis, Anna

Gates, Elta
Gates, Lissie
Gillett, Carrie
Gillet, Jessie Mae
Gillet, Louise
Gleason, Nora
Grubbs, Mattie
Harris, Hazel A.
Hawley, Rella
Haworth, Grace
Howard, Glee
Johnson, Goldie
Jones, Minnie
Lathrop, Viola
Lewis, Jessie
Mann, Li Hie
McCammon, Olive
Mellor, Dorothy
Merritt, Hazel
Modlin, Lora
Morton, Susie
Ost, Edith
Ost, Geneva
Ost, Lena

Pangborn, Vivia
Pixler, Florence
Pixler, Nellie
Poppen, Elsie
Renner, Minnie
Richardson, Mary E,
Richardson, Ruth R.
Roberson, Minnie
Robertson, Katie
Sabin, Tana
Scott, Minnie
Selvage, Rosie
Skeels, Myrtle
Terrill, Ethel
Unruh, Glenys
Vasey, Inez
White, Ella
Williamson, Anna
Williamson, Ona
Wi Isman , Leon a
Wilsman, Marie
Wood, Hazel
(Contributed by
Mrs. V.L. Oldfield,
Pres. WSCS)

Page 49


The Methodist Men organized May 8, 1956, under the leadership of Rev. Donald
D. O'Hara. There were thirty-three charter members. This group of men joined
together for the betterment of the church spiritually, financially and socially.
They make an important contribution to the life of the church. The group has met
each month since its inception except for an occasional month or two in the sum-
mer. They have added many improvements and repairs to the church properties.
They have greatly strengthened the organization by providing leadership in every
area of the work of the church and church school. A picture of the charter with
the names of the charter members is shown here. It hangs in Fellowship Hall down-
stairs .

Shown below is the altar in Fellowship Hall. The beautiful tapestry was a
jift to the church school by Shelly Harris.

t < • r -^' i



t'i. i«j -i. T

Pa.-ze 50


Nine persons have gone from the Burr Oak church
into Christian service.

Miss Lillian Judy, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. A.S.
Judy, served as Deaconess. She was graduated from
the Burr Oak schools and from Kansas City National
Training School. During her years of service she
was particularly successful in raising funds for
church and mission projects.

Miss Nellie Noyes, a very active member of the
church while in Burr Oak, served as a Missionary to
the Indians in the Dakotas.

Rev. Don Allen received his license as a local
preacher from this charge in 1883. J. H. Lockwood
was Presiding Elder. Mr. Allen served in this con-
ference for sixteen years, during which time he led
in the building of the Belleville church. Later he
served in California, where he organized three chur-
ches in the mountains near Fresno.

Rev. James Kerr was licensed to preach from this
charge in the early '80's. He spent all of the active
years of his ministry in this conference.

Rev. Lawrence Hucksoll attended this church in
his youth, later becoming a minister of the Gospel,

Dow Ross, District Superintendent of the Daichur
District in South India, grew to manhood northeast
of Burr Oak. He was a menber of the Rubens Class
which was absorbed by this charge.

Rev. Cyrus Pangborn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Halsey
Pangborn, grew up in the Burr Oak Methodist Church,
He was graduated from Burr Oak High School in 1932
as Salutatorian of his class. He attended Kansas
Wesleyan University at Salina, and Yale Divinity
School, winning an impressive record of honors in
both schools. After serving churches in New York
City and Providence, R. I., he went to Columbia
University where he obtained a Ph.D. in 1951. He
has written articles for Christian Century, Journal
of Bible and Religion, AAUP Bulletin, and other pub-
lications. He was a Fulbright Scholar doing re-
search in India in 1962-63, He married Roberta Nor-
thrup of Ft. Dodge, la., in 1944. They have three
children, Wendy, Richard, and Robert.

Rev. Don Shoup received a license to preach in
1963 and served as pastor of the church at Webber
for 15 months. In September of 1964 he entered
Candler School of Theology at Emory University,
Atlanta, Ga., where he is studying for the ministry
in 1965 as this book goes to press. He was ordained
a deacon June 4, 1965, Admission on Trial, Central
Kansas Conference, He is married to Roberta Collins,
gr anddoughter of R. R. Richardson, and has two chil-
dren. Tommy* and Linda.

Rev. Olin Belt was licensed from this charge in
1962. In 1965 he is serving the Bennington-Wells
charge in this conference and attending Kansas Wes-
leyan University at Salina. He is the son of Mrs.
Dan Pettit. His father, Dean Belt was the son of
India Dick Belt, mentioned elsewhere in this book.
He is pictured below with his wife, Helen and his
daughter, Alicia Kay,





Page 51

Guy Wellman

Few can equal the record of Guy Wellman
in service to the church. Brought up by
parents who helped to establish a church
in Burr Oak in the seventies, he became
a member at a very early age. He served
as treasurer of the Sunday School from
1909 until ill health forced his to turn
the task over to someone else in 1962.
When the interior of the church Was re-
modeled in 1953, Mr. Wellman paid one-
tenth of the total cost. His father,
G. R. Wellman had shown the same gener-
osity in the building of both church

(Picture contributed by Jack Wellman)

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Modlin, Mr. and
Mrs. Don Modlin, Jerry Sue, Don Char-
les, Mike and Sylvia. Tlie Modlin fam-
ily is one of the few which decended
from the original twelve members and
are still active in the church.

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gleason, with-
out wliose help and encouragement this
book might never have been written.
They are shown on the occasion of
their ^Oth wedding anniversary in
their home in Burr Oak on Oct. 9,

Page 52

Scene of Many Sunrise Services

The cross pictured above stands on the Laurel Pixler farm southwest of town.
High on a hill overlooking the beautiful White Rock Valley, the spot has been the
scene of many inspiring Easter morning services. Members of several local chur-
ches gather at the foot of the cross to greet the sunrise with hymns of joy and
praise, proclaiming "He Is Risen",

The Laurel Pixler Family

Pictured are Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Pixler, Mrs,
Pixler' s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Pangborn,
and the three Pixler daughters, Cecilia, Olive,
and Norma.

The Pixler family transferred their membership
from the Otego Methodist Church to the Burr Oak
Methodist Church on Nov. 13, 1931 when Rev. F. N,
Stelson was pastor. After joining at Burr Oak each
member of the family gave of their time and talents
to the work of the church, Epworth League, Gospel
Team, music, teaching, and stewardship. Laurel ser-
ved on the church board for many years. Serving on
the Finance Committee, he was instrumental in help-
ing to finance the remodeling and redecorating pro-
gram in 1952.

Mrs. Pixler is a charter member of the W.S.C.S.
Laurel was a faithful attendant at all services
until he was called "home" Sunday, Dec. 30, 1956.

(Contributed by Florence Pixler)

Page 53

"Nelt" (Nelson) Harris Family

Nelt joined the Methodist Church at a very early age. He was the son of
Nelson and Lacy Ann Harris. He was a member of the Union Army.

In 1885, Mr. Harris was united in marriage to Margaret Wishar t of Montana
township, Jewell county, Kansas. Ten childred were born to Mr. and Mrs. Harris:
Willard, George, Mary (Mrs. Earl Shaffer), Cephas, McKinley, Seth Hoag (who died
in infancy), Ernest, Virgil, Margaret, and Samatha,

Hie candleholders , offering plates, and vases were given in loving memory

of Margaret and Nelson Harris by Mr. and Mrs. Mack Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn

Harris, Margaret and Manty Harris, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Nel-
son Harris, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harris.

Page 54

The choir which sang on Easter Sunday in 1963

Back Row, left to right, Rev. Howard Sanders, Mrs. Sanders, Lucile Hutchins, Mrs.
Roscoe Wrench, Mrs. Keith Terrill, Mrs. Olin Belt, Mrs. Stanley Johnson, Mrs. Em-
mett Lewis, Olin Belt, Don Shoup, Joy Hruza, James Geiger, Stanley Johnson, Don
Modlin, Bill Oidfield, Peter Cordel, Front row, left to right, Mrs. Geo. Cordel,
Lynda Harris, Peggy Huntsinger, Larkie Ann Korb, Jerre Lou Lewis, Bonnie Johnson,
Judith Callahan, Jerry Sue Modlin, Sherry Fearing,
(Contributed by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Johnson)

Rev. and Mrs. Howa'"d Sanders, who served in the Burr Oak church from 1Q60
to 1964, were both accomplished musicians, Rev. Sanders having been a former
director of the choir at Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas. During their
years in Burr Oak the musical program was a vital part of the church. Rev. San-
ders also organized and directed a community choir during one year of his pas-
torate in Burr Oak. This group's singing will be long remembered.

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Memorial Gifts

The most prized possessions of the church are the
beautiful windows, which would be a credit to a church
in a much larger community. These were given when the
church building was erected in 1912. They are:

1. Christ in the Garden, given in memory of Mahlon

2. The Good Shepherd, in memory of Rev. J.M. Willis.

3. Angel and Two Chi Idren, given by Mr. and Mrs.
G. R. Wellman.

4. One window placed in memory of Abbott Olney.

5. One window placed in memory of Susannah Skeels.

6. One window placed in memory of Wm. Riner.

7. One window placed in memory of Mary Grace Walker.

8. One window placed in memory of former pastors of
the church.

9. One window placed by the Ladies Aid Society.

Other memorials and gifts given to the church
through the years:

1. Sallman's "Head of Christ" in the Upper Room,
memorial to FranCes Davis by Dallas Davis.

2. Ihe silk flags, the Christian flag and the flag
of the United States, placed in the sanctuary
by Katie Robertson in memory of Frank Robertson.

3. A pulpit light for Beth Ladwig given by Mr. and
Mrs. R. R. Skeels.

4. The Bible in Fellowship Hall, given by Mrs. Mack
Harris after she had served four years as Super-
intendent of the Children's Department.

5. The piano in the Upper Room in memory of Annie
Barnett by Mattie Decker.

6. Pulpit light in memory of Mrs. Ethel Silsby by
her children.

7. Many hymnals have been given as memorials by
relatives of deceased persons.

8. A framed copy of the charter of the W.S.C.S.,
chosen by the Society as a fitting memorial to
by purchased with money given in memory of Maude
Fogo by the Lor en Fogo family.

9. An undesignated memorial for Alice Fogo by fri-
ends in Concordia, received as this book was
going to press.

10. The refrigerator in the church kitchen, given in

memory of Katie Robertson by Mrs. Lyle McCammon.

The gifts listed here are in addition to those pre-
sented to the church at the time of the remodeling in
1952, which are listed elsewhere.


In 1920 when Kansas Wesleyan was making a campaign
for a million dollar endowment, G. R. Wellman and wife
gave $5000 in government bonds to the college. At
another time Mr. Wellman gave $9,700 to the Board of
Foreign Missions on the annuity plan.

Mr. A. S. Judy gave $1000 to found the June Judy
Chapel in India. Later Mr. and Mrs. Judy gave $1000
to name and equip a room in the Kansas City National
Training School building.

Many cash gifts ranging from $500 to $2500 have
been given the Burr Oak church by loyal members and
friends over the years.

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The 50th' anniversary observance was held on June
27 and 28, 1923. The program:

Wednesday, 2:00 P.M.


Address of Welcome, Mrs. Ida Epperson

Early Reminiscences of the church in Burr Oak,

by Dr . J . E. Hawley

Roll call of former pastors and district super-

Statistics, Rev. J. C. Walker
Singing of old hymns

Wednesday, 5:30 P.M.
Basket supper in the church basement at 5:30
Special music at 7:45
Sermon, Rev. J. C. Borton

Thursday, 2:00 P.M.



Address, Rev. W. A. VanGundy
Historical Address
Benedicti on

Thursday, 7:45 P.M.
Special Music

Address, Rev. D. B. Magee

"The Jubilee services were a success throughout.
A splendid spirit characterized all the sessions.
Despite the busy season the attendance was good. Let-
ters were received and read from the following former
pastors and members: Mrs. Delia Cox Washburn, Mrs.
J. N. Hotchkiss, Rev. Don Allen, Rev, J. W. Adams, Rev.
James Kerr, Rev. D. D. Campbell, Rev. H. J. Lorenz,
and Rev. Samuel Barber. Portraits of our honored dead
were shown which numbered sixty-two. With grateful
hearts for a significant past we trust that we may be
of even larger and greater service to the Kingdom of
God in the years ahead." At the time of the 50th
anniversary Rev. T. H. Parrott was pastor. The plan-
ning committee was: Rev. J. C. Walker, Mrs. Ida Epper-
son, and R. R. Skeels.

The 75th anniversary was observed on Nov. 21, 1Q48.
The pastor. Rev. Henry Murray. In spite of the bliz-
zard of that weekend. Rev. W. W. Owen, Dist. Super-
intendent, was present to bring the morning message.
Following a noon dinner a recognition service -was
held honoring former pastors and members. As few
could be present, a large number of letters and greet-
ings was read from: Mrs. Ruby Ensign, Rev. and Mrs.
T. H. Parrott, Rev. and Mrs. C. R. Vasey, Mr. C, L.
Carpenter, Miss Lillian Judy, Mrs. A. W. Mann, Mrs.
Nettie Green, Mrs. Christine Modlin Dye, Mr. and Mrs.
Dallas Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ross, Alene Hoyt,
George Bentley, Ralph Hansen, John Smith, Delia Gil-
lett Shertzer, Rev. Harry Riley and Rev. O.G. Greene.

An heirloom was presented to the church on its
75th anniversary by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kiser. It
was part of the first communion set used after the
founding of the church. Another addition to the
property of the church at this time was a new pul-
pi t Bible.

Special musical numbers were given by Mrs. Darrell
Wininger, Newell and Violet Alexander, and a quartet
composed of Don Modlin, Scott Harmon, Newell Alexan-
der, and Rev. Henry Murray. Committee in charge of
arrangements: Mrs. Elmer Alexander, Mrs. Elton Gil-
lett, Mrs. David Demaray, Clarence Fearing, Clarence
Pixler, and Otis beenblossom.

Mrs. Mack Harris and Mrs. Katie Robertson prepared
the anniversary cake.

Tiie 50th anniversary of the dedication of the pre-
sent church building was held on Dec. 2, 1962. The
pastor was Rev. Howard Sanders. A large crowd atten-
ded the simple ceremony observing the anniversary.
Three new hvmnals were presented to the church by
Guy Wellman, and one of his favorite hymns, "0, Could
I Speak the Matchless Worth" was sung at his request.
Those present who had attended the dedication in 1912
were: Guy Wellman, Elmer Alexander, Otis Beenblossom,
Mrs. W. G. Decker, Mrs. Homer Grubbs, Wesley Green of
Jewell, Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason, Mrs. Glee Howard,
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Modlin, Riley Richardson, Mrs. El-
eanor O'Neal, and Florence Lewis.

Mrs. Mack Harris brought a review of the 1912 ded-
ication day and the minister spoke on the subject of
"God's Building". Mrs. Harris also presented the mem-
bers who had been present fifty years before.

-k ^- ******* * *

The 90th anniversary of the organization of the
church was celebrated on Sunday, June 16, 1963. The
actual anniversary date was June 28, but the observ-
ance was held on the 16th in order that Bishop Eugene
Slater of the Kansas area might be present as the
guest speaker. Rev. Howard Sanders, the pastor, ap-
pointed Mrs. Mack Harris, Mrs. A. D. Aspegren, Mrs.
Elton Gillettj and Stanley Johnson to plan the event.
The sanctuary of the church was full at both the morn-
ing and afternoon services, with the Upper Room holding
the overflow. Nearly a hundred remained for the bas-
ket dinner at noon.

Bishop Slater brought the message at the morning
service. Dr. 0. Ray Cook, Superintendent of Concor-
dia District introduced the bishop. Mrs. Cook sang
in the thirty-one voice choir. Bishop Slater, who
spoke on the subject "Looking Backward and Forward",
paid homage to the courage and sacrifice of the pio-
neers and stated that the church faces an equal chal-
lenge today.

Jerre Lou Lewis played the organ. Bill Oldfield
sang the solo part in the anthem, and Mrs. Don Shoup
played "The Lord's Prayer" on the violin, accompanied
by Mrs. Ralph Cummings.

The Bishop addressed the assemblage again at the
2:00 P.M. service. Mrs. Janet Knight Hancock and
Mrs. Howard Sanders played an organ duet and also
accompanied the choir when it sang.' Songs sung by
the choir were "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and
the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's "Messiah".

Page 57

Mrs. Mack Harris gave a brief history of the church.
Copies of the history were handed out at the close of
the meeting. Other specials of the afternoon were a
violin solo by Mrs. Don Shoup, accompanied by Mrs.
Howard Sanders, a vocal solo by Gary Hancock, accom-
panied by Mrs. Hancock, and an original poem by Edna
Masters entitled "New Church at Elm Creek",

Rev. Sanders gave special recognition to the min-
isters and out-of-town guests present. Ministers
were: Rev. Don O'Hara of Luray, Rev. and Mrs. G. R.
Alsobrooks of Courtland, Rev. Ray Hodgell of Topeka,
and Rev. and Mrs. Isham of the Burr Oak Church of
the Nazarene.

Another special guest was Wesley Green of Jewell
who was the choir director at Burr Oak when the church

was built in 1912. Mrs. Tana Sabin, who was organist
for his choir and Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason, who sang
in it, were introduced with Mr. Green.

Several former ministers a-nd friends of the church
sent letters, which were presented by Stanley Johnson.
Letters were received from Rev. W. E. Dunlap of Winona
??lev. J. 0. Borton of Hiawatha, Rev. and Mrs. Harry
Rj ley of Concordia, Rev. and Mrs. Ellsworth Hughes of
^ed Cloud, Nebr., Rev. and Mrs. P. M. Bishop of Hill
2i ty , Rev. Lor en Si Isby of Republic, Rev. Thomas H.
Parrott of Baldwin, Rev. and Mrs. Lyle Miller of Bel-
oit, Rev. and Mrs. C. R. Vasey of Belle Plain, Rev.
W. W. Owen of Wichita, Hev. Don O'Hara of Luray, Rev.
B. G. McCormick and Dr. Everett Freeman of Hutchinson,
and Rev. Marshall Stanton of Jewell. Rev. Henry Mur-
ray of Wichita had planned to fly up, but phoned that
he was grounded by rain.

On Easter morning, April 18, 1965, the Junior Hi
Lites asked the congregation to pause on the church
steps for a picture after the morning service. Most
of those present did so. Those present on this occa-
sion were:

Mr. and Mrs. John Abel and Elizabeth
Mrs. Elmer Alexander
Wade Alexander
Wes Alexander
Wray Alexander

Rev. and Mrs. G. R. Alsobrooks and Faye
Mr. and Mrs. Art Aspegren and Eric
Mrs. Jack Baker and Kelly Lee
Otis Beanblossom

Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Boyles, Douglas, Marvin, Bryan,

and Elaine

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brandon

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Byers, Pat and Jackie

Mr. and Mrs. D. D, Caldwell

Mrs. Ina Cause

Mr. and Mrs. Arby Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Decker

Mrs. Derald Decker and Cheryl

Mr. and Mrs. David Demaray

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Dillon

Lela Dillon

Mary Dillon

Mrs. Sam Ernst

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Fearing

Mrs. Jean Fearing and Randy

Sherry and Dave Fearing

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Franco and Cindy

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Garman

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Garman, Bob, Terry, and Carla
Mr. and Mrs. John Gates.

Mr. and Mrs. Ili chard Gates, Catliy, Lorie, Byron, and

Joni e

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gillett and Larry
Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason
Mr. aiul Mrs. Homer Grubbs
Shi-lly Harris
Glee Howard

Mrs. Jennie Huntsinger and Peggy
Goldie Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Johnson, Bonnie, Kathy, Julie,

and Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Knight, Cynthia and Kitza
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Korb, Larkie and Bob
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Lamb, Mitzi and Melodie
E. E. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Lewis and Jerre Lou

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lewis

Verna Loomis

Mrs. T. J. Louder

Edna Masters

Mrs. Etta Masters

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McCammon and Robert
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Modlin

Mr. and Mrs. Don Modlin, Jerry Charles, Mike, and


Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mullins
Mrs. V. L. Oldfield
Eleanor O'Neall

Mr. and Mrs. Arden Ost, Lavon and Diana
Mr. and Mrs. Milford Ost, Audra, Mike, Brad, and


Mrs. Glenn Paul

Florence Pixler

Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Renner

Carol Roe

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roe
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt, Kenton and Dana
Mr. and Mrs. Gale Tegley

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Terrill, Katliy, Becky, and Marium
Mrs. Lula Walden
Mrs. John Williams
Mrs. Guy Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wi Isman and Elizabeth
Mrs. C. F, Zoberst
Patty Spatz
Luanne Olena

Page 58



TRUSTEES: John Abel, Delmar Boyles, L. M. Wood, Jack Byers, Roy Brandon, Stanley
Johnson, Don Modlin, Arden Ost, Earl Mullins,

STEWARDS: Mrs. Earl Mullins, Mrs. Roy Brandon, Mrs. Clayton Walker, Mrs. Stanley
Johnson, Mrs. Geo. Cordel, Mrs. Douglas Gillett, Mrs. Elton Gillet.t, Mrs. Emmett
Lewis, Boyd Silsby, Clarence Fearing, Mrs. W. G. Decker, Mrs. Joy Michael, Miss
Edna Masters, Mrs. Robert Korb, Jr., Elmer Alexander, Roger Decker, Mrs. John
Gates, Carl Stepp, LaVon Ost.

HONORARY STEWARDS: Clarence Pixler, Riley Richardson, Mrs. Goldie Johnson, Ed
Wilsman, Mrs. Mack Harris, C. C. Modlin, John S. Gleason.

COMMISSIONS AND COMMITTEES: Mrs. Elton Gillett, Mrs. V. L. Oldfield, Mrs. Glenn
Paul, Mrs. L. M. Wood, Clarence Fearing, Elmer Alexander, LaVon Ost, Kathy John-
son, Mrs. Carl Stepp, Mrs. Richard Gates, Mrs. Jack Byers, Mrs. H. L. Grubbs,
Mrs, C. W. Harris, Mrs. Boyd Silsby, Mrs. Roger Decker, Mrs. Gale Tegley, Mrs.
Elmer Alexander, Mrs. Delmar Boyles, Mrs. Emmett Lewis, Mrs. Glenn Fearing, Mrs,
Clarence Blew, Richard Gates, Jack Byers, Elmer Alexander, Luther Wilson, Gale
Tegley, Milford Ost, Mrs. C. W. Fearing, John Abel, Mrs. Clarence Pixler, Mrs.
Keith Terrill, Mrs. Lester Bausch, Mrs. Jean Fearing, Don Modlin, Robert Korb,
Jr., Mrs. Dallas Caldwell, Mrs. Milford Ost, Mrs. Roy Brandon, Mrs. Derald Decker,
Mrs. Lee Garman, Mrs, Mack Harris, Mrs. A. D. Aspegren, Mrs, Don Modlin, Mrs»
Clayton Walker, Stanley Johnson, Don Modlin, Richard Gates, Carl Stepp, Mrs, Earl
Mullins, Mrs. Claude Gutscher, Mrs, John Abel, Mrs. Joy Michael, Earl Mullins.

Pictured here are Rev. and Mrs. G. R,

Alsobrooks and daughter Faye. They
came to the Burr Oak church in June
of 1964. Miss Faye Alsobrooks plans
to become a Deaconess after college.


While studying about the church one day
One of our students she did say,
"It's so crowded, let's build a room."
"But we have no money, so we're doomed,"
Then our teacher again did say,
"A church history might just pay,"
So that is what we finished today.

By Cynthia Knight
and Luanne Olena

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